Shadow Skuntank Pokemon GO PvP Info

You may wonder whether Shadow Skuntank is worthy to use in PvP combat or not. In fact, of some research that is based on simulating PvP combat, Shadow Skuntank is not exactly a recommended investment, as it is a bad Dark attacker and a usable Poison attacker.

To prove it, you should search for Shadow Skuntank PvP information that will result in the ranking simulation and also best possible moveset. Aside from that, you can also compare average combat stats versin well rounded defenders. Thankfully, this post will show you the information about the PvP of Shadow Skuntank. Let’s see them below!

Shadow Skuntank Pokemon GO PvP Info1

Shadow Skuntank PvP Information

According to, Shadow Skuntank is not recommended for PvP combat. Of little research, Shadow Skuntank is a poor Dark attacker and isn’t recommended for investment. Certainly, you will know the proof from PvP Movesets grades, PvP moveset explanation, PvP rating explanation and all moves.

PvP Movesets Grades

Here’s for PvP Movesets Grades:

Quick Charge ATK
Poison Jab Crunch A
Sludge Bomb
Poison Jab Crunch A-
Bite Crunch A-
Sludge Bomb

PvP Moveset Explanation

Poison Jab or Bite + Crunch and Sludge Bomb or Flamethrower

The Poison Jab is commonly preferred over Bite as its significantly greater energy gains, although both gain STAB. Then, Crunch is totally required most of the time as its lower 45 energy cost, aside from its respectable STAB damage output.

Moreover, Sludge Bomb will take advantage of STAB to surpass Flamethrower from a stats perspective. However, the latter may be able to offer more meaningful coverage including in the mirror match.

PvP Rating Explanation

    • Great League: 3.4/ 5

In the PvP scene, Skuntank got attention relatively early as a Pokemon with a relatively quick, decent bulk and strong moveset. It is only a single weakness to Ground-type attacks. Certainly, it made Skuntank rapidly popular in the Silph Arena’s Twilight Cup in the early months of the PvP scene, although it has struggled to view significant usage outside of the format.

Furthemore, the Poison-type coverage is not very precious in open formats. Skuntank will then find it difficult to apply shield pressure with Bite and unspectacular bulk.

    • Ultra League: 3/ 5

The Dark typing of Skuntank is very precious in a meta which is largely dominated by Giratina. In this case, Bite movesets may tend to cause more polarized matchups (especially against Fairy and Fighting-types Pokemon like Togekiss), while Poison Jab movesets probably struggle to defeat Giratina.

Overall, Shadow Skuntank is not the most impressive pick in the Ultra League, as it performs without better results against Giratina as a Dark type where his ranking is unlikely to improve.

    • Master League: 0/ 5

In Ultra League, Shadow Skuntank almost has not enough stats, let alone the Masters League.

PvP All Moves

    • Fast Moves

Here’s for Fast Moves of Shadow Skuntank in PvP combat:

Poison Jab

1.4x Damage Vs Grass
1.4x Damage Vs Fairy
.714x Damage Vs Poison
.714x Damage Vs Ground
.714x Damage Vs Rock
.714x Damage Vs Ghost
.51x Damage Vs Steel
CoolDown (CD) 0.80
Energy Per Second (EPS) 8.75
Damage Per Second (DPS) 12.50
True DPS 15.00


1.4x Damage Vs Psychic
1.4x Damage Vs Ghost
.714x Damage Vs Fight
.714x Damage Vs Dark
.714x Damage Vs Fairy
CoolDown (CD) 0.50
Energy Per Second (EPS) 8.00
Damage Per Second (DPS) 12.00
True DPS 14.00
    • Charge Moves


1.4x Damage Vs Psychic
1.4x Damage Vs Ghost
.714x Damage Vs Fight
.714x Damage Vs Dark
.714x Damage Vs Fairy
CoolDown (CD) 3.20
DW 1.70
DPE 2.12
Damage Per Second (DPS) 21.88
DPE*DPS 46.40


1.4x Damage Vs Grass
1.4x Damage Vs Ice
1.4x Damage Vs Bug
1.4x Damage Vs Steel
.714x Damage Vs Fire
.714x Damage Vs Water
.714x Damage Vs Rock
.714x Damage Vs Dragon
CoolDown (CD) 2.20
DW 0.20
DPE 1.40
Damage Per Second (DPS) 31.82
DPE*DPS 44.55

Sludge Bomb

1.4x Damage Vs Grass
1.4x Damage Vs Fairy
.714x Damage Vs Poison
.714x Damage Vs Ground
.714x Damage Vs Rock
.714x Damage Vs Ghost
.51x Damage Vs Steel
CoolDown (CD) 2.30
DW 1.00
DPE 1.60
Damage Per Second (DPS) 34.78
DPE*DPS 55.65
    • Exclusive Charge Moves


.714x Damage Vs Rock
.714x Damage Vs Steel
.51x Damage Vs Ghost
CoolDown (CD) 2.00
DW 1.80
EPS 0.00
DPE 1.30
Damage Per Second (DPS) 5.00
DPE*DPS 1.52
    • Secondary Charge Move Unlock Cost

Candy: 60

Stardust: 60,000

  • Purification Cost

Candy: 3

Stardust: 3000

    • Other

Female Ratio: 50.0%
Male Ratio: 50.0%
Buddy Distance: 3 Km

    • Pokemon Type Chart


Ground: 160% damage


Dark: 62.5% damage
Ghost: 62.5% damage
Grass: 62.5% damage
Poison: 62.5% damage
Psychic: 62.5% damage

PvP Best General Movesets

We also found the analysis for Shadow Skuntank based off simulating Great League PvP combat from Here’s for the result:

Average combat vs. well rounded defenders

Win % Overall Power Moves Time Damage (TDO)
61.0% 109.9% 109.9% Poison Jab 26.5 189
59.6% 107.4% 107.4% Crunch 27.5 178
58.2% 105.7% 105.7% Flamethrower 26.4 186
58.0% 105.8% 105.8% Poison Jab 26.8 182
54.5% 99.4% 99.4% Frustration 27.1 174
50.0% 95.8% 95.8% Crunch 27.4 167
47.5% 93.0% 93.0% Poison Jab 24.9 147
44.8% 92.2% 92.2% Sludge Bomb 24.2 148
44.8% 91.9% 91.9% Flamethrower 24.6 146
44.6% 90.8% 90.8% Poison Jab 24.5 144
42.7% 90.4% 90.4% Crunch 24.0 145
40.3% 87.9% 87.9% Sludge Bomb 23.6 139

Average Combat Stats Vs. Top 6 Counters

Win % Overall Power Moves Time Damage (TDO)
100.0% 176.5% 176.5% Bite 16.3 87
100.0% 190.7% 190.7% Crunch 19.7 83
100.0% 191.2% 191.2% Sludge Bomb 19.5 75
100.0% 192.4% 192.4% Bite 20.8 78
100.0% 195.8% 195.8% Crunch 25.3 82
100.0% 200.3% 200.3% Flamethrower 21.9 82
100.0% 248.7% 248.7% Bite 25.1 83
100.0% 248.7% 248.7% Frustration 25.1 83
100.0% 248.7% 248.7% Crunch 25.1 83
100.0% 324.3% 324.3% Bite 27.6 53
100.0% 324.3% 324.3% Sludge Bomb 27.6 53
100.0% 524.6% 524.6% Flamethrower 30.2 34

Of the Great League PvP that Shadow Skuntank performs, we can see that it has a poor ability in PvP combat. That’s such a proof that Shadow Skuntank is not reliable to use in PvP combat.

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