How to Unlock Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii the Easy Way

As one of the large unlockable characters in Mario Kart, it would be worthy for you to unlock Funky Kong. Though he comes to the game as a minor character, but he is considered the best character in Mario Kart. Funky Kong can be played in Mario Kart Tour.

If you are interested in choosing a Funky Kong character in Mario Kart, you surely have to unlock him first. Even though unlocking Funky Kong is pretty easy, but you may take some extra steps ahead. Then, how to unlock Funky Kong in Mario Kart? Let’s see our guide in unlocking Funky Kong below!

Unlocking Funky Kong in Mario Kart, Here’s How!

How to Unlock Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii the Easy Way

There are at least three options that you can choose to unlock Funky Kong, they are:

    1. Unlock 4 Expert Staff Ghosts in time trials

In the way of  unlocking 4 expert Staff ghosts in time trials, you will race against Normal and Expert Staff Ghosts. You will be able to unlock the Expert Staff Ghosts if you beat the times set by the Normal Staff Ghosts.

In each of the eight Cup competitions, there are at least four Normal Staff Ghosts that you can choose to race. In this way, it would be better for you to select the easiest Normal Staff Ghosts to beat on any of the Cup competitions.

It’s important to note, if Normal Staff Ghosts are driving a Kart, the Expert Staff Ghosts will drive a bike and vice versa. So, if you want to unlock Funky Kong, make sure you win the race against Expert Staff Ghosts.

    1. Win 25 Wi-Fi Ghost Races

Aside from unlocking the Expert Staff Ghosts in Mario Kart, you may need to win 25 Wi-Fi races to unlock Funky Kong. In this way, make sure to always win the races against ghosts.

    1. Play and finish 2,250 races

Last, you may need to play around 2,250 races in Mario Kart if you want to unlock Funky Kong. Sure, this way encourages you to always keep taking racing matches and make sure to perform as well as possible.

Playing and finishing 2,250 races may take you a longer time. To complete the races, you will be able to play in single-player and multiplayer mode. You may already know that Mario Kart has a lot of different races that you can choose, so it will not make the players bored. To ease you complete these races, you can also use the other characters that you have unlocked to help you.

Okay, those are all ways that you can take to unlock Funky Kong. So, it’s a great time for you to start unlocking this large character in Mario Kart.

Why Do Players Want to Unlock Funky Kong?

Funky Kong

A lot of players who are playing the game of Mario Kart really want to unlock Funky Kong, because of his speed. Yeah… He is the fastest character that will lead you to win the races easily.

Sure, you really need a strong and fast character to win your races when you are playing the game online. Then, Funky Kong is the greatest choice for you, as he is also categorized as a large driver and has the ability to drive a large vehicle at top speed.

When driving the Jetsetter or riding the Flame Runner, Funky Kong is commonly faster. Aside from Jetsetter, you can also select other heavy vehicles including Honeycoupe, the Offroader, Wario Bike and Piranha Prowler.

As a rumor circulating among Mario Kart players, Funky Kong is overpowered, but it’s not the true fact. As a proof, Funky Kong actually has the highest speed stat among other unlockable characters. Then, if you select a heavy kart or bike, the vehicle will automatically gain four-speed points that makes it quick.

Based on the acceleration’s stat, Funky kong also has the lowest acceleration among all characters in Mario Kart. So, pro-players will choose  other characters such as Baby Luigi and Birdo to defeat a rookie player who uses Funky Kong.

About Funky Kong

Why Do Players Want to Unlock Funky Kong

Funky Kong first came to the Donkey Kong series as a minor character. Then, the game of Mario Kart Wii actually marks his first appearance in a Mario Kart that can be playable during the Jungle Tour.

Funky Kong is commonly used among competitive players, because of his  high-speed stat. He also has a great speed bonus that is considered by many players as the best character in Mario Kart Wii.

Talking about his appearance, Funky Kong comes in a dark green tank top shirt and balck combat boots with matching pants. He also wears an ammunition bandolier around his waist. You can see that Funky Kong also uses red sunglasses. He is also seen wearing an army cap with the same camouflage design as his shirt.

In the game of Mario Kart, Funky Kong took on the more modern ‘funky’ style. Now, Funky Kong wears blue pants which are torn off at his knees. He also replaces his black belt with an ammo belt and his tank top is now white.

As you can see, Funky Kong is now similar to Donkey Kong and also retains DK’s classic smile. However, Funky Kong still maintained an up-to-date attitude, though he has a different appearance in Donkey Kong 64.

After 12 years of not being in another Mario Kart,  Funky Kong returns in Mario Kart. For more information, Funky Kong is one of the two unlockable characters that you can find in Jungle Tour. the other being Dixie Kong.

Here’s a list of karts and bikes that he uses in Mario Kart!

    • DK Jumbo
    • Rambi Rider
    • Standard DK
    • Wildlife
    • Dragonfly
    • Standard Kart L
    • Offroader
    • Flame Flyer
    • Piranha Prowler
    • Jetsetter
    • Honeycoupe
    • Wario Bike
    • Standard Bike L
    • Flame Runner
    • Shooting Star
    • Spear
    • Phantom
    • Bolt Buggy
    • Varmint

Here’s a list of Staff Ghost Tracks that he passes in Mario Kart!

    • Moo Moo Farm
    • DK’s Jungle Parkway
    • DK Mountain
    • Cheep Cheep Beach
    • DK Pass
    • DK Summit
    • DK Jungle
    • Thwomp Ruins

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