How Do I Fix the LC Error on My Samsung Dishwasher?

When you are using your Samsung Dishwasher, you may suddenly see the LC error appear on the screen. If this is the first time you use a Samsung Dishwasher, you will be a bit confused about what exactly occurs. Even though the LC error rarely appears on the screen, but it may take you some steps to fix this problem.

Thankfully, this post will show you a guide to fix the LC error on your Samsung Dishwasher screen. However, fixing this problem is straightforward, particularly step-by-step. So, let’s find out the guide of fixing the LC error on your Samsung Dishwasher below!

What Does the LC Error Mean on Samsung Dishwasher?

Samsung Dishwasher Keeps Flashing the LC Error

If you see the LC error appear on your Samsung Dishwasher, it indicates the water leakage happened in your Samsung Dishwasher. That means, there is water leaking from your Samsung Dishwasher system.

Generally, the LC error will occur because of moisture on your dishwasher. When your Samsung Dishwasher shows the LC error, it may believe there is a water leak, since the bottom pan is damp or damp with moisture.

When your Samsung Dishwasher shows the LC error, your dishwasher is not usable at all. In the first step, you may try to reset your dishwasher by pressing the buttons on the control panel. Unfortunately, the LC error still appears on your dishwasher and you can still use it. No worries! The way to fix your Samsung Dishwasher will be explained in the next section.

Fixing the LC Error on Your Samsung Dishwasher, Here’s How!

The LC error that appears on your Samsung Dishwasher actually detects a water leak or moisture. The simplest and easiest to clear out the LC error code is by simply removing power to your Samsung Dishwasher for about 15 minutes and checking under the dishwasher. If you see leaking water, that’s why your dishwasher displays the LC error code.

By doing so, it should reset your dishwasher and remove the LC error code. Otherwise, if the error code still appears, there may be a Leak Sensor Fault or your dishwasher has an actual water leak. In fact, your Samsung Dishwasher will think that there’s a water leak because of multiple issues concerning the code LC or LE.

Here’s what you should do to fix the LC error code on your Samsung Dishwasher!

    • First, you may need to unplug your dishwasher from power.
    • Then, you can remove screws holding the dishwasher to the cabinet.
    • You can also slide your dishwasher out of the cabinet to get access.
    • Make sure to remove the bottom square panel tray. The location of panel try will depend on the model number.
    • After that, you need to dry any moisture or water in your dishwasher.
    • Locate the leak sensor that is commonly located on the drain pan on the bottom of the unit.
    •  Then, you should also relocate the leak sensor up a few inches higher.
    • Afterwards, you may need to check all water lines to make sure they are secure and not leaking.
    • In this step, you can try to install the bottom square panel.
    • Then, make sure to slide your dishwasher back into place.
    • Here, you can install screws to secure the dishwasher.
    • Try to connect your dishwasher into power.
    • Last, you can test your dishwasher to check if the LC error code is finally cleared or fixed.

That’s how to fix the LC error code that appears on your Samsung Dishwasher. If the guide above cannot solve your problem, you can try to call the reputable technician to fix your Samsung Dishwasher issue.

What Causes the LC Error on the Samsung Dishwasher?

As we’ve mentioned, the main cause why your Samsung Dishwasher shows the LC error on the screen is that your machine has detected a water leak or moisture. To prove it, you can try to check under your dishwasher. If you see the water, it totally indicates there’s leaking water on your Samsung Dishwasher.

Aside from water leaks, there are also some reasons that indicate the cause why your Samsung Dishwasher shows the LC error code. Here are they:

    • Overfill the detergent on dishwasher dispenser

If you overfill the detergent on your dishwasher dispenser or it has excess detergent, the LC error code may also appear on your dishwasher screen. To avoid it, make sure to not overfill detergent on your dishwasher.

    • Your dishwasher was recently installed or moved

The LC error code may also occur when you have installed or moved the dishwasher. After doing this, your dishwasher may have some water and moisture which has been obtained on the sensor. So, you can try to give the sensor time to dry to clear the LC code.

    • Your dishwasher recently connected to garbage disposal

If the cap on the garbage disposal is not removed, a newly installed garbage disposal attached to the dishwasher can be the cause of this problem. So, make sure that the cap is removed to clear the LC code.

What If Your Samsung Dishwasher Keeps Flashing the LC Error?

If you still see the LC code keep flashing on your Samsung Dishwasher, you can try to disconnect power by unplugging your dishwasher for about 15 minutes. This way is to reset your dishwasher and let the water or leak sensor to dry out and stop signalling the code.

Well, the leak sensor here can sometimes detect a small amount of moisture on it. When it occurs, the sensor will sense the water and show the LC error code on the screen. After the code is shown, the pump will drain out any existing water, but it will not continue to advance forward.

If disconnecting power to your dishwasher cannot clear the error code, you may need to call for a technician. For more information,  unplugging your Samsung dishwasher and waiting 15 minutes will not reset the code. Last, you can attempt to set the leak sensor within the dishwasher if the guide above does not remove the LC error code on your Samsung Dishwasher.

To get more guides, you can watch some tutorial videos on YouTube, as there are a number of tutorial videos that show a guide to fix the LC error on your Samsung Dishwasher.