Sea of Thieves Pirates of the Caribbean – How to Start

Sea of Thieves allows you adventure across the open sea alongside the Legendary Captain Jack Sparrow through A Pirate’s Life. This is an original story campaign which sees the worlds of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Sea of Thieves crashing in epic fashion.

In A Pirate’s Life, you will take on five new story quests called Tall Tales. If you want to complete the adventure alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, you may need to know how to start. No worries! This post will guide you on how to start A Pirate’s Life in Sea of Thieves. Here you go!

Sea of Thieves Pirates of the Caribbean - How to Start

How to Start A Pirate’s Life in Sea of Thieves?

After A Pirate’s Life was released, a tab on the main menu that is labeled for the new content will be seen. Unfortunately, this tab does not provide direct access to the DLC.

To start A Pirate’s Life, you may have to go to the Castaway’s Camp that can be found in any Outpost, near the docks. In this location, you will find a new NPC named The Castaway that is sitting on a rock by a grounded ship. This new character bears some similarities to Tia Dalma, one of the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Once finding this new NPC, you can speak with the character for some background on their quest and story itself. Once talking to The Castaway and knowing of a prisoner that is kept below the Ferryman in the Sea of the Damned, you can start finding the five books that contain each quest in the Tall Tale behind her.

However, only one of those books can be unlocked and commonly the first one on the left. If you are travelling with a crew, the majority of the group will have to vote on the quest to activate it. Here are the books labelled in order:

    • A Pirate’s Life
    • The Sunken Pearl
    • Captains of the Damned
    • Dark Brethren
    • Lords of the Sea

After the quest has been accepted, the crew will see a rock formation with a bright green light overhead. If you see it, that’s the gateway to the Tunnel of the Damned and Sea of the Damned. After the gateway is unlocked, you have to sail through the gateway to start the Tall Tale. However, they cannot pick any loot with them into the Tall  Tale and should sell it all before they enter.

When passing through the gateway, it will transfer you from the main PvP servers in Sea of Thieves into the servers, particularly for A Pirate’s Life. By doing so, it should prevent the crew from getting attacked by other pirates during the story.

You will know that they’ve reached the right place when the screen fades to black. Then, they enter foggy waters heralded by a ghost parrot. They actually have to continue forging ahead and experiencing all the visual cues until they reach the second green tunnel.

The second green tunnel here will take them into Strange Shores, the first quest where they will eventually meet the Legendary Captain Jack Sparrow. So far, the story begins as a neat little homage to the Pirates ride at Disney parks. After that, it spirals into its own narrative that involves the formal Pirates Crew.

After you have performed the game, it will throw you into the open world. However, if you want to begin the next story mission immediately, you just simply quit the game by pressing the back button/ ‘change view’ on the left.

Once reloading the game using the Pirate’s Life selection, you will begin at an outpost automatically. Then, you can choose a new mission without having to find civilization.

How to Get Good in Sea of Thieves

How to Get Good in Sea of Thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, the big motivator you will get is money. Well, money can be obtained after completion of a quest. However, completing a quest in Sea of Thieves will grant you a reputation. Since completing the quest is totally complicated, you may need an easy and simple guide that will lead you to get good in Sea of Thieves.

Here’s step-by-step of completing the quest in Sea of Thieves:

Stage 1: Accepting a quest at outpost

To start completing a quest, you can accept a quest in an outpost found on the open sea. Certainly, each outpost will give you a quest. To accept a quest, you just simply speak with the representative and take a voyage.

Stage 2: Starting your voyage

You will not know where you should go until you start it, though you own a voyage in your inventory. To start your voyage, you can just climb on your ship and go to the captain’s quarters. Here, you need to walk up to the captain’s table and interact with it where you can choose the voyage you want to go on.

Additionally, when interacting with the voyage that you dropped will throw a knife down that signifies you are up for taking it on.

Stage 3: Completing your voyage

You can pull up your inventory with the right bumper of the ‘E’ key, after the voyage has started. Well, this inventory will provide the instructions on how to complete a voyage. However, the objectives will vary depending on which factions the voyage comes from.

The  kinds of objectives you will find include Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls and Merchant Alliance. Once you have found whatever you are looking for, it’s your turn to gather your reward.

Stage 4: Turning in your quest

Turning in your quest is as simple as bringing the chest of gold or magic skull to any outpost. You can then sell them to that specific merchant. You should remember that you do not have to bring those back to where you accepted a quest, as any outpost will perform it.

Stage 5: Earn your reputation

You can increase your reputation with that fraction, every time you complete a quest. If you reach Rank 5, it will unlock more complicated quests that will reward you with more rep and money. Well, it’s a great idea to rank up at least to five with a  given fraction before you move onto one of the others.

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