How to Use Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80R2031US

In this page, we are going to share how to use Samsung Dishwasher model DW80R2031US. If you just have Samsung Dishwasher model DW80R2031US but you do not know how to use it, you are lucky to have come to this page.

Using Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80R2031US

Basic Guideline

Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80R2031USHow to Use Samsung Dishwasher Model DW80R2031US

Step 1: Open the door, and then load your dishes.

    • You have to place your dishes into the upper and lower racks, unless you have selected Lower Rack.
    • Then, you have to remove any food remains from the dishes before you place them in the rack.
    • After you place your dishes into the racks, you are able to rotate the nozzles by your hand to check whether the dishes are going to interfere with them.
    • Ensure that your dishes will not prevent the detergent dispenser from opening.

Step 2: Add detergent to the dispenser.

    • Please ensure to use only automatic dishwasher detergent and rinse aid. You are able to read the way to add detergent on the book guide.

Step 3: Press the Power button.

    • When you press the Power button, then the entire display turns on and off.
    • After that, the indicator of the most recently finished cycle lights up.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate cleaning cycle depending on the soil level of the dishes.

    • You have to press the appropriate cycle button.
    • When you press a cycle button, the cycle indicator will light up.

Step 5: Press the Start button. Then, you have to close the door within three seconds.

    • Your dishwasher is going to start draining after several seconds. And then start the selected cycle.
    • You have to make sure to close the door firmly. If the door is not closed correctly, then the selected cycle will not start automatically.

Step 6: When the wash cycle is completed.

    • The light illuminates, and your dishwasher will sound a chime.
    • Your dishwasher will power off automatically
    • If you want to load more dishes or pause the dishwasher while it is already running, you have to make sure to open the door slowly and carefully because there is a chance of injury from the hot steam inside your dishwasher.
    • If the door is opened while the dishwasher is running, you do not worry as a safety mechanism is activated and stops the cycle.
    • To resume operation, you have to press the Start button. Then close the door within 3 seconds.
    • Adding dishes some minutes after the dishwasher starts operating will affect its performance.
    • If you open the door while the dishwasher is running at high temperature, it is going to drain the hot water automatically to protect you from scalding

For note: You should use rinse aids for better drying performance. You are able to improve drying performance by also choosing the Sanitize and Heated Dry choice.

Touch controls

Touch controls are going to allow you to operate your dishwasher easily.

Some things to note about touch controls:

    • Touch controls are convenient to operate, needing only a soft touch.
    • Touch controls have a simple and stylish design.
    • Touch controls are easy to clean.

If you have children or you want to clean the Control Interface, we suggest you activate the Control Lock feature to lock the control buttons.

After activate this Control Lock feature:

    • Your children will not be able to accidentally start the dishwasher by touching the controls with this choice selected.
    • If a cycle is running, the buttons are going to not respond. (Except the Power button)
    • If the dishwasher is off, only the Power button will respond.

For note: Please do not touch the VENT ELEMENT during or immediately after using your dishwasher.

Delay start

When you choose the Delay Start option, your dishwasher will start draining to remove remaining water at once (pre-drain). Your dishwasher is going to operate the selected cycle when the delay time expires.

When using the dishwasher, you are able to arrange your dishes properly.

    • You have to remove food remains such as the bones, fruit seeds, etc. Also, you have to remove any other waste such as toothpicks, paper, etc. from your dishes because these can cause damage to your dishes, make noise, or cause your dishwasher to malfunction.
    • You have to choose the appropriate cycle depending on the level of soil and the type of dishes.
    • Please use only the proper amount of detergent and rinsing agent.

Remember to not wash the items below in your dishwasher!

    • Acrylic or Aluminum items

Need to know that dishes with printed gold rim decoration can become discolored.

    • Dishes treated with adhesive

You do not wash the items with adhesive such as plastics, wood, ivory, and copper.

    • Plastics with a temperature tolerance less than 90 °C

In fact, thin plastics are not easy to wash and dry. They can be damaged due to elevated wash temperatures.

    • Tin

Keep in mind that tin items have to be washed by hand and dried immediately because they can rust.

    • Wooden utensils

Wooden items will be able to crack.

Using the cutlery rack

You are able to place each spoon, fork or knife separately into the spoon stands in the covers of the basket to prevent chipping and discoloration. Also, you are able to use the cutlery rack with the cover open.

Using detergent

All dishwasher cycles need detergent in the detergent compartment. Please add the correct amount of detergent for the selected cycle to make sure the best performance.

Some things to note:

    • You have to use dishwasher detergent only. Remember that regular detergent produces too much foam that can decrease the dishwasher’s performance or cause it to malfunction.
    • You do not swallow dishwasher detergent and avoid breathing in the fumes. Dishwasher detergent contains irritants and caustic chemicals which can induce respiratory conditions. If you have swallowed dishwasher detergent or inhaled the fumes, you have to seek medical attention immediately.
    • Always keep your dishwasher detergent out of the reach of the children.

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