OSRS Holy Grail Quick Guide

In Old School RuneScape or OSRS, Holy Grain is a quest. This quest is the second part of the Camelot quest series where you need to help King Arthur to be able to find the holy grail. Why do we have to find the holy grail? It is because it misses from its location in Entrana. The Fisher King in the Fisher Realm protects it.

The Details of The Quest

The start point is to speak to King Arthur in Camelot. The official difficulty of this quest is intermediate. The length of this quest is categorized into medium. The requirements of this quest are listed below.

  • Merlin’s Crystal
  • 20 Attack
  • You need to be able to beat a level 120 Black Knight Titan

The item required is Excalibur, but the recommended ones are:

  • A weapon, armour or some food
  • Camelot teleport, Ardougne teleport and Falador Teleport
  • A charged glory amulet for fast travelling to Entrana and Draynor
  • 60 coins
  • Antipoison (when below 41 combat)
  • Charged combat bracelet that you will use for Ranging Guild teleport for holy napkin
  • Draynor manor teleport for fast travel to get whistles

In this quest, King Arthur is delivering his knights on a quest for the famous Holy Grail. If you are a Knight of the Round Table, you need to go to King Arthur for further orders.

The Walkthrough of Holy Grail Quest

To complete this quest, you have to follow the walkthrough below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to teleport to Camelot.
  • And then, you need to speak with King Arthur and then you will be told by him about the holy grail.
  • Now, you have to speak with Merlin. You are able to find him on the 1st floor in the room with the cauldron. You can go up the main staircase and then go to the eastern room. It is important for you to note that he will not appear as a yellow dot on the minimap until you have got into the room. Merlin will ask you to go to be able to speak with someone on a holy island named Entrana and Sir Galahad who lives somewhere west of McGrubor’s Wood.
  • In this step, you have to travel to Entrana.
  • You have to speak with the High Priest in the chapel.
  • Then, you must go to Galahad’s house west of McGrubor’s Wood. The fairy ring code is a•l•s.
  • You have to speak with Galahad and get the holy table napkin. Then, you will have to speak with him again to be able to complete an easy diary task.
  • Now, you have to go to Draynor Manor’s top floor’s southern room and get 2 magic whistles. It is important for you to note that they will not appear as a red dot on the minimap until you have got into the southern room.
  • In this stage, you have to get armour, Excalibur and food to fight the Black Knight Titan. You are allowed to use another weapon for a majority of the fight and then Excalibur can be found for the last hist. Note that he will heal to full health if your last attack is with something other than the Excalibur.
  • Now, you need to go to northwest of Brimhaven to the northwestern peninsula.
  • You have to stand under the tower and blow a magic whistle to be teleported to the Fisher Realm.
  • In this step, you have to be able to fight the Black Knight Titan nearby on the bridge and then you have to kill it with Excalibur.
  • Go to south along the river and then speak with the Fisherman.
  • You need to visit the castle, southwest of the fisherman and then get the Grail bell from the ground and ring it. You have to make sure that you stand in front of the bricks to get access to the castle.
  • Now, you must speak with Fisher King upstairs.
  • Then, you have to go to Camelot and then speak with King Arthur.
  • Go to Goblin Village.
  • In this stage, you need to use the Open option on the sacks in the house in the east side of Goblin Village.
  • You have to speak with Sir Percival and here you will need a magic whistle.
  • You need to go back to the Fisher Realm. You can go there through Brimhaven or using the fairy ring code b•j•r. You do not have to fight the Titan again.
  • You need to go to the top floor of the eastern tower and then you must take a Holy Grain.
  • Now, you can go back to King Arthur.

The Rewards for Completing Holy Grail Quest

If you are able to complete this Holy Grail quest successfully, there are a number of reward that you will be able to obtain. Here is the list of the rewards.

The Rewards for Completing Holy Grail Quest

  • You will get 2 quest points.
  • You will get 11,000 prayer experience.
  • You will get 15,300 defence experience.
  • You will be able to access to the Fisher Realm.
  • You will have the ability to put King Arthur picture on the wall in the Construction skill.

About Black Knight Titan That You Must Defeat In This Quest

As you are able to read above that you need to defeat Black Knight Titan. But, who is the look of this creature? He is powerful for his level. However, he has attacks and these attacks are not accurate and very slow. You should fight him with Melee because he has high Ranged and Magic defence.

This titan is immobile. So, by using a fast weapon, you may be able to employ a hit and run technique to be able to kill the titan without being hit. Besides, you are able to use a halberd from two squares away to melee him without having to take damage.

As a player, you will only get one experience for every point of damage that you deal against him. Also, you need to fight him every time you want to pass him until Sir Percival becomes king.

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