Samsung Dishwasher LC Code but No Leak

Your Samsung Dishwasher is showing the LC code on the screen, after you check, there’s no water leaks. At this moment, you may be confused why it happens, because the LC code commonly appears on your Samsung Dishwasher screen when a water leak occurs.

Well, if you think that the LC code is only caused by water leak, you’re wrong. According to some sources, there are a few reasons why your Samsung Dishwasher displays the LC code. So, let’s find out what causes the LC code on your Samsung Dishwasher (aside from water leaks) through our post!

Samsung Dishwasher LC Code but No Leak

What Causes of the LC Code on Samsung Dishwasher, But No Water Leaks?

The LC code that appears on your Samsung Dishwasher is not only caused by water leak, but also when your dishwasher detects moisture that occurs somewhere inside of the dishwasher. In some cases, when you see the LC code on the dishwasher display, but there’s no leak, it may be the result of a faulty sensor.

If you don’t find water leaks, moisture and also a faulty sensor on your dishwasher but the screen shows the LC code, you may need to find out more potential reasons that will cause the LC error to appear.

Based on our little research, there are a bunch of potential causes why the LC code appears, but no water leak occur. Here they are:

    • Overfilled Detergent

If you overfill the detergent up past the fill line, it sometimes causes the leak sensor to disable. Moreover, if you use liquid detergent, it will be more likely to occur. If your dishwasher dispenser has excess detergent, your machine may display the LC code.

To fix it, you can try to check the dishwasher dispenser to see if it is past the fill line or not. If you see it, you need to remove some of the detergent and try to clear the error code afterwards. To avoid it, make sure to not overfill detergent on your dishwasher.

    • Excess Moisture Because of Recent Installation

If you have moved or installed your dishwasher for some reason, it could be the cause why your dishwasher displays the LC error. That’s because the moisture will get inside your dishwasher bottom that will trigger the leak sensor during new installations or moves.

To check if this is the problem, you may need to open your dishwasher and check for visible moisture at the bottom of the tub. If you find the bottom of the tub getting damp, make sure to dry it off with cloth.

If it cannot turn off, you can let the door hang open for about 1 hour or two hours to dry out the unit altogether. After that, you can try to clear the code by resetting your dishwasher to check if that solves the issue or not.

    • The Pan Should Be Drained

Even though you may not find a leak issue, the drain pan may have to be emptied. However, it will commonly occur if water previously leaked and will no longer leak. Well, the drain pan may still need to be checked since the sensor will detect the water at the bottom of the pan.

To start draining the pan, you may need to pull it out of its position and pour out any remaining water. Then, you can dry the pan with a dry cloth. Once you replace the pan, you can take a look at your dishwasher drain pump to check if there are any areas of leaking water around it. Sometimes, the drain pump could be the source of the leak because of a malfunction.

Okay, those are some causes that can be the reason why your Samsung Dishwasher shows the LC code, but there’s no water leak to find.

How to Fix the LC Code, When There’s Not a Visible Leak on Samsung Dishwasher?

If there is not a visible leak found under your Samsung Dishwasher, but the LC code appears continuously, you still need to fix this issue, as your Samsung Dishwasher is not okay. Here’s the guide that you can do to fix the LC Code on your Samsung Dishwasher without water leak!

    • First, you need to unplug your dishwasher. You can also turn it off at the circuit breaker if you cannot access the plug.
    • You can begin to inspect your dishwasher for signs of water or moisture. The great places to look for are around the water hoses, underneath the dishwasher and around the door seals.
    • If you have plugged your dishwasher to the garbage disposal, you may have to ensure that the garbage disposal cap has been cleared out. When it is not removed, the water may end up leaking into places it should not and this may trigger the LC error code to appear.
    • Then, you can also leave your dishwasher off for 15 to 20 minutes. So, your dishwasher will be able to dry out.
    • After 15 to 20 minutes, you can turn your dishwasher back on. Then, you can check if the LC error code has gone. If you still see the LC error on your dishwasher, you may need to call a technician to fix this problem.

Well, those are some steps that you can perform to fix the LC error code to appear on your Samsung Dishwasher, but there is no leak to find.

It’s important to note, you also have to ensure that you use the correct amount of dishwashing detergent. If you use excess detergent, it could also cause the leak sensor to enable, because the detergent causes excess moisture.

Additionally, you may also need to reset your Samsung Dishwasher with either a manual reset or a hard reset. To do it, you can reset it at the circuit breaker or unplug the machine at the power cord.

After that, you can leave it unplugged for about 10 to 15 minutes before you plug it back in. This way actually allows your machine to reset the sensor and the control board at the same time.