Genshin Impact Ivanovich Friendship

In Genshin Impact, Ivanovich is the name of an NPC or non playable characters or character other than the player. This one is located in Liyue Harbor, near the left side of the docks. He actually considers himself as a distributor, as he himself says that he sells items produced in Snezhnaya everyday and he also acts as an agent for Cor Lapis merchants selling to Snezhnayan factories.

Information about Ivanovich:

  • Sex: Male
  • Region: Liyue
  • Titles: Traveling Merchant

Genshin Impact Ivanovich Friendship

Quests and Events:

1. Archon Quests

  • Rite of Descension

2. Story Quests:

  • Fabulae Textile Act I: Bookworm Swordsman (Xingqiu’s Story Quest)

– Calm Before the Storm (Bookworm Swordsman)

3. Events

  • Unreconciled Stars

– Star of Destiny: Unlimited Opportunity (World Quest)

Each single character in Genshin Impact is unique and specializes in some different aspects. Aside from that, they also have separate friendship levels. For those who have no idea of what the friendship level are, it is a progress bar for their bond with the Traveler. This one is able to be increased by obtaining Companionship EXP. For now, the friendship levels are mainly used to unlock character stories and voice overs.

Friendship levels:

  • Level 2: This one unlocks the 1st Character Story of the character under their Profile. Another thing that is usually unlocked is their More about (Character) – I voice over line. In some cases, it might be unlocked automatically at Level 1.
  • Level 3: This one unlocks the 2nd Character Story.
  • Level 4: This one unlocks the 3rd Character Story as well as Bonus story, which each of them has a unique title. It also unlocks most voice over lines about the other characters.
  • Level 5: This one unlocks the 4th Character Story.
  • Level 6: This one unlocks the 5th Character Story and Vision story.
  • Level 10: This one unlocks a namecard for that character and progresses the Hitherto Unknown achievement.

After you have reach Adventure Rank 12 in Genshin Impact, you will earn access to daily Commission Quests. The friendship level with the characters will raise by completing these Commission Quests. You are also able to do dungeons across the map if you want to improve the friendship levels of characters in the party.

In order to check the current friendship level of a specific character, you will need to go to the respective character profile screens and find the friendship bar which is located at the lower right of the screen.

As you raise the friendship levels with the characters, you will be able to unlock more lores and backstories on those characters. Keep in mind that the higher the friendship level, the more lore you have access to about a certain character. In addition, you will also get a new voice lines for characters as you level up the friendship levels.

When talking about Ivanovich and friendship in Genshin Impact, you cannot exclude a thing called Unlimited Opportunity. It is where Ivanovich is getting ideas about the kind of business that might be done regarding those fallen meteorites.

Unlimited Opportunity information:

  • Quest Type: Event (Unreconciled Stars)
  • Quest Giver: Ivanovich
  • Required AR: 20
  • Chapter: Star of Destiny: Meteoric Wave
  • Requirements: Complete What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals
  • Starting Location(s): Liyue Harbor, Liyue
  • Rewards: 25,000 Mora, 40 Primogem, and Fading Star’s Essence x20

Unlimited Opportunity walkthrough:

Talk to Ivanovich at his place in Liyue Harbor. You will need to persuade him that his idea might not be the best without the friendship worsen. Then, go to the marker which is able to be found just outside Liyue Harbor. When you are there, collect 3 Sweet Flower. Once you have picked the 3 Sweet Flower, a Pyro Whopperflower will show up. After that, please go back to Liyue Harbor and give Ivanovich the Sweet Flowers that you have collected before.

Here is the timeline of the friendship level in Unlimited Opportunity:

  • A friendship meter shows up with 2.5 of 5 hearts after the Traveler talking to Ivanovich.
  • The friendship level is unchanged when the Traveler and Ivanovich talking about a lot of monsters and the reason why Ivanovich needs the Traveler.
  • The friendship deteriorated, -1 heart when both Traveler and Ivanovic talking to Paimon.
  • The friendship improved, +1 heart when three of them talking about some rumor and the ones to resolve the issue.
  • The friendship deteriorated, -1 heart when Ivanovich is not fire talking about his eager while the Traveler is quite calm and does not want to take risks.
  • Friendship level is unchanged when they are talking about the matching ornaments. Ivanovich says that he will find them one way or another.
  • Friendship improved, +1 heart when the Traveler suggested Ivanovich to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and Ivanovich does not want it because they rejected his commission before. The Traveler says that the reason of the rejection is because the Adventurer’s Guild find those meteorites dangerous. Upon hearing so, Ivanovic refutes the argument. He actually thinks that makes sense but he thinks that they cannot be that dangerous.
  • Friendship improved, +1 heart when the Traveler brings up about the people who buy those ornaments. Ivanovich agrees, saying that the ornaments have to be worn. If the customers are rendered unconscious, it might reflect poorly upon him. He suggests that they could fashion it into a decoration that could be displayed far from anyone. However, it could reduce the price significantly. He adds that the situation is tricky.
  • Friendship level is unchanged when the Traveler says that the meteorites are really heavy. Ivanovich thinks that it is a small issue and he has already chartered a vehicle.
  • Friendship deteriorated, -1 when the Traveler asks about whether Millelith lets them go. Ivanovich says that they are not doing something illegal. He says that the shower of meteorites is indeed a disaster but he plans to make it into an opportunity.

That is the timeline of the friendship changing. Please go to Wiki if you want to know the complete dialogue between the Traveler and Ivanovich and the friendship levels changes.