Why is Yellowstone Not on Paramount Plus

Yellowstone is an American TV series that is officially aired on Paramount Network. Unfortunately, you cannot watch Yellowstone on Paramount+, no matter how hard you try to find this series. Even though you have made a subscription for Paramount+, Yellowstone does not stream on Paramount+.

You may wonder why Yellowstone is not available on Paramount+, given that Paramount Network is also under Paramount service. Certainly, there’s the main reason why Yellowstone doesn’t stream on Paramount+. If you want to know more about it deeply, let’s see our post below!

Here’s the Reason Why Yellowstone Is Not Available on Paramount+!

Why is Yellowstone Not on Paramount Plus

The main reason why Yellowstone does not stream on Paramount+ is due to the streaming rights. In short, Paramount+ does not have streaming rights to air Yellowstone, especially season 4.

Popculture.com posted that NBCUniversal gained the streaming rights to Yellowstone in January 2020. It means while Yellowstone is airing on the Paramount Network channel, Yellowstone’s streaming home is exactly the Peacock streaming service. The Yellowstone season 1 – 3 are currently available through the Premium Subscription.

For Yellowstone season 4, it is not expected to be available on Peacock until later when the season has completed airing. Reportedly until November 2020, Yellowstone season 3 was not added to the streaming service, three months once the season concluded on linear TV. Sure, many people hope that Yellowstone season 4 will be available on Peacock in early 2022.

General Information About a Series Airing

You should know that every new streaming service that is just launched by Hollywood actually makes its own judgment about what and how much to keep for itself. A number of streaming services are desperately trying to get their titles back onto their own services.

For instance, Disney has emphasized letting its deals expire for anything it licensed out to the other services previously. However, it actually included a major deal which let Netflix stream Disney’s theatrical movies.

On other hands,  Disney+ wanted to be a worthy hub for its own catalog. So, Disney let that Netflix deal stop shopping those blockbusters to competitor’s services.

In addition to licensing Yellowstone for its Peacock service, at the beginning of 2021, NBCUniversal finally won the streaming rights to its own show ‘The Office back’ from Netflix. So, Peacock really has rights to stream the sitcom exclusively.

In fact, WarnerMedia’s HBO Mx has repeatedly reclaimed the rights to all of the Harry Potter films from NBCUniversal and Peacock. In an epic deal years ago, WarnerMedia’s Warner Bros. licensed all movies to NBCuniversal.

Its deal put NBCUniversal’s Peacock in line to stream the movies rather than HBO Max. In an effort to boost HBO Max with a prominent franchise, WarnerMedia has drawn them back.

In fact, Paramount+ has been more willing to license those popular titles above. As a part of the reason, licensing out titles will be a lucrative business. As far as we know, ViacomCBS have generated $4.6 billion from licensing. If we count, that’s almost a quarter of the company’s total revenue.

The money actually comes from a plethora of licenses such as TV syndication, Paw Patrol’s costumes and Paw Patrol’s stuffed animals. But, part of that is also earning out titles like South Park, Yellowstone and others to Paramount+’ direct  rivals.

As you give your own programming to your own service exclusively, you ignore money that you could have ignored if you would have licensed it to someone else. In this case, ViacomCBS owns a big back catalog to tap into approximately 4,000 films and 140,000 TV episodes. That’s a reason that the company does not want all that on Paramount+.

Where Can You Watch Yellowstone?

Since you cannot stream Yellowstone on Paramount+ either the latest episode or old episodes, the only place to watch Yellowstone from season 4 is on Paramount Network’s channel, app or website. For the latest season of Yellowstone, you can stream only for ‘authenticated’ online viewers.

Well, the online viewers here are the people who can log in with their live-TV service’s credentials to prove that they are paying for Paramount Network. In order to be an authenticated viewer, you should pay for the channel already with a live-TV subscription such as satellite, cable or a live-channel streaming service like Philo or YouTube TV.

A plethora of shows and movies like Yellowstone final and every other episode are available at paramountnetwork.com or its Paramount Network app to stream. Need to know, Paramount put the premiere episode of Yellowstone’s fourth season outside paywall. So, anyone can stream the episode of Half the Money free on Paramount Network’s app site.

Then, if you wish to stream the finale or any other episodes next to the fourth-season premier, you may have to make a pay-TV subscription to login. If you do not have access to Paramount Network, you may have to go to Peacock.

On Peacock, the fourth season of Yellowstone may be available, though Peacock has not announced the timing when they will air the fourth season of Yellowstone. However, we can expect that Peacock will stream it the following months from now.

What Is the Difference Between Paramount+ and Paramount Network?

There will be a lot of confusion between Paramount Plus and Paramount Network. To make it easy for you to differentiate them, let’s see the difference below!

    • Paramount Network

Paramount Network of Paramount is a basic cable television in the United States which is a part of ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks. With Paramount Network, you can watch full episodes of your favorite series and also continue to watch your favorite series where you left off.

Paramount Network will cost you with the exact price, depending on the live TV service and other channels included in your subscription.

    • Paramount+

Unlike Paramount Network, you are not allowed to make a live TV subscription, instead it is a subscription-based video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service. Paramount+ is also a part of the ViacomCBS streaming services.

On Paramount+, you can only watch 30,000 episodes on demand from trending series. You can also watch subscriber-only original series including The Good Fight, Evil Season 2, iCarly, etc. Unlike Paramount Network, Paramount+ offers two different plans that the people can choose; Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ Premium.