How to Put Bait on Fishing Rod Sea of Thieves

Bait is a resource item which is used to catch Fish with the Fishing Rod. Or it is eaten as food to restore a small amount of health, with the side effect of possible vomiting. Bait can be saved in the Ship’s Food Barrel. As a player, you are able to carry a maximum of 10 pieces of bait in your own inventory, and keep an extra piece of bait carried on the Fishing Rod. By the way, how do you put bait on the Fishing Rod Sea of Thieves? Well, find out that answer together here.

How to Put Bait on Fishing Rod Sea of Thieves

You are able to put bait on the fishing Rod by equipping the rod. Then, open up the Item Radial and press the respective button for Bait. After that, you are able to choose what bait you want to use.

Equipping the rod

To use Bait, you need to have at least one in your Inventory. After you equip the Fishing Rod, you are able to press Q while holding the Fishing Rod. You are going to notice that there will be another button available or assigned for you to use Bait. In this case, it will be “R”. Just press “R” and then all the Bait which is present in your Inventory will be present to you a choice to be used.

How to Put Bait on Fishing Rod Sea of Thieves

In order to catch Fish by using Fishing Rod, you have to open the Inventory Cycle by pressing Q if you are on PC. Now go to where Fishing Rod is or you are able to assign a shortcut to equip Fishing Rod instantaneously. Now during Fishing, you have to wait for the Fish in order to catch random Fish which are available on the shore. Bait makes it easy and increases the opportunities to catch particular Fish.

Fishing is not an easy duty because it needs a lot of patience. After the Fish grabs your hook or Bait, it is going to go from Left to Right and vice versa. For this case, you will need to move your Mouse in the opposite direction to stabilize your Fishing Rod until the Fish tires itself out and then starts pulling in or the Fish will free itself and wag its tail to enjoy your bait.

Of course, there will be a time when the Fish tries to free himself by swimming forward. You have to discover the position whether it is on right or left to stabilize for a moment and then try to Reel in during that moment because the fish will not take rest. After the Fishing Rod starts taking stress, you are able to move to the other side and move back to its initial position to stabilize your Rod. Ensure when the Rod is stable, just pull, as the Rod will take Stress and focus to Stabilize next until you have the Fish in air. Now you are going to master Fishing like a pro.

Types of Bait for Fishing in Sea of Thieves

Currently, there are three types of bait for fishing in Sea of Thieves, which can be dug up from different areas, and each of them has their own set of fish they can catch.

    • Grubs
      You are able to discover this bait from sand. It can catch Devilfish and Battlegills.
    • Leeches
      You are able to discover this bait from shorelines. It can catch Ancientscales and Stormers
    • Earthworms
      You are able to discover this bait from grass or dirt. It can catch Plentifins, Wildsplashes, and Wreckers

Where to Find Fish and What Bait to Use?

Apparently, there are 10 species of fish in Sea of Thieves, with 50 unique variations in total. Each species of fish needs a different approach to be caught, such as fishing in a certain area or attaching specific bait to your line.

Aside from that, each fish species also has at least one variant which needs to be caught at night. Those include:

    • Seafoam Splashtail
    • Amethyst Islehopper
    • Starshine Ancientscale
    • Watery Plentifin
    • Coral Wildsplash
    • Moonsky Pondie
    • Firelight Devilfish
    • Bittersweet Battlegill
    • Moon Wrecker
    • Twilight Stormfish.

Here we have outlined how to catch each of them below:

    • Splashtails
      Splashtails are the most common kind of fish in Sea of Thieves. Usually, they spawn anywhere on the map and require no bait to catch.
    • Islehoppers
      Usually, Islehoppers spawn in the shallows surrounding islands. They are able to be caught without bait.
    • Pondies
      Pondies are able to be caught anywhere in fresh water (though we suggest fishing at Hidden Spring Keep, as no opponent skeletons will spawn there, if the fort is inactive). Also, no bait is necessary to catch Pondies.
    • Wreckers
      Wreckers are located near the shipwrecks, which appear below a flock of birds. To catch them, you need worms as bait.
    • Plentifins
      To catch this fish, you will need worms as bait.
    • Wildsplashes
      Also, you need worms as bait to catch Wildsplashes.
    • Ancientscales
      Usually, Ancientscales spawn in the Ancient Isles (the southern region of the map). You will need leeches bait to tempt them onto your line.
    • Stormfishes
      Unsurprisingly, Stormfishes fish occur inside of storms. However, you will also need to attach leeches bait in order to goad them over to your line. It is best to try to catch them when you have another player at hand who can repair the destruction caused by the storm.
    • Devilfishes
      Devilfishes are another hard species to catch. Usually, they spawn in the Devil’s Roar region of the map to the south east. You will need grubs bait to catch them.
    • Battlegills
      Battlegills spawn around the active forts and in the battles against skeleton crews, and demand grubs for bait. We suggest taking the fort way, because easily you are able to avoid aggroing the skeletons on an active skull fort if you avoid stepping on the island or use a rowboat.