OSRS Vorkath Strategy Guide

Are you going to fight the first boss monster during the Dragon Slayer II quest named Vorkath? If the answer to the question is yes, you might need this strategy guide to accomplish your mission. Please remember everything and use the strategy when you are ready.

Before going to the strategy, it is better for you to know the skills that should be used, which include 85+ Ranged (for Ranged method), 80+ Attack (90+ for Melee method), 85+ Strength (for Melee method), 75+ Defense (85+ for Melee), 70+ Pray (74+ with Ranged), and 82+ Construction.

The attack pattern of Vorkath has six random standard attacks, one special attack, six random attacks, and some other special attacks. During the process of killing, it is needed for the players to keep running and using the control click to run when needed.

The most effective and recommended protection prayer depends on the gear that is used. If you are using Melee, the Toxic blowpipe, or the Book of law and Super antifire potion, you can use Protect from Magic. If you are using a Dragonfire ward. Dragonfire shield, or Anti-dragom shield and Super antifire potion, you can use Protect from Missiles.

Vokath has the ability to hit up to 31 with each standard attack. Having a high attack level means having melee attacks that are really accurate, even though it is rare for him to use Melee compared to Magic or Ranged. As a player, you should have quick players set according to the combat style and weapon variation in order to reactivate prayers if the pink dragonfire deactivate them. Besides, you also need to be ready to click at least two spaces away in case the insta kill vertical dragonfire lob is used by Vorkath.

    • Acid pool quickfire barrage

When the poison pools are spited by Vorkath, please keep walking on the clean area as the effort to avoid the damage. There is no way for the quick fire barrage of the Vorkath to deal damage unless you are not moving. Standing or moving over an acid pool can leech health from you and heal the Vorkath. If you want to reduce the prayer drain, you can turn off the protective prayers as there are no effects on the attacks.

Acid pool quickfire barrage

There are a total of two methods to deal with this attack. The first one is finding a like and walking back and forth the line. This option is quite safe but the process has no damage that needed to be dealt by Vorkath.

The second method is perfect walking. Basically, you will attack Vorkath, but you need to quickly move away in order to avoid getting hit by the dragonfire barrage. If the melee is used, it is needed for you to quick move two spaces back as soon as the weapon hit Vorkath. Then, click on Vorkath for the second time and repeat the process until the attack is over. For everyone with ranged, there are two options to choose from.

The first one is Blowpipe. With it, a minimum of two tiles free of acid is needed. Due to the fact that this one has a range of 5 when it is used on Accurate and Rapid, please stand six tiles away from this monster. The moment when you attack him, the character that you are using will immediately walk one time towards it. When it happens, do not forget to quickly click back on the tile that you used to stand on and repeat the step.

The second one is called Crossbow. Compared to the first one, it is more complicated to use. It has a range of 8 so it is needed for you to stand towards the outer rim of the arena. Just like the previous method, your character will immediately walk one tile towards it when you attack Vorkath. The response is also the same, click back on the tile that you stood on and repeat the process.

You are better to activate the sound to learn this method easily, as it is a must for you to click whenever you hear Vorkath shoot his fireball. You are encouraged to practice the moves during the fight and there should be no punishment when the mistakes are made.

If you are using a dragon hunter crossbow, you have a chance to use the toxic blowpipe special attack to heal, as they are safe from the dragonfire damage. Even though the damage is reduced, the special attack can heal normally so it does not seem like the damage was reduced. Once the attack is done, do not forget to reactivate the protection prayer and switch it on.

    • Zombified ice dragonfire

Zombified ice dragonfire

Zombified ice dragonfire is another special attack of Vorkath. The white dragonfire will be released by this boss monster, using the Ice Barrage effect. He then releases the Zombified Spawn into the air and it will land and follow you. He has the ability to distribute the immunity from the spawn. The spawn will explode and deal damage when it contacts you. If no one touches it, it can deal up to 60 damage. It is stated that the spawn has 38 health but it does not matter because it will instantly be killed by the Crumble Undead spell even though it has a high magic attack bonus. Apparently, the staff of the slayer has the ability to auto-cast this spell, meaning the click is only needed if the staff is taken.

When the spawn is killed by you as the player or by exploding on them, the Ice Barrage effect will disappear, and it is possible for the Vorkath to be harmed again. When the spawn dies, you are not recommended to attack Vorkath immediately. When the spawn is either killed or explodes, you will be able to see a message on the screen. In case you have no idea, this one indicates the bind and damage immunity effect has been lifted.

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