Terraria NPC Happiness Setup Guide

If you keep the NPCs happy, it will let you access a plenty of rare and gorgeous items. However, you should notice how to make them happy as they can be a bit fickle as well. in the game Terraria, you will meet numerous NPCs during your travels via the different Biomes.

Well, some of them may want to move to your town. Sure, your task begins here where you should ensure which biome that they like to live to achieve optimal happiness. It means that you should prepare their desirable biome as your NPCs really rely on living in close quarters with other NPCs they love and in their favorite biome.

Thankfully, this post will show you how to make your NPCs happy with the setup guide that we’ll explain in our post below!

Hints: (To Keep NPCs Happy)

As we’ve mentioned, to keep your NPCs happy, you should notice which biomes they like to live in. Sure, if you already know their lovely biome, you can try to make plenty of rooms, but not too close. You can create at least 25 tiles away from each other.

We think it’s better for you to only find two large trees in the forest to begin building the house base. The main room should be located in the bigger crown of the tree. For example, place a Nurse and Arms Dealer for your fast heal in the main room. Then, the second room is put in the second crown. Last, the third room is better placed between two trees.

Priority: (To Keep NPCs Happy)

Of course, there are some priorities in the way of keeping your NPCs happy, here are they:

    • Make the NPC efficient in mid to late game, with the exception of a few NPC’s which are the most useful in early game.
    • Make the theme based world, it means if a NPC is belonging to the jungle, ensure to make them living there.
    • Collect all pylons to teleport around the world.
    • Use the distance between your NPCs in order to use it to your advantage.

How to Keep NPCs Happy

There are at least 25 NPCs that you can find and each has their preferred Biome to live in, neighbours they want and some requirements to unlock. In this case, each NPC will give you something unique such as recipes, supplies, and some items that can heal you and remove the buff.

Well, if you already have at least two happy NPCs in a biome, you’re able to buy a Pylon which can allow you to teleport around the world.

Here’s a list of NPCs, preferred biome, like neighbours and the rewards that you will get if you keep them happy:

NPC Preferred Biome Like Neighbours Reward Where to find them
Arms Dealer Desert Nurse and Steampunk Guns and ammo Should have guns in your inventory
Angler Ocean Demolitionist, Party Girl and Tax Collector Fishing quests and rewards Near the Ocean
Clothier Underground Truffle and Tax Collector Vanity outfits Found once defeating the Skeleton
Cyborg Snow Steampunker, Pirate and Stylist Proximity mine launcher, nanites and rockets Found once defeating Plantera
Demolitionist Underground Tavernkeep Explosive Should  have an explosive in your inventory
Dryad Jungle Truffle and Witch Doctor Nature-related items, Should defeat a boss
Dye Trader Desert Arms Dealer and Painter inform you about Hallow and Corruption levels Kill a boss or acquire a Strange Plant
Goblin Tinkerer Firest Golfer and Nurse Dye vat crafting station, In a Cave
Golfer Forest Painter and Zoologist rare dyes if you trade Strange Plants Underground Desert
Mechanic Snow Goblin Tinkerer and Cyborg Tinkerer’s Workshop and can reforge items Dungeon
Merchant Forest Nurse and Golfer Golf items By joining you for 50 silver
Nurse Hallow Arms Dealer and Wizard Mechanic items Obtain a sixth heart in your health bar
Painter Jungle Dryad and Party Girl A permanent vendor Will appear after eight NPCs have moved in
Party Girl Hallow Wizard and Stylsit Heal you and remove buffs Spawn after 14 NPCs have moved in, Found on the Secret Seed
Pirate Ocean Angler and Tavernkeep Paintings, Painting tools and Jungle Pylon Found after Pirate invasion is over
Santa Claus Snow Everyone except the Tax Collector and Desert Biome Party items Found after defeating the Frost Legion at Christmas time
Steampunk Desert Cyborg and Painter Summoner equipment, Blowgun, Imbuing Station, and Fountains Found once defeating a Mechanical boss
Stylist Ocean Dye Trader and Pirate Christmas items Spider Cave
Tax Collector Snow Merchant and Party Girl Steampunk items, Teleporter and Jetpack Use Purification Powder
Tavernkeep Hallow Demolitionist and Goblin Tinkerer Change your looks Found after defeating Brain of Cthulhu or Eater of World
The Guide Forest Zoologist and Clothier A lot of money Should start a new world
Truffle Surface Mushroom Guide and Dryad Summon items, Build a house at the Glowing Mushroom Biome
Witch Doctor Jungle Dryad and Guide help fight the Old One’s army Found once defeating Queen Be
Wizard Hallow Golfer and Merchant Hints, tips and recipe, From Cavern Layer in Hardmode
Zoologist Forest Witch Doctor and Golfer sacrifice themselves to Wall of Flesh Should have at least 10-15% of Bestiary completed

Why Should You Keep NPCs Happy?

Sure, it’s important to keep NPCs happy as it will allow you to purchase Pylons. As you know, Pylons are the furniture items appearing as a crystal or large stone which is rotating and hovering above a biome-themed stand.

The items here will allow you to teleport to any other pylon if you press the ‘Open/ Activate’ button on them. However, it will open the fullscreen map and choose the other pylon there.

Certainly, you should make sure to place each NPCs near another that they love in the proper Biome that we have mentioned above. After they are happy enough, you can then purchase Pylons for fast travel. Sure, only specific NPCs will sell Pylons and you will have to use specific pairs to unlock them, here are they:

    • Zoologist + Guide
    • Arms Dealer +Nurse
    • Mechanic + Goblin Tinkerer
    • Stylist + Angler
    • Clothier + Demolitionist
    • Painter + Dryad
    • Party Girl + Wizard

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