Why Does My ADT Say No Cellular Connection?

When you access ADT System, you may get a message informing you that your cellular is not connected or your ADT pulse status unavailable. You may already know the ADT Pulse gateway provides a bunch of features including Remote arm & disarm, controlling your lights, adjusting your thermostat and also accessing any video cameras.

Of course, if your cellular is not connected or pulse gateway status is unavailable, you definitely cannot use those features. You may wonder why your cellular is not connected. To find out the information about it, let’s see our post below!

Why Does My ADT Say No Cellular Connection

What Causes Your Cellular Is Not Connected?

There will be a few reasons why your cellular is not connected to your system. In rare cases, your cellular connection will be lost for unknown reasons. According to some sources, your cellular is not connected and can also be caused by your cellular area.

It means that the cellular carrier is  basically being used in that area that has marginal service in your location. If your area does not provide the marginal service for your cellular, of course, the cellular you’re using will be not connected. However, this cause is very rare, meaning a few users face it.

When your cellular is not connected to your system, some causes can be solved by yourself without contacting a professional. However, if your cellular is often not connected, it’s highly recommended for you to ask the help of a professional to identify what causes it.

How to Fix Your Cellular Is Not Connected Issue?

If you encounter an issue about No Cellular Connection, all you have to do is to reset your ADT pulse gateway. If you want to reset ADT pulse gateway, you may need to do some following ways:

    1. Ensure pulse gateway is turned on
      To check your pulse gateway is powered on, you need to find your pulse gateway by closing to your internet router. After you find it, you can identify if the LED lights are turned on or if you have plugged it into the wall. You may also need to check out the outlet to ensure it still works.
    2. Make sure pulse gateway is connected to your router
      After your gateway pulse has power, you can go ahead and double check if you have connected it to your internet router. If you have installed a couple of WiFi extenders with your system, make sure that you have connected the router through an Ethernet cable or wireless connection.
    3. Check if ADT pulse is working
      If you have double checked to ensure that the ADT pulse gateway is turned on and connected to your router, you can pull up your ADT pulse app to ensure that it is working. If it is not working, you need to power cycle your gateway and router.
      To do so, you may need to disconnect the power from the wall and turn them off. Then, let’s wait for a while and then boot up your router first. Once your router has power and connection, you can turn on the gateway and give it about 5 minutes to connect.

How to Connect Your ADT Pulse App to the System?

To conncet your ADT pulse app to your system, you may only need three things including your smartphone, the app and your ADT security system. Follow some steps below if you are syncing your devices for the first time:

    • First, download the ADT Pulse app that you can get from Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS).
    • Then, enter your ADT username and password.
    • After that, choose your server. However, this is very important to your system operation. Make sure to choose either Canada or the United States, depending on where you live.
    • Then, click on the ‘Login’ button.
    • In the next step, you may need to create a four-digit passcode.

That’s how to connect the ADT Pulse app to your system. That’s a very easy way to do it, isn’t it?

Some Troubleshooting to Fix Issue with the ADT Pulse App and Your System

Aside from resetting your ADT pulse gateway, there are still a bunch of ways to fix the issues when your cellular is not connected. Here are some ways to fix the issues with the ADT pulse app and your system:

    • Ensure your app is up-to-date
      It is known that ADT will be constantly updating the Pulse app to make sure usability. If the app is not up-to-date, you will miss the updates and may not connect to your system. Of course, it’s very important for you to keep checking for updates whether on Android or on  iOS devices.
    • Force quit out of the ADT pulse app
      If you face the ADT pulse app not responding or freezing to a certain request, you may need to force quit the app. To force quit the app, it will depend on the type of your phone. After you have quit the app, you can login back. This way is basically the same as when restarting your mobile app.
    • Re-download the ADT pulse app
      The next way you can do this is by re-downloading the ADT pulse app. You can uninstall the app first and then download it again. Make sure to remember your username and password that you will need to log into the app.
    • Ensure you internet connection works
      In fact, the ADT pulse app will have difficulty connecting if your internet connection is not working. To ensure your router is working, you can reset it and then reconnect it to your phone again. After that, you may also need to plug it in and wait for a while, then plug it back in. If your internet router does not work, you can call the service provider.
    • Check your security system’s gateaway
      You should know that your ADT system’s gateway will allow it to communicate with other devices, such as your phone, door and window sensors and the internet. if the gateway is offline, it will not connect to the ADT pulse app.

So, you need to check your system’s gateway by checking its power source first. If you use a third-party power adapter, it may not work. An alternative way, you can check your fuse box before proceeding.

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