The Best Way to Make Money in OSRS with No Requirements

The game known as Old School RuneScape, which is also more popular as OSRS in short, offers a lot of different activities. Some of them are actually worth trying because they offer a decent amount of money. The thing is that most of them have some requirements and need some skills and it is not easy for some people to fulfil those requirements and not everyone is skilled enough.

The good news is that it is still possible to make money even without having these skills and without having to have high level requirements. For those who are looking for the way to make money in this game with no requirements, this information is for you.

Method 1: Killing chickens

Killing chickens

The first way to make money in Old School RuneScape with no requirements is killing chickens. This method is actually great, especially for those the beginners. The equipment handed to you when the first time you land on the main land can be used to kill the chickens. There is nothing to worry because there is no way for you to die from killing chickens regardless your level. As the chance of getting killed is very low, there is no need for you to bring any food. Not bringing the food with you is recommended to get more space in your inventory. Besides, it also allows less trips to the bank when you deposit your items.

A lot of items are dropped by the chickens and among them, there are bones. Bones are known to be in demand because they can be used to tarin your prayer skill. In the other words, they will sell very fast. Just like the bones, raw chicken is also profitable and it can earn you a decent amount of money. The third thing that can be profitable is feathers. In just an hour, it is possible for you to get about 70k GP by using this method. After making your inventory full, you can go to the local bank and deposit your items. Next, go back to the chickens to carry on. Please do the same method after that.

Method 2: Flipping at the Grand Exchange

Flipping at the Grand Exchange

The second one is flipping at the Grand Exchange. The term “flipping” is actually not new to this game and it is actually derived from the real world. Just like in the real world, this term describes the act of buying something from a low price and then selling it for higher price that you bought it for, earning a profit. The game has a place called the Grand Exchange, which is believed to be the most well-known place for the players of the game. For anyone who is not that familiar with this place, it is the one where you buy and sell items. If you want to flip an item, the first thing that you have to do is to start with your cash in your inventory. You are recommended to look for an item that has a decent and high margin. Apparently, the higher the margin, the higher the profit that you will get.

First of all, you can buy one of random items that can earn you money. Since the prices are unstable and always changing every day, the exact item to buy and sell is hard to be named. Once you find one, sell it on a very low price. Then, go to the grand exchange history and check the game between the buy and the sell price. If the gap is quite big, it is time for you buy a lot of them for a low price and then sell them for the high price. Even though it can be profitable, flipping is actually risky. To get a good profit, you have to play smarter.

Method 3: Tanning leathers

The third way to earn money for those who do not have skill levels is tanning leathers. First of all, you will have to get some starting cash. You can get it by following one of the other methods that does not require cash attach at the start. The most recommended one is killing chickens. In order to begin this method, some dragon hide have to be purchased from the grand exchange. The dragon hide is apparently the best for the most profit. Feel free to check the value of the leather of the same dragon. Keep in mind that the highest margin is the one that you want to go for. In case you are really poor and have limited or no money and there is no way for you to get the dragon hide, there is an alternative for you, which is by buying cow hide that can be turned into the regular leather.

Tanning leathers

After purchasing as mush dragon hide or cow hide as possible, the next thing that you have to do is to go to Al-Kharid. When you are there, you will have to keep your cash stack in your inventory to pay the free of the tan and the other things in your inventory with the dragon hide. If there is a stamina potion, do not forget to get one of those as well. Then, go to the north side and enter the building and trade with a man. Afterward, click and by doing so, your hide should be converted immediately into leather. It should not take too much free. once you are done tanning the hide, you should return to the south to the bank and deposit the leather. Please do it again until each dragon hide that you have is tanned. Once everything is tanned, head over to the grand exchange and sell all your new dragon leather without exception. You should earn much profit by doing so.

Aside from these three, some other ways to make money in the game with no requirements include cutting chocolate bars into dust and collecting white berries. You are able to get 100K GP/H by cutting the chocolate bars into dust, while collecting white berries can earn you 600k GP/H.