About Horse Mackerel ACNH

In the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH, you will be able to find a lot of fishes and one of them is called a Horse Mackerel. What is a Horse Mackerel? If you have zero knowledge about this fish and want to feed your brain, here is all about Horse Mackerel in ACNH.

A Horse Mackerel is the name of a common fish that is usually able to be found in the ocean. It is considered as one of the cheapest in the Animal Crossing series. This fish was introduced for the first time in Doubutsu no Mori e+. Just like the sea bass, it is available all year long.

About Horse Mackerel ACNH


    • Scientific name: Trachurus japonicus
    • Family: Carangidae – The jacks and pompanos
    • Category: Fish
    • Rarity: Common
    • Location: Ocean, Tortimer Island
    • Size: 14.35 in. 35 cm
    • Shadow: Short
    • Colors: Blue, black
    • Furniture size: 1×1
    • Selling price: 150 (Nook’s Cranny), 225 Bells (C.J.)
    • Appearance times (North Hemisphere): January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (all year)
    • Appearance times (South Hemisphere): January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December (all year)
    • Dialogue when caught: “I caught a horse mackerel Of course, Mac…er..el.”

Horse Mackerel ACNH

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, after making a donation or choosing the Tell me more about this! option, the thing that will be said by Blathers is:

Supposedly the horse mackerel derives its name from a—false—myth about its strength as a swimmer. The gist of it is that these fish are so powerful underwater that smaller fish can ride them as steeds! It’s absurd, of course. Where would these alleged fish jockeys attach a saddle, much less horseshoes? One does wish that people would construct their legends with a BIT more scientific plausibility! ”

How do you catch a Horse Mackerel in Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH? For those who want to catch a Horse Mackerel, there are a few steps that you have to follow, including:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to craft Fish Bait to be able to easily catch the fish that you want such as the Horse Mackerel. This one is effective to attract more fish when thrown instead of just waiting for one to pop out.
    2. After throwing the Fish Bait, it will be needed for you to check the size of the shadow and the fish that showed up. Do not forget to make sure that that fish is similar to the Horse Mackerel that you are looking for.
    3. Once you are confident that the fish that showed up to the surface has the same shadow size as the fish that you want, which is the Horse Mackerel, it is time for you to prepare your Fishing Rod and after getting it ready, go fishing.

After having a Horse Mackerel in your hand by catching it, you can use it as a cooking ingredient in the cooking recipes for a miscellaneous furniture item in the game called Aji Fry. If you want to make Aji Fry, you will have to also get x1 Flour, in addition to x1 Horse Mackerel. Once you have successfully cooked Aji Fry, feel free to eat it to gain stamina, which is similar to fruits and food items. With the stamina, you will be able to do specific actions around your island, including breaking rocks or digging up trees. Aside from that, the second thing that you can do with Aji Fry is to decorate your home or your island. If you are interested, you can just place it on the ground or on the top of tables, just like the regular furniture items. Feel free to use them as a decoration of your island and make cool restaurants and cafes.

If you are dreaming of becoming a fishing master, it will be necessary for you to catch one of each fish. Due to the fact that there are so many places that can be visited to catch fish that spawn in a lot of different places and at different times, it can be challenging. Apart from a Horse Mackerel, the other fishes include:

    • Bitterling (found in the river)
    • Pale Chub (found in the river)
    • Crucian Carp (found in the river)
    • Dace (found in the river)
    • Carp (found in the pond)
    • Koi (found in the pond)
    • Goldfish (found in the pond)
    • Pop-eyed Goldfish (found in the pond)
    • Ranchu Goldfish (found in the pond)
    • Killifish (found in the pond)
    • Crawfish (found in the pond)
    • Soft-shelled Turtle (found in the river)
    • Snapping Turtle (found in the river)
    • Tadpole (found in the pond)
    • Frog (found in the pond)
    • Freshwater Goby (found in the river)
    • Loach (found in the river)
    • Catfish (found in the pond)
    • Giant Snakehead (found in the pond)
    • Bluegill (found in the river)
    • Yellow Perch (found in the river)
    • Black Bass (found in the river)
    • Tilapia (found in the river)
    • Pike (found in the river)
    • Pond Smelt (found in the river)
    • Sweetfish (found in the river)
    • Cherry Salmon: (found in the river clifftop)
    • Char (found in the river clifftop)
    • Golden Trout (found in the river clifftop)
    • Stringfish (found in the river clifftop)
    • Salmon (found in the river clifftop)
    • King Salmon (found in the river mouth)
    • Mitten Crab (found in the river)
    • Guppy (found in the river)
    • Nibble Fish (found in the river)
    • Angelfish (found in the river)
    • Betta (found in the river)
    • Neon Tetra (found in the river)
    • Rainbowfish (found in the river)
    • Piranha (found in the river)
    • Arowana (found in the river)
    • Dorado (found in the river)
    • Gar (found in the pond)
    • Arapaima (found in the river)
    • Saddled Bichir (found in the river)
    • Sturgeon (found in the river mouth)
    • Sea Butterfly (found in sea)
    • Sea Horse (found in sea)
    • Clow Fish (found in sea)
    • Surgeonfish (found in sea)
    • Butterfly Fish (found in sea)
    • Napoleonfish (found in sea)
    • Zebra Turkeyfish (found in sea)
    • Blowfish (found in sea)
    • Puffer Fish (found in sea)
    • Anchovy (found in sea)
    • Barred Knifejaw (found in sea)
    • Sea Bass (found in sea)
    • Red Snapper (found in sea)
    • Dab (found in sea)
    • Olive Flounder (found in sea)
    • Squid (found in sea)
    • Moray Eel (found in sea)
    • Ribbon Eel (found in sea)
    • Tuna (found in sea)
    • Blue Marlin (found in the pier)
    • Giant Trevally (found in the pier)
    • Mahi-mahi (found in the pier)
    • Ocean Sunfish (found in sea)
    • Ray (found in sea)
    • Saw Shark (found in sea)
    • Hammerhead Shark (found in sea)
    • Great White Shark (found in sea)
    • Whale Shark (found in sea)
    • Suckerfish (found in sea)
    • Football Fish (found in sea)
    • Oarfish (found in sea)
    • Barreleye (found in sea)
    • Coelacanth (found in sea rainy days)

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