OSRS Zulrah Scales Per Hour

Talking about Zulrah scales per hour in the game called Old School RuneScape means talking about the sacred eel. If you are curious about everything, get ready to be informed by reading the entire article. It would be better for you if you do not skip any part.

Sacred Eels


    • Released date: November 26, 2015
    • Members: Yes
    • Quest item: No
    • Tradeable: No
    • Equipable: No
    • Stackable: No
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Examine: An eel is used to live in a toxic swamp that has the discarded scales of Zulrah.
    • Value: 140 coins
    • High alch: 84 coins
    • Low alch; 56 coins
    • Weight: 0.6 kg

Sacred Eels

Sacred eels are known as the only fish of the members that are able to be caught at Zul-Andra by using a fishing rod and fishing bait. Each eel caught requires a minimum of level 87 Fishing and rewarding 105 Fishing experience. It is able for the players to access the village once they reach the Tyras Camp during Regicide. It is also needed for them to talk to the High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa before trying to catch the eels. If they do not do that, one of the people there will stop them.

Apparently, the fish is able to be operated with a knife to the extract Zulrah’s scales. The minimum Cooking level to do it is 72. Operating the fish rewarded everyone with 3-0 scales and 109-127 Cooking experience and 100 base XP plus 3 for every scale that is obtained. The Cooking level of the player has something to do with the number of the scales they get when they are operated. Below, you will be able to find the minimum, maximum, and average scales per level that can be obtained. Aside from that, the Sacred Eels also give a high chance of around 1/500 of getting Clue bottles. By having 90 Fishing and Cooking, you can expect to get about 21,300 Fishing experience, 23,800 Cooking experience, and about 1,200 Zulrah’s scales per hour. If you have 97 Fishing and 99 Cooking, you can expect to earn a total of 23,500 Fishing experience, 26,400 Cooking experience, and about 1,500 scales per hour or about 200 to 225 eels. The thing called Rada’s Blessings is so good at increasing the amount of eels fished per hour. For your information, it is able to be obtained by completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary.

    • Cooking Level: 72-79

Scale Range: 3-5
Average Scales: 4
Gp/Eel Average: 394 coins

    • Cooking Level: 80-87

Scale Range: 4-6
Average Scales: 5
Gp/Eel Average: 495 coins

    • Cooking Level: 88-95

Scale Range: 5-7
Average Scales: 6
Gp/Eel Average: 594 coins

    • Cooking Level: 96-103

Scale Range: 6-8
Average Scales: 7
Gp/Eel Average: 693 coins

    • Cooking Level: 104-111

Scale Range: 7-9
Average Scales: 8
Gp/Eel Average: 792 coins

Keep in mind that the maximum amount of scales that are obtained from every operation of the Sacred Eels increases in 8 level intervals and it is limited at a boosted level of 104 or 9 scales. When death, the Sacred Eel is worth 16 coins each. Operating a Sacred Eel is the challenge that is handed by Sherlock on a master level Treasure Trail.

Zulrah’s Scales


    • Released date: January 8, 2015
    • Members: Yes
    • Quest item: No
    • Tradeable: Yes
    • Equipable: No
    • Stackable: Yes
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Examine: Flakes of toxic snakeskin
    • Value: 20 coins
    • High alch: 12 coins
    • Low alch; 8 coins
    • Weight: 0 kg
    • Exchange: 99 coins
    • Buy limit: 30,000
    • Daily volume: 183,770,979

Zulrah’s Scales,

In Old School RuneScape, Zulrah’s scales are known as the items that are usually used to charge serpentine helmets, toxic blowpipes, toxic staves of the dead, and tridents of the swamp. Aside from that, its function is to create anti-venom at 87 Herblore by using them on an Antidote++, with 5 scales used per dose.

Zulrah’s scales are mostly obtained as a drop from Zulrah. Some other sources include operating sacred eels with a knife, the one that needs level 72 in Cooking. Keep in mind that the Cooking level of the player has something to do with how many scales are received when they are operated.

Not only that, the players are also able to get a total of 20,000 scales from unpack a few items such as Tanzanite fang, Toxic blowpipe (empty), Serpentine visage, Serpentine helm (uncharged), and Magic fang. According to the sources, on average, every Zurah kill will give 220 scales or a total of 337 scales, including the ones earned by operating the drops.

Below are the tablets of the creation of Zulrah’s scales:


Skill Level XP
Cooking 72 109-127
Members Ticks 0 (0s)
Tools Facilities None


Item Quantity Cost
Sacred Eel 1 N/A
Total Cost 0 coin
Zulrah’s Scales 7 693 coins
Profit 693 coins

Based on the table, the auto cutting Sacred Eel is 2 and then 3 ticks. Depends on the cooking level, 7 is the average for cooking level 96-103. Due to the fact that the Grand Exchange prices keep changing based on the trade volume, the profit shown on the table above may not be completely accurate if the components are not traded frequently.

This following will talk about the products of Zulrah’s scales:

    • Item: Anti-venom(2)

Members: Members
Skills: 87 Herblore
XP: 60 Herblore
Materials: 1 x Antidote++(2), 10 x Zulrah’s scales

    • Item: Anti-venom(3)

Members: Members
Skills: 87 Herblore
XP: 90 Herblore
Materials: 1 x Antidote++(3), 15 x Zulrah’s scales

    • Item: Anti-venom(1)

Members: Members
Skills: 87 Herblore
XP: 30 Herblore
Materials: 1 x Antidote++(1), 5 x Zulrah’s scales

    • Item: Anti-venom(4)

Members: Members
Skills: 87 Herblore
XP: 120 Herblore
Materials: 1 x Antidote++(4), 20 x Zulrah’s scales

If you want to know about the item sources, here is the tables:

Source Level Quantity Rarity
Zulrah 725 combat level 100-299 Always
Zulrah 725 combat level 500 2 x 5/248

There are some additional facts about Zulrah’s scales, including:

    • Zulrah’s scales have been added on the official website of the Grand Exchange since the first time its release.

Zulrah’s scales are the most traded exclusive items of the game on the Grand Exchange.

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