All of the Bosses in Terraria in Order

In the world the game called Terraria, the term bosses refer to aggressive and elastic opponents. They are the real challenges of the players. Knocking down one of them is needed to progress in the game. It can give the player a new material for a pickaxe of a higher tier. Below is the list of the bosses that exist in the Terraria.

Pre-Hardmode bosses:

Pre-Hardmode bosses are the first ones that can be encountered by the player. By defeating one of these bosses, the player is able to get the player items and materials that can be used to progress in the game, leading to Hardmode. While there are a total of bosses in the pre-Hardmode, only a total of six of them that can be spawned in the same world, as the one called the Eater of Worlds is apparently exclusive to the worlds that has Corruption, and another one known as the Brain of Cthulhu is only for the worlds that have Crimson. Starting from the version, the Hardmode Dryad is able to sell the seeds of the opposite evil, which makes it possible for everyone to face every boss in every world.

    • King Slime

King Slime,

Summoning item: Slime Crown
Materials to craft Slime Crown: x1 Gold or Platinum Crown, x20 Gel

    • Eye of Cthulhu

Eye of Cthulhu

Summoning item: Suspicious Looking Eye
Materials to craft Suspicious Looking Eye: x6 Lens

    • Eater of Worlds

Eater of Worlds,

Summoning item: Worm Food
Materials to craft Worm Food: x30 Vile Powder, x15 Rotten Chunk

    • Brain of Cthulhu

Brain of Cthulhu

Summoning item: Bloody Spine
Materials to craft Bloody Spine: x30 Vicious Powder, x15 Vertebrae

    • Queen Bee

Queen Bee,

Summoning item: Abeemination
Materials to craft Abeemination: x5 Honey Block, x1 Stinger, x5 Hive, x1 Bottled Honey, Crispy Honey and Obsidian Blocks (for mobile and console only)

    • Skeletron


Summoning item: Clothier Voodoo Doll
Materials to craft Clothier Voodoo Doll: x1 Clothier Voodoo Doll

    • Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh,

Summoning item: Guide Voodoo Doll
Materials to craft Guide Voodoo Doll: x1 Guide Voodoo Doll

Hardmode bosses:

Compared to the pre-Hardmode bosses, Hardmode bosses are stronger.

    • Queen Slime

Queen Slime,

Way to summon Queen Slime: using a Gelatin Crystal in the Hallow, finding them in the Pearlstone or Pink Ice Blocks in the Underground Hallow, or farming it by placing rows of Pearlstone or Pink Ice blocks in straight lines.

    • The Twins

The Twins

Summoning item: Mechanical Eye
Materials to craft Mechanical Eye: x3 Lens, x6 Soul of Light, x5 Iron/Lead Bar

    • The Destroyer

The Destroyer,

Summoning item: Mechanical Worm
Materials to craft Mechanical Worm: x6 Rotten Chunk/Vertebrae, x6 Soul of Night, x5 Iron/Lead Bar

    • Skeleton Prime

Skeleton Prime

Summoning item: Mechanical Skull
Materials to craft Mechanical Skull: x30 Bone, x3 Soul of Light, x3 Soul of Night, x5 Iron/Lead Bar

    • Plantera


Summoning item: Plantera’s Bulb

    • Golem


Summoning item: Lihzahrd Power Cell
Way to get Lihzahrd Power Cell: You can get it from monsters in the jungle that drop it randomly or found in chests in the temple. For you on mobile, you can craft it using a work bench, x10 Glass,, x25 Fallen Star, and 10 Adamantite Bars.

    • Empress of Light

Empress of Light,

Summoning item:

    • Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron,

Summoning item: Truffle Worm
Materials to get Truffle Worm: This one will spawn randomly, but the chance is low. You can watch the videos on Youtube about farming these. You can also use a Bug Net sold by the Merchant. Since the monsters are able to respawn only off screen, please stand beside the biome and kill the other monsters as they approach you. Focus on the worm and stab it with the net.

    • Lunatic Cultist

Lunatic Cultist,

Summoning item: None

    • Moon Lord

Moon Lord-

Summoning item: Celestial Sigil
Materials to craft: x20 Nebula Fragment, x20 Solar Fragment, x20 Stardust Fragment, x20 Vortex Fragment

Event bosses:

Event bosses are included as mini-bosses with the exception of the Martian Saucer and the Celestial Pillars.

    • Dark Mage

Dark Mage

Summoning Dark Mage: This one is able to be found during the Old One’s Army event, the one that is activated by putting the Eternia Crystal onto the Eternia Crystal Stand.

    • Orge


Summoning Orge: Just like Dark Mage, this one also shows up during the Old One’s Army event. The difference is that it appears after defeating one of the three mechanical bosses.

    • Betsy


Summoning Betsy: Betsy also appears during the event called the Old One’s Army event. However, it only shows up once the Golem is killed.

    • Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman

Summoning item: Pirate Map

    • Mourning Wood

Mourning Wood

Summoning item: Pumpkin Moon Medallion
Materials to craft Pumpkin Moon Medallion: x30 Pumpkin, x5 Ectoplasm, x10 Hallowed Bar

    • Pumpking


Summoning item: Pumpkin Moon Medallion
Materials to craft Pumpkin Moon Medallion: x30 Pumpkin, x5 Ectoplasm, x10 Hallowed Bar

    • Everscream


Summoning Everscream: Everscream refers to the boss that makes an appearance during the Frost Moon event at around wave 4. It is needed for you to mix 20 silk, 5 ectoplasm, and 5 Soul of Fright at a Mythril anvil or Arichalcum anvil to make a Naughty Present.

    • Santa-NK1 


Summoning item: Naughty Present
Materials to craft Naughty Present: x5 Soul of Fright, x5 Ectoplasm, x20 Silk

    • Ice Queen

Ice Queen,

Summoning item: Naughty Present
Materials to craft Naughty Present: x5 Soul of Fright, x5 Ectoplasm, x20 Silk

    • Martian Saucer

Martian Saucer

Summoning item: None

    • Solar Pillar

Solar Pillar

Summoning item: None

    • Nebula Pillar

Nebula Pillar

Summoning item: None

    • Vortex Pillar

Vortex Pillar

Summoning item: None

    • Stardust Pillar

Stardust Pillar

Summoning item: None

Bottom line

There are tons of bosses in the game named Terraria. They are known to be aggressive and are also challenging. Each of them is different and each has its own certain way of being summoned. Some of them have summoning items related to them that can be used to spawn them manually while some others will show up once the player interacts with something. There are also event bosses that will only make appearances during the specific events and they will eventually leave when the events come to an end. In addition, there are also mini bosses that exist and show up when the special events happen. They are as hard as many normal ones.

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