Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Characters Tier List

The number of various factors that determine the outcome of the race, of course it is quite difficult to determine the tier of each character in Mario Kart. However, there are also certain characters that have more capability to win the race. Sure, the best tier will earn you a winning edge over your rivals.

In Mario Kart, there are also a number of tiers that classify the characters into their specific class depending on their skills. A character who has excellent skill will be categorized into the highest tier, while a character with bad skill will be categorized into the lowest tier.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Characters Tier List

Here’s A Tier List of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

After the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there are so many content creators that create the tier list of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This tier list includes not only the characters from the base Mario kart 8 Wii U game, but also all characters who accompany DLC.

Since the original Wii U Version, the Mario Kart o’s characters stats actually have altered slightly, with a wide array. Here’s the tier list of Mario Kart’s Deluxe characters:

SS Tier

    • Wario
    • Dry Bowser
    • Roy (200cc only)
    • Waluigi (200cc only)
    • Donkey Kong (200cc only)

In the game of racing, speed is king where the highest speed will lead the player to the winning stage. Sure, the characters with the highest speed stats in this tier will be above their rivals in most scenarios.

In this tier, Dry Bowser and Wario rank as the fastest characters. They also pair their speedness with better handling. Sure, it makes them more advantageous than a lot of heavyweight contemporaries.

The introduction of 220c, which is frequently the engine class of choice in the online races, has made handling more of a commodity. That’s because if the players are veering around tight corners and drafting around turns, it is made harder in the top engine class.

As a result, there will be a good argument for Dry Bowser and Wario to join the light heavyweight drivers such as Roy, Waluigi and Donkey Kong. Each owns superior handling than their slightly heavier rivals.

S Tier

    • Bowser
    • Morton
    • Heavy Mii
    • Waluigi
    • Donkey Kong
    • Roy

As the heaviest characters in Mario Kart, Morton, Bowser and the heavy Mii will be as fast as Dry Bowser and Wario that are not easy to handle. The Tier S is still the great option for you to choose. Aside from that, more skilled players will spot the difference in control can be ignored.

However, their sturdy builds do not replace their weaker fraction. With over 200cc, Roy, Waluigi and Donkey Long will  lose a few points because their competent handling is less important.

A+ Tier

    • Metal Mario
    • Pink Gold Peach

Even though they are let down by their speed, Pink Gold Peach and Metal Mario will deliver superior handling to the S and A tier characters. However, they are not as quick as some of their rivals, though they are still nippy drivers. Sure, their acceleration is relatively useful, giving them a benefit in particularly chaotic races.

A- Tier

    • Rosalina
    • King Boo
    • Link

Those characters categorized in the Tier A are the lightest heavyweights of the bunch, although they are easier to handle than other heavy characters. For less experienced players, choosing them will earn you success, because they actually provide a better balance of stats than the more speed higher tiers.

B Tier

    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • Ludwig
    • Iggy
    • Medium Mii

Those characters categorized in this tier are the characters who have lower speed below the 4 point mark where their focus shifts toward acceleration and handling. Certainly, a good player will always keep themselves as invulnerable to attack as possible, though acceleration is useful when finding yourself bombarded.

The characters in this tier will also match for those who want to negate the need for this particular stat outside of boosting from the starting line. They can be said as middleweight characters, so they are not suitable to choose by the less skilled players.

C+ Tier

    • Tanooki Mario
    • Inkling Boy
    • Villager (male)
    • Peach
    • Daisy
    • Yoshi

The characters categorized in this tier will fit for those who want tighter handling. However, they may be a little underpowered if we compare them to some of the heavier racers. Certainly, they each will boast enormous acceleration, earning them useful in Mario Kart 8’s battle mode.

C Tie

    • Cat Peach
    • Inkling Girl
    • Villager (female)

Those characters actually have great speed stats, although they are the first racers in this tier list. However, they will be suitable to choose for more inexperienced players.

C- Tier

    • Toad
    • Shy Guy
    • Larry

Shy Guy, Toad and Larry are the most useful characters of an otherwise bad bunch. They are still in average the 3 mark in speed ratings, along with high handling and acceleration.

D Tier

    • Toadette
    • Wendy
    • Isabelle
    • Koopa Troopa
    • Lakitu
    • Bowser Jr.

With their ground dripping below 3, they may be able to handle well. However, those characters are not your great choice. Well, this is not fortune, given that a lot of Mario Kart players actually have an affinity for series veteran Koopa.

E Tier

    • Baby Mario
    • Baby Luigi
    • Dry Bones
    • Light Mii

If you want to win the race, you should avoid the characters in Tier E, although Baby Luigi and Baby Mario are a bit ahead of their other counterparts, based on their speed advantage.

F Tier

    • Rosalina
    • Lemmy
    • Baby Peach
    • Baby Daisy

In conclusion, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s characters are classified into 6 groups. As you can see, the leading characters are Wario and Dry Bowser that you can find in SS Tier. They actually have the highest acceleration and speed.

The most prominent characters can be found in S Tier, which has great speed.  You can find the other great heroes in tier A including Metal Mario, Pink Gold Peach, King Boo, Link and Rosalina. Some characters in Tier B are Mario, Luigi, Ludwig, Iggy and Medium Mii  that have no capability to compete against the strongest.