How to Unlock Characters in Mario Kart 8

There are a total of 14 characters that are able to be unlocked in Mario Kart 8. What are all of them and what should you do to unlock each of them? Find out the answer to every question below.

    1. Rosalina

The character named Princess Rosalina is also popular as only Rosalina, Rosetta, or Rosalina Star. After making her debut in the Mario Kart series in April 2008, she made some appearances, including in Mario Kart 8. If you are dreaming of unlocking Rosalina in Mario Kart 8, it will be needed for you to win gold on any CC and it will be random.

    1. Metal Mario

Metal Mario is the one that shows up for the first time in Super Smash Bros. This one is described as an independent character that is based on the metal Suit of the regular Mario from Super Mario 64. This character re-appears in Mario Kart 8, as well as some other titles. In Mario Kart 8, he appears as a heavyweight. He is known to be such a good boost provider to pure speed. Unfortunately, his high weight slows down his acceleration. Can you unlock him? Yes, by winning a cup.
Metal Mario

    1. Lakitu

In Mario Kart 8, the red shelled Lakitu racer comes back. Not only the red shelled racer one, the green shelled referee also does the same thing. His stats match the stats of Toad, Koopa Troopa, Shy Gun, Toadette, Larry, and Wendy. This character is known as the staff ghost racer for SNES Donut Plains 3. It will be needed for you to win a random cup to unlock him.

    1. Toadette

In Mario Kart 8, Toadette is considered as one of the heavier lightweights, along with the likes of Toad, Koopa Troopa, Shy Guy,  Lakitu, Larry, Wendy, and Isabelle. She is out weighting Lemmy Koopa and a total of five baby characters. However, she is still lighter when compared to Peach, Daisy, and Yoshi. Completing a random Grand Prix is the way to unlock this character.

    1. Baby Rosalina

Mario Kart 8 is the title when Baby Rosalina makes her debut. She is known as a lightweight racer. As you can guess from her name, this girl is the infant counterpart of Rosalina. Just like Rosalina, she can be unlocked by winning a cup.
Baby Rosalina

    1. Pink Gold Peach

Pink gold Peach refers to the pink golden counterpart of Princess Peach. This one is a heavyweight racer. If you want to unlock her, you will need to beat a random Grand Prix.
Pink Gold Peach

    1. Larry Koopa

Larry Koopa is one of the new faces in the series and he is just announced for Mario Kart 8. This one is one of the seven Koopalings. Please win a cup to unlock this character and any cup is fine.
Larry Koopa

    1. Roy Koopa

Just like Larry Koopa, Roy Koopa also makes his debut in Mario Kart 8 as a character that is able to be played. As you can guess from his name, he is a part of Koopalings. This character is known to a heavyweight racer who happens to be an enemy of Mario. If you want to unlock him, you will have to complete a random Grand Prix.
Roy Kopa

    1. Wendy O. Koopa

In Mario Kart 8, there is also a racer named Wendy O. Koopa. This one is counted as one of the seven Koopalings. To be able to unlock her, all that you have to do is to complete a random Grand Prix.
Wendy O. Koopa

    1. Iggy Koopa

Iggy Koopa is the next racer in Mario Kart 8 that is able to be unlocked. Just like a few ones mentioned above, he is also one of the Koopalings who makes his debut in this game. This one is known as a medium weight racer. He shares the same class as Mario, Luigi, and Ludwig von Koopa. In addition, he is the staff ghost racer for DS Tick-Tock Clock. You should win a cup if you want to unlock this character.
Iggy Koopa

    1. Morton Koopa Jr.

Just like any other Koopalings, Morton Koopa Jr. also makes his debut in Mario Kart 8. This one is a heavyweight and is named as the heaviest among the Koopalings. He is able to be unlocked by winning a random Grand Prix.

Morton Koopa Jr.

    1. Lemmy Koopa

By having a name Koopa, it means Lemmy Koopa is included in the Koopalings. Aside from that, he is also a Bowser’s minion. Mario Kart 8 is where he makes his debut in the Mario Kart series. Talking about Lemmy Koopa, there is a tire service that belongs to him. The name of the service is Lemmy’s Tire Service. Unlocking this character can be done by winning a random cup.
Lemmy Koopa

    1. Ludwig von Koopa

Racers in Mario Kart 8 include Ludwig von Koopa. Among the seven Koopalings, he is apparently the oldest. He is a mediumweight racer that shares the same class as Mario, Luigi, and Iggy Koopa. In order to unlock him in the game, you will need to win a cup. It is possible to unlock him by winning a cup as characters are known to be unlocked randomly by winning a cup.
Ludwig von Koopa

    1. Mii

Miis refer to the characters and digital avatars that are made on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, and Miitomo. When it comes to their appearance, they resemble 3D humans. These characters are able to be made using different head, body, eye, hair, mouth, nose, and glasses types. In Mario Kart 8, they wear a different outfit with a helmet on their heads. Unlike the other characters mentioned above, they cannot be unlocked by winning a random Grand Prix.

From the information above, it can be concluded that a few of these characters in Mario Kart 8 have no concrete unlock conditions. Most of them can be unlocked after winning a random cup. It should be noted that there is no way for the same cup to unlock more than 1 character. Among the list above, the Mii is the only one character that is not unlocked at random. Instead of unlocked at random, this one is always the 8th one to be unlocked.

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