Genshin Impact: How to Get Xiangling Easy

Xiangling is known as a 4-star character in the game named Genshin Impact. It means she is able to be acquired easily through in game wishes using the real life currency. However, for everyone who does not want to spend money in the game, there is another way that you can do with spending any. It is by just completing the Spiral Abyss challenge up to Floor 3 Chamber 3 for free.

In order to take the Spiral Abyss challenge, you will have to reach rank 20 in adventure. Once you have reached that rank, you can start off by navigating your character to Cape Oath. Now, there are two options to choose from. The first one is jumping off of the cliff and the second one is making your way to Musk Reef. Aside from that, you are also able to complete a simple puzzle that can be found near Cape Oath, which will give you access to a portal that will take you directly to Musk Reef.

Upon arriving at Musk Reef, go into the Spiral Abyss. For those who have no idea of what the Spiral Abyss is, it is a combat challenge that is a throwback to the traditional role playing games. There are some different floors with three champers each. Keep in mind that every chamber gets increasingly hard in combat and clearing every floor will earn you with rare items. The good news is that Xiangling is the present for completing Floor 3 chamber 3, meaning all that should be done is to defeat all the three floors and their respective chambers and you will get able to get Xiangling automatically.


That’s all the thing that you will need to do if you want to do the challenge. As stated before, once you have complete chamber 3 on Floor 3, you will be awarded Xiangling as a character. After that, feel free to upgrade her with artifacts and items if you want to increase the potential of the team. Before attempting this challenge, you are recommended to fill up on supplies and health.

The game known as Genshin Impact has become a trend since it was released on September 28th, 2020. This one introduced the RPG game that allows you to select the players that enter your world in the game. Some people might think that it looks like an MMO RGP, but in fact, this game is really different and features umpteen side quests to help you spend your spare time and level up your character. On top of that, you are also able to make a roster of different characters and train them for different fighting types to deal with some different types of bosses. One of the most popular characters in the game is named Xiangling. For those who want to play as Xiangling in the game, you can do the procedure above to get her. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to address it to the representative of Genshin Impact.

These following paragraphs will talk about everything related to Xiangling.

Xiangling Talents

Xiangling has some talents and attacks. The talents owned by her can be used to your benefit depending on the skill level and the roster of the enemy. Aside from that, you are also able to combine the attacks of Xiangling with the ones from the other team members if you want to deal more damage to your enemy.

  • Normal Attack (Dough-Fu): This one is up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.
  • Charged Attack (Dough-Fu): The attack with the pole, can damage dealt to all opponents in the way.
  • Elemental skill (Guoba Attack): Summons pet panda that pyro attacks at certain intervals.
  • Elemental burst (Pyronado): Pyro tornado that is able to deal damage to opponents around it.
  • Passive attack 1 (Crossfire): The flame shooting range of Guoba is increased.
  • Passive attack 2 (Beware, it’s super hot): The chilli pepper is leaf by Guoba when departing the fight. Gathering chilli pepper will increase ATK DMG by 10%.
  • Passive attack 3 (Chef de Cuisine): The amazing dish cooking has a 12% chance of doubling the final product.

Xiangling Constellations

You can unlock the constellations through Stella Fortuna material. It is certain to each character in the game and you should pull a duplicate character from your wishes if you want to get Stella Fortuna for that certain character.

Constellations are so good at improving the stats and attack power of the character that can be a significant benefit when you are playing the game. Here is the list of the available constellations for Xiangling:

  • Crispy outside, Tender inside: Your pet panda attacks the opponents, have their pyro resistance decreased by 15% for the next 6 seconds.
  • Oil meets fire: The last attack of the normal attack sequence last attack will initiate the explosion status on your opponent for 2 seconds. Once it is completed, the opponent will be dealt with 75% of your attacks as Pyro damage.
  • Deepfry: The level of Pyronado is increased by 3. However, it will only up to level 15.
  • Slowbake: Pyronado duration will increase by 40%.
  • Condensed Pyronado: Each party member will get an additional 15% Pyro DMG bonus as long as the tornado lasts.

Xiangliang Quest

As you probably know, the in game quest of Xiangling is all about looking for secret ingredients. After your character reaching Level 15 in the game, the quest entitled Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip should be available to you in the story mode. This one involves some chapters, including:

  • Little Chef on a hunt
  • Cooking Apartment
  • Secret Ingredients
  • Lucky Find
  • Present from the past
  • Cooking Showdown

The first quest will take place near the Shrine of the Seven and will be called Meet the girl in the forest. When you are there, you will start a cutscene where you will get to meet Xiangling. Once you have completed the cutscene, presenting Xiangling with 3 chunks of Raw Meat will help you to move to the next step.