What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft

There are a lot of enhancements in Minecraft. One of them is called impaling. This one was added to the game during version 1.13. It came with tridents, which means it is only meant for tridents. For those who are new to impaling and want to know more about it, including about its function, you can read the rest of the article.


    • Enchantment Name: Impaling
    • Min Level: Level 1 (Impaling I)
    • Max Level (Impaling V)
    • Description: Increases your attack damage against sea creatures such as guardians, elder guardians, squids, dolphins, and turtles
    • Applies To: Tridents

Supported platforms:

    • Java Edition (PC/Mac) (1.13)
    • Pocket Edition (PE) (1.4.0)
    • Xbox 360 (TU69)
    • Xbox One (1.4.0)
    • PS3 (1.76)
    • PS4 (1.76)
    • Wii U (Patch 38)
    • Nintendo Switch (1.5.0)
    • Windows 10 Edition (1.4.0)
    • Education Edition (1.4.0)

What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft1

In Minecraft, impaling is counted as one of many offensive enchantments. This one is such a unique one as it has the ability to add the damage that is done by tridents. Basically, when you as the player are in contact with water, rain, underwater, or fighting aquatic mobs (such as guardians, elder guardians, squids, dolphins, and turtles), the enchantment will cause extra damage if it is placed on a trident. Not only that, those with the highest level of impaling have a chance to deal around 20 bonus damage to aquatic mobs. The statement means that if you want impaling, the best way that you can do it is to farm a lot of XP and make books.

Actually, the damage that is caused by impaling is different depending on the Minecraft version. In the Java Edition of Minecraft, aquatic mobs are the only ones that get the extra damage, meaning the regular mobs that happen to be in the water are not included. Not only that, drowned also do not get the extra damage as they are considered as undead mobs instead of an aquatic mob.

In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the extra damage can happen to every mob and every player that is in contact with water. It means it includes all the mobs and players that are in the rain.

In the Java Edition Combat Test 4 of Minecraft, it is stated that the damage is able to be dealt to every mob and player in any kind of water while using a trident with impaling. If you look at the details, it can be concluded that it is similar to how impaling already functions in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In addition, the enchantment named impaling also deals extra damage to axolotls in the Minecraft Java Edition Combat Test 4.

    1. Impaling I

Increase: It adds 2.5 1 Heart x 1.25)
Melee: 11.5 (1 Heart x 5.75)
Ranged: 10.5 (1 Heart x 5.25)

    1. Impaling II

Increase: It adds 5 (3 Heart)
Melee: 14 (1 Heart x 7)
Ranged: 13 (1 Heart x 6.5)

    1. Impaling III

Increase: It adds 7.5 (1 Heart x 3.75)
Melee: 16.5 (1 Heart x 8.25)
Ranged: 15.5 (1 Heart x 7.75)

    1. Impaling IV

Increase: It adds 10 (5 Heart)
Melee: 19 (1 Heart x 9.5)
Ranged: 18 (1 Heart x 9)

    1. Impaling V

Increase: It adds 12.5 (1 Heart x 6.25)
Melee: 21.5 (1 Heart x 10.75)
Ranged: 20.5 (1 Heart x 10.25)

As you have been informed about the impaling enchantment, you might want to find or get a trident. Apparently, the only way to get a trident is to kill spawning drowned mobs. There is no way to craft a trident or pick one up that a drowned has thrown at you. There is a total of 15% chance of the drowned to drop a trident in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Apart from that, there is also a total of 6.25% chance of it to drop in the Minecraft Java Edition. After finding or getting a trident, feel free to use it as a melee weapon or throw it as a projectile to the mobs. Every trident that is thrown to the mobs is able to be picked up and reused again.

As stated above, Minecraft has a lot of enchantments. Aside from the thing called impaling, there are some other ones. Here is the list of some of them:

    1. Aqua Affinity: This one is able to increase the underwater mining speed.
    2. Bane of Arthropods: This one is able to increase damage and applies Slowness IV to arthropod mobs such as spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, bees, and endermites.
    3. Blast of Protection: This one is able to reduce the explosion damage and knockback.
    4. Channeling: This one is able to channel a bolt of lightning toward a hit entity.
    5. Cleaving: This one is able to increase damage and shield stunning.
    6. Curse of Binding: This one is able to not remove the items from the armor slot.
    7. Curse of Vanishing: This one is able to destroy items on death.
    8. Depth Strider: This one is able to increase underwater movement speed.
    9. Efficiency: This one is able to increase the speed of the tool.
    10. Feather Falling: This one is able to reduce fall damage.
    11. Fire Aspect: This one is able to set a target on fire.
    12. Fire Protection: This one is able to reduce fire damage and burn time.
    13. Flame: This one is able to arrow set the target on fire and ignite TNT if hit.
    14. Fortune: This one is able to increase specific block drops.
    15. Frost Walker: This one is able to turn water beneath the player into frosted ice and to prevent the damage from happening.
    16. Knockback: This one is able to increase knockback.
    17. Looting: This one is able to increase mob loot.
    18. Luck of the Sea: This one is able to increase the rate of good loot such as enchanting books, and so on.
    19. Lure: This one is able to increase wait time until fish or junk or loot bites.
    20. Power: This one is able to increase the arrow damage.