Terraria NPC Preferences Chart

Each Terraria NPC has a preferred biome, along with likes, dislikes, and several other NPCs that they love. For this case, you have to learn about Terraria NPC preferences. You do not worry, in the text below, you are going to see a list of Terraria NPC Preferences.

Terraria NPC Preferences

NPC Biome Preference Neighbour Preference
Likes/loves Dislikes/hates Loves Likes Dislikes
Guide Likes Forest Dislikes Ocean None Clothier


Merchant Likes Forest Dislikes Desert None Golfer


Tax Collector
Zoologist Likes Forest Dislikes Desert Witch Doctor Golfer Angler
Golfer Likes Forest Dislikes Cavern Angles Painter


Nurse Likes Hallow Dislikes Snow Demolitionist Goblin Tinkerer Guide
Party Girl Likes Hallow Dislikes Cavern Wizard


Stylist Merchant
Wizard Likes Hallow Dislikes Ocean Golfer Merchant Witch Doctor
Demolitionist Likes Cavern Dislikes Ocean Tavernkeep Mechanic Arms Dealer

Goblin Tinkerer

Goblin Tinkerer Likes Cavern Dislikes Jungle Mechanic Dye Trader Clothier
Clothier Likes Cavern Dislikes Hallow Truffle Tax Collector Nurse
Dye Trader Likes Desert Dislikes Forest None Arms Dealer


Arms Dealer Likes Desert Dislikes Snow Nurse Steampunker Golfer
Steampunker Likes Desert Dislikes Jungle Cyborg Painter



Party Girl

Dryad Likes Jungle Dislikes Desert None Witch Doctor


Painter Likes Jungle Dislikes Forest Dryad Party Girl



Witch Doctor Likes Jungles Dislikes Hallow None Dryad


Stylist Likes Ocean Dislikes Snow Dye Trader Pirate Tavernkeep
Angler Likes Ocean Dislikes Desert None Demolitionist

Party Girl

Tax Collector

Pirate Likes Ocean Dislikes Cavern Angler Tavernkeep Stylist
Mechanic Likes Snow Dislikes Cavern Goblin Tinkerer Cyborg Arms Dealer
Tax Collector Likes Snow Dislikes Hallow Merchant Party Girl



Cyborg Likes Snow Dislikes Jungle None Steampunker



Santa Claus Likes Snow Hates Desert None None None
Truffle Likes Mushroom None Guide Dryad Clothier
Princess None None All None None

Well, this is a list of Terraria NPC Preferences. As we can see on the list above, each Terraria NPC has a list of different preferences. There are several NPCs who prefer to live in different biomes. While several NPCs prefer the company of other NPCs. Of course, all of these factors determine their NPC’s happiness levels.

In addition, read on the text below to get other information related to each Terraria NPC.

The Guide

    • Move-in Requirement: Starting the new world.
    • Description: Gives tips, recipes, shows and is sacrificed for Wall of Flesh.

The Merchant

    • Move-in Requirement: 50 silver.
    • Description: Sells the basic tools and supplies.

The Nurse

    • Move-in Requirement: Boosted health with a heart crystal.
    • Description: Can heals a player and also removes the buffs for free.

The Arms Dealer

    • Move-in Requirement: The players have bullets or a gun in their inventory.
    • Description: Sells guns, bullets, and also other ammunition

The Painter

    • Move-in Requirement: Eight other NPCs have moved in.
    • Description: Sells paints, Jungle Pylon, paintings, and painting tools.

The Dye Trader

    • Move-in Requirement: a player gets a dye item and kills a boss. Or, a player gets one strange plant.
    • Description: Sells the Dye Vat crafting station, and also trades Rare Dye for the strange plant.

The Zoologist

    • Move-in Requirement: 10 percent of progress made in Beastiary.
    • Description: Sells critter related to the items and a leather whip.

The Golfer

    • Move-in Requirement: Rescued from Underground Desert.
    • Description: Sells golf related to the items.

The Dryad

    • Move-in Requirement: Defeat a boss.
    • Description: Sells nature-related items, reports on Hallow or Corruption percentage.

The Tavernkeep

    • Move-in Requirement: Eater of Worlds defeated and Tavernkeep is spoken to at the random location.
    • Description: Sells items which summon and help fight the Old One’s Army.

The Stylist

    • Move-in Requirement: Discovered and then spoken to in a Spider Cave.
    • Description: Can alter player’s hairstyle and also sell hair dye.

The Angler

    • Move-in Requirement: Discovered floating in the Ocean.
    • Description: Provides fishing quests and rewards.

The Goblin Tinkerer

    • Move-in Requirement: Discovered and spoken to in a cavern after beating Goblin Invasion.
    • Description: Sells the items like Tinkerer’s Workshop and also can reforge items.

The Witch Doctor

    • Move-in Requirement: The Queen Bee has been defeated.
    • Description: Sells Blowgun, Summoner Equipment, Imbuing Station and Fountains.

The Clothier

    • Move-in Requirement: Defeat the Skeletron.
    • Description: Sells Vanity Outfits.

The Mechanic

    • Move-in Requirement: Rescue from Dungeon.
    • Description: Sells Wrench, Wire, and other Mechanic items.

The Party Girl

    • Move-in Requirement: 2.5 percent chance of spawning after 14 NPCs move in or you are able to find her on the Secret Seed.
    • Description: Sells stylish party items.

The Wizard

    • Move-in Requirement: Released in Cavern Layer (Hardmode).
    • Description: Sells the magical items.

The Tax Collector

    • Move-in Requirement: A soul is changed with Purification powder.
    • Description: Generates money for the player, depend on how many NPCs you have.

The Truffle

    • Move-in Requirement: House made in and above-ground Glowing Mushroom biome.
    • Description: Sells Autohammer and Mushroom items.

The Pirate

    • Move-in Requirement: Pirate Invasion defeated.
    • Description: Sells Blowgun, Imbuing Station, Fountains and Summoner equipment.

The Steampunker

    • Move-in Requirement: Defeat a Mechanical Boss.
    • Description: Sells Teleporter, Jetpack, Clentaminator, and Steampunk items.

The Cyborg

    • Move-in Requirement: Plantera is defeated.
    • Description: Sells Proximity Mine Launcher, Nanites and Rockets.

Santa Claus

    • Move-in Requirement: Frost Legion defeated (only for Christmas time).
    • Description: Sells Christmas themed items.

The Demolitionist

    • Move-in Requirements: A player has an explosive in his/her inventory.
    • Description: Sells the explosives.

Terraria NPCs for Forest Biome:

    • Merchant
    • Guide
    • Zoologist
    • Golfer
    • Wizard
    • Party Girl

Terraria NPCs for Jungle Biome:

    • Dryad
    • Painter
    • Witch Doctor

Terraria NPCs for Hallow Biome:

    • Nurse
    • Arms Dealer
    • Wizard

Terraria NPCs for Snow Biome:

    • Santa Claus
    • Mechanic
    • Goblin Tinkerer
    • Cyborg

Terraria NPCs for Underground Biome:

    • Demolitionist
    • Clothier
    • Tavernkeep

Terraria NPCs for Desert Biome:

    • Dye Trader
    • Tax Collector
    • Steampunker

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