About Bloxy News Discord Bot

Every community on Discord platform seems to use Discord bot to run a wide range of automated tasks on the server including moderating content, welcoming new members and also banning rule breakers. Discord bot is such a great, efficient way to build a community and provide people with a feeling of exclusiveness.

Moreover, Discord bots make it easier to create their community. With the help of Discord bot, you can offer any tips, host lives, record videos and teach people anything you know in a closed community environment. With Discord bots, you are able to add music, games, memes, and other pieces of entertaining content to the server.

So as with Bloxy News, this community also uses the Discord bots to interact with their fellow members. Certainly, Bloxy News members really have a great place for sharing and receiving something that they never get anywhere else.

About Bloxy News Discord Bot

What Kind of Discord Bot Is Used by Bloxy News?

We know that Bloxy News uses the Discord bot to interact with members and do some tasks within. Unfortunately, there is no information related to the kind of Discord bot used by Bloxy News, maybe for security reasons.

The main thing we should notice here is  that Bloxy News really applies the Discord bot on its channel, as we can see a ‘Bot’ menu from the hashtag list under Bloxy News profile. Under the ‘Bot’ menu, you will find #levels, #music_queue and Music. From this, we surely can conclude that Bloxy News really uses the Discord bot for welcoming their members and more tasks.

Join Bloxy News on Discord

Click the invite link of Bloxy News Discord here.

On Bloxy News Discord channel, you will find some categories/ hashtags to ease members finding the information that they are looking for. Here are they:

Server Information

    • Help
    • Notification
    • Announcements
    • User Counts: 9065


    • Submit_news
    • News-feed
    • Roblox_feed
    • Blog
    • Devforum
    • Avatar_shop
    • Investor_relations
    • Status
    • Promocodes


    • Chat Creations
    • Self-Promotion
    • Voice Chat


    • Ksi


    • Levels
    • Music_queue
    • Music

How to Get a Discord Bot?

To get the best Discord bot for your server, you will find some references which provide some Discord bots recommendations such as from websites, personal blogs, discussion forums and others. In fact, there are a lot of sites which inform you of a list of top Discord bots which will be worth and reliable for you to use.

One of the websites providing the recommended Discord bots is Top.gg. This site sorts Discord bots into the lists based on the subject, rating, certification and latest news by their platform. Certainly, if you are new to finding the Discord bots for your server, make sure to search for references to ease you finding the best one.

In the site of Top.gg, you will type a topic that you are looking for in the ‘Search for’ bar. You can also explore anything available in top.gg including Top, New, Explore Tags, Discords Bots, Discord Servers, Popular Tags, Top Games and more.

Well, to make it easier for you to access all of the topics within the site, you will be required to login first. If you have not an account yet, make sure to create your account first by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button. So, get started discovering the Top.gg site in order to find the best Discord bots.

How to Add a Discord Bot?

After finding the best bot from the list or through the bot creator’s website, you may want to add it to your Discord server, you can click on the ‘Invite’ button to be redirected to Discord’s browser app.

Here, you can decide which server to add the bot to. It’s important to note that  you can only add a bot to your server if you’re an admin. Once authorizing access, the bot will then appear on your server, then it will be usable right away.

You need to know that every Discord bot owns a series of commands that you are able to use in-server to perform certain tasks. Some of them will show a tutorial in-server with a set of commands after added, while others can be seen online on the bot’s website.

To use a  Discord bot command, you just simply type the Discord bot into the text box on a text channel and hit ‘Enter’. After that, the bot will require you to follow Discord commands. Otherwise, if you want to remove a bot from your server, you just simply right-click on the bot’s name under the server’s member list. Then, click either ‘kick’ or ‘ban’, depending on what you want to do with the bot.

Top Discord Bots

We also give you some recommendations of Discord Bots that you can use for your server, here are they:

    1. MEE6

is the most comprehensive type of Discord bot. You can create custom commands to automatically assign roles to users and send messages on the main channel or via DM based on certain actions.

The best feature of this bot is the large number of customizations you can customize and apply to the Discord bot commands. In addition you can kick (expel) members automatically if they promote ads, unwanted links, or spam.

    1. ProBot

ProBot is a Discord bot that allows one to set up welcome messages automatically. So every time someone new joins the server, they will be greeted with a message that has been customized to show your personality and your business.

    1. Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a great Discord bot because of the many commands it can use. They have commands from simple animal drawings to actual games to play blackjack against the AI using coins purchased with real currency.

As we know that Memes are such a great way to increase engagement as most people really  love humor  and jokes. Well, the core of Discord is to create a fun community that is rich in entertainment and fun.

    1. Voicy

Voicy allows discord users to search for funny sound clips in the discord network library. Discord is constantly updating its platform with new sound effects where you and your members can use commands to create new and enjoyable experiences.