List of Terraria Bosses Easiest to Hardest

The game known as Terraria has a lot of bosses. All of them should be fought. For those who just played this game and have no idea how to defeat them, here is the list of these Terraria bosses starting from the easiest to the hardest.

Please read well and do not skip even a single thing so that you will be able to fight each of them when you meet them in the game.

1. King Slime

King Slime

King Slime tends to show up in random time and it is possible for you to not see him. However, if you want to see him, there are some ways to make him appear, including killing 150 slimes in a slime rain and crafting a Slime Crown. It is easy to fight the King Slime as he is a bit slow and you can dodge most of his attacks easily.

2. Golem


As the last boss of the Jungle Tempe, Golem is able to be only found within the said temple. It is also possible to defeat him once you have defeated Plantera but there are some exploits to be able to fight him. The thing called Lihzahrd Power Cell located at the Lihzahrd Altar is needed to fight him.

3. Lunatic Cultist

Lunatic Cultist

The reason why the Lunatic Cultist is not hard to defeat is because of his low life and he also can turn really weak when summoning his bait.

4. Eater of World

Eater of World

The Eater of World can be summoned by making Worm Food at a Demon Altar by mixing 30 Vile Powder and 15 Rotten Chunks. His dead attack is the most dangerous one and the hardest part when fighting him is you will be attacked by the individual attack when you start breaking him apart.

5. Brain of Cthulu

Brain of Cthulu

Brain of Cthulu is able to be summoned by mixing 30 Vicious Powder and 15 Vertebrae so that the combo can create a Bloody Spine at a Crimson Altar. This boss is considered easy to fight even though you will be hunted down by him and his minions.

6. Eye of Cthulu

Eye of Cthulu

The Eye of Cthulu can be found before you meet King Slime. Actually, you can summon it manually with a Suspicious Looking Eye or craft it with five lenses at a Demon Altar. He is quite fast at flying and has powerful dashes. All that should be done to defeat him is to run as fast as possible.

7. Queen Slime

Queen Slime

Queen Slime is considered new. This one is spawned with the help of the Gelatin Crystal in the Underground Hallow. Apparently, the original form of it looks like the King Slime, but she is harder in the second phase. This one has a couple of wings, making her more difficult to be avoided.

8. Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is the one that is found by destroying the larva found inside the hives within the Underground Jungle region. Feel free to summon her in the Jungle biome. When facing her, you can attack her with a Bezoar. She has weak allies, making her easier to be defeated. Even though she is pretty easy to take care of, please be careful because she is quite fast and strong and she can break the larva to cause her to spawn.

9. Skeletron


Night is the only time when you can summon and fight the Skeletron. He is not that hard to face but he is more important compared to most of the bosses that you have faced, with the exception of the Queen Bee. He has skull attacks that can be easily dodged and he is slow when he starts spinning. He is also quite fragile to the bee weapons. However, please keep an eye on his deadly spinning attack.

10. Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime

Skeletron Prime is not different compared to the first you faced against him. However, he has a total of four arms now.

11. The Destroyer

The Destroyer

Due to the fact that The Destroyer spawns in a cramped area, it is easy to shoot him and deal lots of damage.

12. The Twins

The Twins

The opinion on whether The Twins is easy or not to fight is divided. One thing for sure is that the fight will become more comfortable if you tolerate it and try your best to defeat them one by one.

13. Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh

Dealing with the Wall of Flesh is pretty challenging. At first, it is quite slow and it is better to aim the eyes than hitting the mount as it gives a more significant effect. Plus, using bee weapons is better.

14. Plantera


Once the mechanical bosses are defeated, Plantera will grow slowly. The number will keep growing and defeating them means accessing tons of new things, including gear, NPCs, and lots of formidable opponents.

15. Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron

Feel free to fight the Duke Fishron whenever you want once you have entered Hard mode. The only reason he is here is because it is usually the time that you would want to face him. It is able to be spawn by casting a Fishing Rod into the Ocean and you want to use a Truffle Worm as bait.

Duke Fishron is hard to beat as his attacks keep increasing when the fight progresses. In addition, he also has a very high damage output.

16. Empress of Light

Empress of Light

Empress of Light might be still considered new but it is already counted as one of the hardest bosses in the game. To fight them, you are recommended to move as fast as possible due to the fact that they have an extensive array of attacks that can challenge your concentration.

17. Moon Lord

moon lord,

Moon Lord shows up immediately once the four Lunar Pillars or the Celestial Towers have been beaten. Another way to spawn this boss is by crafting the Celestial Sigil. He is so difficult to deal with as he has a too high damage output and can increase his health.

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