How to Tell if You’ve Unlocked an Expert Staff Ghost

When you are in the middle of the efforts trying to unlock an expert staff ghost in Mario Kart Wii, there might be a time when you are wondering if you have unlocked one. To find out about the fact, the only thing that you need is a way to tell if you have unlocked one.

So, how to tell if you have unlocked an expert staff ghost in the game? There are a lot of opinions. One of the most popular one is that you are able to tell that you have unlocked an expert staff ghost if their time appears first. There is no guarantee but you can try this method. Aside from that, here are a few things voiced by the members of the communities about how to tell if you have unlocked an expert staff ghost:

    • azurice says that after the time trial when it is showing you what place your time got, you should be able to see something that says you have unlocked the expert staff ghost or something like that.
    • Trixster99 says that if you beat the normal staff ghost by several seconds you will unlock the expert staff ghost which is much better than the original.
    • Markimus_123 says that when you have finished the time trial and it comes up with a leaderboard of the times for that track that have been made of your Nintendo Wii, it will say if you have unlocked an expert staff data. It is located at the bottom left of the screen. If it does not say anything it means you have not unlocked one.
    • —Nintendo— says that in the game there is no way to tell if is an Expert Staff Ghost or not. The reason is because all the Staff Ghosts, whether they are experts or not, are called “Nin*[name]”. Basically, they do not have any certain sign to tell which one is expert and which one is not.
    • Imsimpson says that when you finish a race properly, you should be able to see something that says about a fast ghost being unlocked.
    • Redcat7 says that both expert and fast staff ghosts are the same thing. According to this user, an easy way to tell if you have a fast staff ghost is to look at tour time and their time. If the time that is shown is good but the ghost is like 10 seconds ahead of you, then it is obviously a fast staff ghost. The second one to tell it is to click guides that are located right next to where it says Q&A. Then, click on the recommended by Crazyreyn. The next thing to do is to press Ctrl-F and type in staff ghosts. After that, click the previous arrow to go to the 15th result. Please scroll down and find the course that you want. After finding the course that you want, it is time for you to check your time and compare it with the unlock time.
    • Ashu says that to be able to tell that they have unlocked an expert staff ghost, the first thing that a player has to do is to beat the normal staff ghost by 5 to 15 seconds. Then, beat the record. By doing so, there will be a notification saying that they have unlocked a fast ghost.
    • John234MKWii says that a player is able to tell that they have unlocked an expert staff ghost when they have unlocked Baby Luigi, Rally Romper, Funky Kong, Torpedo, B Dasher Mk 2 and Mii Outfit B.

If you do not think that you have unlocked an expert staff ghost, then it is time for you to do that. To be able to do that, you will have to beat the normal or basic staff ghost within a specific amount of time. Several sources say that the time needed is 5 seconds or more. By unlocking a specific amount of expert staff ghosts, a few characters, Karts and Bikes, including Funky Kong and Sprinter can be unlocked as well.

How to Tell if You've Unlocked an Expert Staff Ghost

Here are the times of the staff and Expert Ghosts and the time that is needed to unlock the Expert Staff Ghosts:

Mushroom Cup:

    • Luigi Circuit
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:29.670
      Unlock Time: 01:24.411
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:19.419
    • Moo Moo Meadows
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:37.856
      Unlock Time: 01:33.571
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:25.909
    • Mushroom Gorge
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.110
      Unlock Time: 02:05.494
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02.01.011
    • Toads Factory
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:22.480
      Unlock Time: 02:12.784
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:05.593

Flower Cup:

    • Mario Circuit
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:44.777
      Unlock Time: 01:39.183
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:33.702
    • Coconut Mall
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.764
      Unlock Time: 02:24.788
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:13.333
    • DK Snowboard Cross (DK Summit in America)
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.693
      Unlock Time: 02:24.725
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:17.546
    • Wario’s Gold Mine
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:19.583
      Unlock Time – 02:14.932
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:04.800

Star Cup:

    • Daisy Circuit
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 1:56.822
      Unlock Time: 01:48.791
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:41.362
    • Koopa Cape
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 03:03.022
      Unlock Time: 02:54.897
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:41.370
    • Maple Treeway
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.633
      Unlock Time: 02:50.229
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:37.812
    • Grumble Volcano
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:28.237
      Unlock Time: 02:19.524
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:11.852

Special Cup

    • Dry Dry Ruins
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.949
      Unlock Time: 02:59.681
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:14.286
    • Moonview Highway
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.802
      Unlock Time: 02:07.016
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:04.163
    • Bowser’s Castle
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 03:04.836
      Unlock Time: 02:55.017
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:42.098
    • Rainbow Road
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 03:05.895
      Unlock Time: 02:59.293
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:44.734

Shell Cup:

    • GCN Peach Beach
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:34.233
      Unlock Time: 01:30.698
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:23.140
    • DS Yoshi Falls
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:16.461
      Unlock Time: 01:13.499
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:09.175
    • SNES Ghost Valley 2
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:06.595
      Unlock Time: 01:03.752
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 00:58.907
    • N64 Mario Raceway
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:14.799
      Unlock Time: 02:07.915
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:59.053

Banana Cup:

    • N64 Sherbet Land
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:48.651
      Unlock Time: 02:37.784
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:28.356
    • GBA Shy Guy Beach
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:45.568
      Unlock Time: 01:39.255
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:32.867
    • DS Delfino Square
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:41.807
      Unlock Time: 02:33.107
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:24.169
    • GCN Waluigi Stadium
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:32.882
      Unlock Time: 02:24.645
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:12.367

Leaf Cup:

    • DS Desert Hills
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:10.233
      Unlock Time: 02:01.336
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:52.686
    • GBA Bowser Castle 3
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.304
      Unlock Time: 02:50.637
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:39.391
    • N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.264
      Unlock Time: 02:49.028
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:37.782
    • GCN Mario Circuit
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:59.771
      Unlock Time: 01:55.267
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:49.939

Lightning Cup:

    • SNES Mario Circuit 3
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 01:38.880
      Unlock Time: 01:34.828
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 01:26.659
    • DS Peach Gardens
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.894
      Unlock Time: 02:29.006
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.777
    • GCN DK Mountain
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 02:57.744
      Unlock Time: 02:52.248
      Expert Staff Ghost Time:02:38.130
    • N64 Bowser’s Castle
      Basic Staff Ghost Time: 03:19.323
      Unlock Time: 03:07.591
      Expert Staff Ghost Time: 02:55.933

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