Terraria NPC House Requirements 1.4

Housing your NPCs is an important part of Terraria. Sometimes, the vendors who live in your town need to make powerful items which help you advance the game. Lots of new players are going to get a tutorial to build their first house.

Most people will build an apartment building, castle or mansion in which to house all their NPCs, need to note that we are really talking about individual room requirements although the game refers to it as housing. Remember that building individual houses for each NPC will take more materials than combining NPCs into a home. Also, it takes up much more space in your world. Having many little cottages is workable. But it will take time. Not only in construction, but also in getting to the vendors when you require them.

Terraria NPC House Requirements 1.4

You are able to move NPCs in and out by using the housing interface. You will not be able to swap simply where they live though. If every house is full, then you will need an empty room to send one to adjust where they live. Also, if NPCs die, they will not certainly move back into the same place when they respawn. Please use the Housing Query tool to click a space and determine if it meets the housing requirements.

Terraria NPC House Requirements

Here are some Terraria NPC House Requirements:

    • Housing should be at least 10 tiles wide(interior).
    • Housing should be at least 4 tiles tall(interior).
    • Housing should have walls on all sides.
    • Housing should have a door.
    • Housing should have a table or workbench.
    • Housing should have a chair.
    • Housing should have a light source.
    • Housing should be free of corruption.

In addition, housing also may have wooden platforms as ceiling and floors, but at least one solid block is required for the NPC to stand on at night.

Size Requirement

An NPC needs A living space of 30 blocks. When you include the floor, walls, and ceiling, this becomes 60 blocks, but may vary depending on the dimensions. It is very important to consider the floor as you are able to build a home in midair in Terraria and an NPC will live there happily. In fact, it is one way to keep monsters from getting inside. Put it above their jump height.

Size Requirement

Smallest Height of House

For a house which is wide, 12×5 will work. This gives 30 spaces of room to live inside. In this case, we take off the walls and ceiling and get 10 wide by 3 tall. Usually, some people prefer shorter buildings, because they are easier to jump over. Later, you are able to have taller buildings. If you do build a tall house right now, you have to ensure that you use platforms so that you will be able to go through or over it.

Smallest Height of House

Smallest Width of House

For a house which is tall, this formula does not work. You will not be able to get a 5×12 home. Even raising its height to 13 will not succeed. The room had to be expanded to make the house 6 wide. The living space inside should be at least 4 blocks wide as of a recent patch. This provided the NPC 32 squares of living space (4×8). Actually, this is a little roomier. Thus, any room which is at least 12×5 or taller than 6×10 can work as a part of a larger house, then you are able to feel free to use your imagination. Just combine these rooms and make a good building which serves your adventuring needs.

Common Cause of Unsuitable Housing

Several players discover that their house is actually too big. If you have a large house which is designed well, and it is not valid housing, please consider the math. If the dimensions including floor, walls, and ceiling add up to 750 or higher, that is your issue for you. Remember that a 50×15 house would be too big, but 49×15 can work. For this case, you ¬†only need to move one wall to the right or left and discover that it is suitable now.

Individual Components and Valid Housing Tips

Structure: The walls that make up the house can be platforms. Usually, they are solid blocks, to keep monsters out and to be more pleasing aesthetically. If you use platforms stacked vertically for a wall, actually you are able to skip a door as the home only needs an Entrance, not a door particularly. It means that you are able to make a huge building and not use one actual door, although you are going to be inviting your NPCs to die frequently.

You may want to use platforms for the ceiling for inner rooms in a larger home so that you are able to jump up floors, not building the stairs. If an NPC will live in that room, please be sure to place at least one solid block which is not next to the door so they have a place to stand. This is going to meet the flooring requirement because the platforms count as entrances. NPCs do not want to stand in front of the doors. They get knocked in the face every time you sell loot.

Wall Segments: If there are naturally-occurring dirt walls, you have to break them with a hammer and then replace them with your own walls. The exception are tree houses which come with wood walls. Occasionally, you are able to discover a home which is already built, just add a torch and good to spawn, even underground, for example treasure rooms, so long as they are big enough, but it can be annoying to visit that vendor. You are able to have some holes in the wall, however it is better to wait for glass if you want proper windows. Those windows count as the walls, and you are able to make houses out of the glass.

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