How to Get Paramount Plus for Free on Firestick

Paramount+ is one of the streaming services that you can get on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Paramount is the replacement for CBS All Access that provides hundreds of movie channels and also TV Series. Aside from that, you can also stream shows, sports and news on local CBS stations, CBS Sports HQ, etc.

Since Paramount+ can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV Stick, a lot of people are wondering whether they can get Paramount+ for free or not. If you also wonder whether Paramount+ can be accessed for free or not, it would be better for you to find out the real information about it through our post below!

How to Get Paramount Plus for Free on Firestick

Can You Get Paramount+ For Free on FireStick?

Unfortunately, Paramount+ does not permanently offer the streaming service for free. Instead, Paramount+ offers a week free trial as the user’s experiment when using this streaming service.

Sure, you can also get a seven-day free trial of Paramount+ on Amazon Fire TV Stick. In order to get a free trial of Paramount, you may need to register first. However, before you can sign up for a seven-day Paramount free trial, you may need to install Paramount+ on your Amazon Fire TV Stick first. (The way to install Paramount+ will be explained in the next section)

Here’s how to sign up for Paramount+ free trial!

    • Go to the Paramount+ website here.
    • Then, you need to create a Paramount+ account.
    • To get Paramount+ free trial, you can click on the ‘Try It Free’ option.
    • After that, you can click the ‘Continue’ to pick your plan. There are two plan options: The Essential plan costs $4.99 per month/ $49.99 per year and The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month/ $9.99 per year.
    • You can then enter your personal information and payment method.
    • There will be a confirmation informing you that  you’re already subscribing to the Paramount+ plan, depending on the plan you choose.
    • On your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to launch Paramount+.
    • Then, you need to login with your Paramount+ account.
    • You can enjoy streaming all of your favorite content on Amazon Fire TV Stick with a seven-day free-trial.

That’s how to get Paramount+ free trial for seven days. After your free trial runs out, you will be charged depending on the subscription plan that you have chosen when registration.

How to Install Parmount+ on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Keep in mind, Paramount+ is actually available in select countries. This app is currently available only in the United States, Australia,  Canada and 10 Latin American countries. If you are outside any of those regions, you may need to use a reputable VPN  service such as ExpressVPN in order to access all contents on Paramount+.

For more information, ExpressVPN actually offers best-in-class encryption, 99.99% uptime, split tunneling, unlimited server switches and many others. The good news! You will be able to use 160 server locations in 94 countries. After you have installed the VPN app, you can then set your location to any city in the US to access Paramount+.

Here’s how to install Paramount+ on Amazon Fire TV Stick!

    • From your Firestick home screen, you need to choose the ‘Find’ button.
      choose the ‘Find’ button
    • Then, click on the ‘Search’ button.
      click on the ‘Search’ button
    • You can then type ‘Paramount+’ on the search bar. When it appears, you can choose the Paramount+’ from the list.
      hen type ‘Paramount+’
    • After that, you can click the  ‘Paramount+’ option in the Apps and Games section.
      click the  ‘Paramount+’ option in the Apps
    • To install Paramount+ on Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Get’ button.
    • After Paramount+ is successfully installed, you can add this app to the FireStick Homescreen.
    • To add Paramount+ to the Homescreen, you can go to the ‘See All’ page on your FireStick homescreen.
      add Paramount+ to the Homescreen
    • You can now go to the Paramount+ app that you have just installed.
      go to the Paramount+ app you just installed
    • Then, hit the ‘Options’ button on your Firestick remote and choose ‘Move’ option.
      select Move
    • Make sure to use the directional buttons to move the Paramount+ app to the top row of apps. Then, hit the ‘Select’ button on your remote to finalize the location.
      hit the ‘Select’ button on your remote to finalize the location
    • You can now easily access the Paramount+ app on your Firestick homescreen.
       easily access the Paramount+ app on your Firestick homescreen

That’s it! You successfully install Paramount+ app and add it to your Amazon Fire TV Stick homescreen.

Guides to Use Paramount+ on Your FireStick

If you are new to use Paramount+ on your FireStick, no worries, we will show the guide for you. However, you will easily use Paramount+, as its interface looks sleek and easy to navigate.

On the left pane, there are some sections including Shows, Movies, On Now, News and Brands. At the bottom, you will be able to access your account settings. While, the home screen will have a slideshow of featured programming. Here’s for detail:

    • Movies and Shows Section
      Both sections are further organized genres. After you choose any genre, you will see a full list of content alphabetically. You can also check out the most popular content currently running on Paramount+.
    • Watch Now Section
      The live Paramount+ program will be available on the ‘Watch Now’ section. In this section, you will be able to check out all live programs such as sports and news.
    • News Section
      From the ‘News’ section, you will be able to access CBSN New York, CBSN Live Local News, Daily News Full Episodes, etc.
    • Brands Section
      From the ‘Brands’ section, you can watch content directly from BET, CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, and many others.
    • Search Bar
      The Search bar will ease you to find the program you want to watch quickly. This section is located at the top of the main menu on the left.
    • Settings
      You can also access the ‘Settings’  at the bottom left. From Settings, you will find a bunch of sections including Account, Parental Controls, Autoplay, Legal Notices and Support.

If you scroll down, you will find the following contents that are arranged into a bunch of categories:

    • Originals
    • Trending Movies
    • Shows Recommended For You
    • On Now
    • Reality Shows
    • Recently Added
    • Sci-Fi Movies
    • Trending Shows
    • Black Voices Matter
    • Drama Shows
    • Horror Movies
    • Nickelodeon Shows
    • Drama Movies
    • Nick Jr. Shows
    • Sports
    • Comedy Shows
    • Romantic Comedies
    • Emmy Nominated
    • Docuseries
    • Road Trip Movies
    • Daytime Shows
    • Made-for-TV Movies
    • Buddy Movies
    • Psychological Thrillers
    • Comedy Movies
    • Movies Based on Books
    • Animated Movies
    • Coming-of-age Movies
    • News
    • Documentary Movies
    • Western Movies
    • Film Noir