10 Best Photo Hiding Apps for iPhone Free

Sometimes, people want to keep something private from the others, such as photos and videos. If you are one of them who want to keep those things in secret, here are 10 best apps to hide pictures and videos on iPhone.

  1. Photo Vault
  • Size: 25 MB
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Ratings: 4.1
  • Origin: United States
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

Photo Vault1

The most impressive thing about the Photo Vault app would be its look. The app has the outdated look and does not look modern. This probably one of the aspects that help it to get a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the Apple App Store. When it comes to hiding pictures and videos, it is definitely the best and it also has a built-in browser through that you can use to download images and videos form the web. Even though there is a fingerprint that can be used to login to open the app on the Android, it is exclusive to the Pro feature. Meanwhile, those who are using iPhone are able to use this feature for free. The Pro features of Photo Vault include decoy password, unlimited albums, unlimited photos, break-in report, ads-free experience, and wireless file transfer.

  1. Dialer Vault – App Hider

Dialer Vault – App Hider

  • Size: 13 MB
  • Downloads: 1M+
  • Ratings: 4.3
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

As you can guess from its name, Dialer Vault definitely looks like a photo dialer app. When you unlock the app, the first thing that you will notice is that it looks more like a launcher than an app hider. This one is not only able to hide the secret photos and videos, but it is also able to hide the apps. Actually, rather than hiding the app, it is more like creating the close of the real app, just like the parallel space, which in the end will be deleted later from the main app drawer. It has the fingerprint to unlocked and hide from the recent task too further secure photos and videos.

  1. Vault


  • Size: Varies with device
  • Downloads: 50M+
  • Ratings: 4.4
  • Origin: china
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

Vault is one of the most well-known apps with more than 50 million downloads. This app is triple threat with not only able to hide the photos and videos but also can be used for private browsing, securing the apps with a built-in App locker and 1 GB of free cloud storage. On top of that, it also comes with the other unlocking options, such as Unlock with Pattern and Fingerprint.

If you are a user of iPhone, you will get two additional features. The first one is Unlock with TouchID and the second one is Face Down Lock. If you want to try the second one you can just facedown the screen and vault will exit and another app will be launched. Feel free to choose between Mail, Messages, Music, and Safari.

Another additional feature that everyone will get is the ability to add a vault camera icon on the home screen. With this feature, photos that are taken from the vault camera will be directly saved to the vault instead of a photo gallery. Aside from that, you are also able to get a security email for resetting the password in case you forget it.

Even though the free version would be enough for some people, there are also premium features that you may want to consider. Those premium features include:

  • Fake Vault: With Fake Vault feature, the private images and videos can be secured even more. All that you have to do is to make a fake vault and if someone asks you to open it, it will show the fake one and they will never know the difference of both of them.
  • Stealth Mode: You can make the vault icon disappear from the app screen of the phone.
  • Break-in Alerts: It will take photos when someone tries to sneak into your vault.
  1. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault

  • Size: 13 MB
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

Gallery Vault is one of the best options that you can consider if you want to hide pictures and videos. This one is available for both Android and iPhone. The only difference is the features, which every of it has a different set of features.

For iPhone, it has its own set of features such as:

  • Enable Secret Door: This one disguises Gallery Vault as a Camera app so that people will think that it is a camera app.
  • Change App Icon: You are able to change the main icon to either the Album icon or Camera icon.

The other features of the Gallery Vault include a custom lock screen background, unlock with TouchID, recycle bin, change lock type, Folder lock, and so on. Just like Android, it also comes with a premium feature like Break-n alerts. Tons of the apps offered makes it one of the bets free apps to hide photos and videos in 2020.

  1. Hide It Pro

Hide It Pro

  • Size: 11 MB
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Ratings: 4.5
  • Origin: India
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

Hide It Pro is counted as one of the best apps to hide videos and pictures with the UI of the app that looks really simple, not too flashy but do its job properly. This one is able to hide photos, videos, documents, and notes. It comes with the cloud backup provided by Google Drive through which you are able to retrieve files in events like damage, theft, device format, and so on. In addition, the fingerprint or FaceID also can be set to unlock, themes, recovery email, shake the phone to exit, and slideshow.

There are also some other features of Hide It Pro, including:

  • Escape Code: This one is one of the best recommended features to use. When someone forces you to open the app, it will make your vault looks empty.
  • Disguise Screen: This one creates a fake screen that resembles the actual app. There are a lot of disguise screens, such as a currency converter, a calculator, a joke of the day, and many more. You are really recommended to use this feature to make the other people hard to guess that you are using an app for hiding the private data.
  1. Sgallery


  • Size: 9.8 MB
  • Downloads: 100K+
  • Ratings: 4.6
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

Sgallery is good if you want to protect your images and videos via PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint sensor. It also has a Disguise Icon feature that you can change to Converter, Black Hole, and Calculator app. Apart from that, you will also get a built-in video player, browser, app lock, note, recycle bin, dark mode, and app hidden features. It also comes with a private camera feature.

For those who want more powerful features and safety, please go for the premium package with the features such as Time Pin, Custom Wallpaper, Random Password Keyboard, Fake Password, Shake Close, Prohibit Screenshots, Intruder Selfie, Icon Disguise, Theme Manager, and No Ads.

  1. Calculator #

Calculator #

The app called Calculator is not only able to be used as a calculator but also to hide photos and videos. This one is available for iPhone only. Other than hiding photos and videos, it can also hide documents, passwords, notes, audios, and to-do lists. Just like most of the apps on the list, it comes with the common features such as Decoy Mode (Fake login), Security lock recovery, Panic switch (Quickly switches to the other apps to prevent snooping), and Disguise Mode (Fool intruders by a fake error message box). If you purchase a premium pack, you can also back up photos and videos to cloud storage and remove Ads.

  1. Photo Lock App

Photo Lock App

  • Size: 3.4 MB
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Ratings: 4.3
  • Origin: India
  • Price: Free, In-App Purchase

There are some basic features of Photo Lock App such as fake PIN, themes, Fingerprint Unlock, and Uninstall protection. To add the safety to your photos and videos, the app comes with:

  • Intruder Selfie: The app will automatically take pictures when someone tries to unlock with the incorrect pin, pattern, or fingerprint.
  • Replace App Icon: The default icon is able to be changed to the other icons like a clock, calculator, news, weather, and radio.
  • Fake App Lock Cover: If you want to make your app more secure, this feature can be used to fool someone with either Fake Force Stop or Fingerprint Scanning lock cover.
  • Fake Pin (Decoy Locker): This one creates a second PIN that can open to a decoy Gallery Lock. In case you friends or your family members force you to open the app, you can just use the second PIN that will show them an empty gallery vault.
  • Facedown Lock: When you locate the phone face down, the app will automatically close and lock itself. Feel free to choose the other face down actions like Open another app or Open a website.
  1. Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder is the perfect one to choose if you want to protect your files from intruders. Let’s say someone has taken your phone and is eager to view your pictures on your gallery. If the Best Secret Folder is used to store the files, that one will be asked to fill in a password. The app is going to make loud sounds if the person fails to do it, making it easier for you to catch the intruder. In case you are not around, the person may attempt to enter a password again. After attempting more than once, the app will take a picture of that person. Basically, the system is really good for keeping the hands of people who are curious away from your data.

Best Secret Folder is no doubt one of the best apps to protect photos and videos with its simple design and it is also easy to use. It enables you to make inside folders and organize your files the way that you want. You are also allowed to import and export files. The best thing is that it has icons that make it hard to notice the app.

  1. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is counted as one of the apps for protecting your photos and videos from people that want to interrupt your life. The password protection is able to be implemented in two different methods, pin lock and pattern lock. This one is really convenient as you are able to select the one that you have already got used to.

Private Photo Vault has an interesting feature called a decoy password. It has the ability to make your friends believe that you are showing them your secret photos and videos while in fact you are not. If you want to try this feature, first of all, you need to enter two passwords, one for your private content and another for your “open” gallery. If someone asks you to show pictures, you can just enter the second password and pretend to be someone who does not have anything to hide.

Breaking into Private Photo Vault is not easy. When someone attempts to do it, you will get their GPS location and a photo. The design of the app is eye catching. If you want, you can make internal albums and work with your private content just like you would wo it in the gallery of your phone. On top of that, you are able to even email and message your photos and videos.

The great addition for everyone who likes surfing on the web and saving images in a private web browser. This feature allows you to download features directly to the app so that you will not have to import them there afterward.

So, which one of the best photo hiding apps for iPhone listed above is your favorite? Feel free to try any apps. You can uninstall the first one and install the next one if the first one is not suitable with your taste.

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