How to Fix/troubleshooting Samsung Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working or Control Panel Not Responding

One of the annoying issues when working with Samsung Dishwashers is when the touchpad or control panel is not working well. As you know, the touchpad or control panel listed on the Samsung Dishwasher is one of the most important components as a starting point when you work with a dishwasher.

When you get the issue when the Samsung Dishwasher touchpad does not respond, you don’t need to worry, as this is the most common symptom. If you find your Samsung Dishwasher not working, it could mean that there’s something wrong with either the touchpad or control panel or also both of them.

troubleshooting Samsung Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working or Control Panel Not Responding

So, what you should do here is to look for the solutions to fix the Samsung Dishwasher touchpad not working or also the control panel not responding. Thankfully, this post will give you a bunch of guides to make it easier for you to fix these issues.

Way 1: Make sure the Child Lock Feature is not activated

This first solution may not be included as the way to fix Samsung Dishwasher touchpad not working. However, that’s very important to note, as there are some Samsung Dishwasher users who complain about the touchpad/control panel not working. In fact, they turned on the Child Lock feature which of course caused the touch pad or control panel not responding.

Samsung Dishwasher features Child Lock to prevent the kids from accidentally when they are playing around the dishwasher. When you turn on this feature, the touchpad / control panel will not respond. So, keep in mind that you have verified that you have turned off the Child Lock Feature before you fix the touchpad/ control panel.

Way 2: Let your hands dry and retry

When you get the issue of your Samsung Dishwasher not working, see if your hands are wet or not. Certainly, the touchpad will not respond and does not recognize your touch when your hands are wet or soapy. Sure, the other buttons on the control panel are commonly the same.

To touch the Samsung Dishwasher touchpad, make sure your hands completely dry and try to touch it one more time. Aside from that, you also need to clear the touchpad, as the dirty touchpad will not be sensitive to touch. So, you should check if the touchpad is noticeably dirty or covered in grime, if so wipe the dirt using a damp cloth.

Way 3: Reset the Dishwasher touchpad

However, resetting your dishwasher will completely resolve all touchpad problems. But when you reset the touchpad, any errors occuring in programming will typically be removed. Of course, you shouldn’t rule out the likelihood of programming glitches to be the cause of the touchpad fault.

If you need to reset your dishwasher touchpad, you just simply unplug the device and wait for a while for any stored electrical charge to be removed. After that, you can plug it back and see if your dishwasher touchpad has started working.

The fastest way to reset your dishwasher touchpad is by simply unplugging the power to the appliance from the circuit breaker. Keep in mind to wait a couple of minutes before you turn power on again to remove the electrical charge.

Way 3: Replace touchpad or control panel

To check for a broken touchpad, you can test some buttons working properly. If you find some to be working, and the others do not, sure, it can indicate that the touchpad is malfunctioned.

To test the buttons, you just simply touch a few buttons and see if some are working, while the others remain unresponsive, you can take consideration of replacing the touchpad or the entire control panel.

Moreover, there are some types of Samsung Dishwashers which allow you to replace the touchpad separately from the control panel. However, if your dishwasher does not let you replace the touchpad separately, of course you should replace the whole control panel.

Way 4: Replace both touchpad and control panel

Before you decide to replace both touchpad and control panel, make sure that you already confirm the display is working well. After that, you try to press all of the buttons. If you find some buttons not responding, the others are not, it means that the touchpad and control panel are broken.

Well, to solve the problem, you absolutely need to replace both of them. Meanwhile, if your dishwasher lets you replace touchpad and control panel separately, certainly you need to replace the touchpad first. If the issue still occurs, consider replacing the control panel too.

Way 5: Replace main control board

Just like other appliances, the main control on the Samsung Dishwasher is also the main component of every dishwasher. Main Control performs nearly every function of your dishwasher.

Moreover, if the Main Control board of your Samsung Dishwasher falls electrically, it will certainly not send a signal to the control panel or touchpad. Finally, your dishwasher touchpad does not respond properly.

Make sure to check the main control board and see if it’s damaged. If so, you certainly have to replace the main control board to fix this issue. Need to know, the main control board is not repairable. It means that you should purchase and replace it by spending a big cost.

So, it would be better for you to test all other possible defective parts before you decide to replace this dishwasher part. Additionally, the main control board is the least damaged part of your Samsung Dishwasher.

Way 6: Ask a technician for help

If the solutions above cannot solve your problem, you should look for the technician to fix your dishwasher touchpad not working or the control panel not responding. Sure, they will diagnose the issue occurring on your Samsung Dishwasher.

As an alternative way, you can also visit Samsung Support to request the service. Then, you need to share your questions with the team. After that, they will answer your question with the correct advice. By doing this, you can prevent any faults when you fix the error touchpad by yourself.

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