Minecraft Forge 1.18 Snapshot

For those who are looking for the information about Minecraft Forge 1.18 snapshot, you are on the right place as you will be informed about it here. The information includes here is taken from Wiki and Minecraft Feedback and everything is different.

According to Wiki, Minecraft Forge (and Weapons) 1.18 is a medium update. This one is going to be released on July 4tth, 2022 at the Minecraft Festival 2022. This update consists of a total of 8 snapshots with the addition of 3 pre-releases and 2 release candidates.

The information this this page is actually confusing as the word “was” is instead of “will” or “is going to” while it shows the year 2022. Not only that, while it says there are 8 snapshots, the list only includes 7. If you want to know, all the snapshots listed on Wiki include:

  1. 22w13a: Level III Potions
    This one adds Level III versions of a few potions, including Harming, Strength, Healing, Leaping, Poison, and Slow Falling.
  2. 22w14a: Potion Cooldown and Stacking
    Now, poisons have cooldowns. For Splash Potions, the cooldowns are 3 seconds. For Lingering Potions, the cooldowns are 4 seconds. For the Normal Potions, the cooldowns are 4 seconds. As for the Splash and Lingering Potions, the cooldowns can now be stacked to 8.
  3. 22w15a: Daggers!
    In this snapshot, there is a new weapon variation named daggers added. Daggers are able to do melee damage as well as ranged attack damage. The gold ones have 129 durability and do 7 (3.5 hearts) melee and 12 (6 hearts) ranged. The iron ones have 79 durability and do 6 (3 hearts) melee and 10 (5 hearts). The diamond ones have 390 durability and do 10 (5 hearts) melee and 166 (8 hearts).
  4. 22w16a: Axe Enchantments
    In this snapshot, 2 new enchantments for the axe are added. The first one is Beheading. This one allows you to get mob heads as a guaranteed drop. It has only one level. The second is Burning. This one deals fire damage to mobs in hot biomes and applies to the Nether. It has four levels.
  5. 22w17a: Gilded Netherite Armor!
    In this snapshot, there is Gilded Netherite. For those who have no idea about it, it refers to a new armor set that is made by mixing the netherite armor with the gold ingots in a smithing table. By wearing this armor, you will be able to make sure that you will not get attacked by piglins. Every item of the armor has a different point. The helmet has 3 points, the chestplace has 10 points, the leggings have 7 points, and the boots have 3 points.
  6. 22w18a: Gilded Netehrite Tools!
    In this snapshot, Glided Netherite are added with the fastest mining speed in the game. The damage varies, depending on the tool. For the sword, it is 10. For the axe, it is 12. As for the pickaxe and shovel, it is 7.5.
  7. 22w19a: Enchanting Changes
    In this snapshot, instead of Lapis Lazuli, it is also possible for the Enchantment Tables to also have Ender Pearls to enchant. In order to upgrade enchantments such as Protection III to Protection IV, redstone can be used.

Meanwhile, Minecraft Feedback lists a total of 8 Minecraft: Java Edition – 1.18 on its page, which includes:

  1. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w37a
    The new features in this snapshot include noise caves and aquifers, Dripstone Caves underground biome, Grove biome, Lofty peaks biome, Lush Caves underground biome, Meadow biome, Snowcapped peaks biome, Snowy slopes biome, Stony peaks biome, new ore distribution and large ore veins, overworld build and generation limits have been expanded.
  2. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w38a
    There are a few changes in this snapshot, including sprinting is no longer reduced to walking when gently brushing your sleeve against a wall and fixes for the distribution of ores.
  3. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w39a
    In this snapshot, there are several technical changes, such as it added fall_from_height and ride_entity_distance advancement triggers, it changed nether_travel to match the other similar triggers, it added new loot table function set_potion, it changes to the on-disk chunk format, resource pack format has been rose to 8, standalone server.jar now bundles has individual libraries rather than being flat archive.
  4. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w40a
    The changes in this snapshot include world generation tweaks, it changes to mob spawning, Copper Ore now drops 2-5 from 2-3 Raw Copper items, a Block of Copper is able to be converted to four Cut Copper in the stonecutter, a lot of biome variants with similar features but different shapes have been merged into one since the shape is controlled independently now, and it renamed a few biomes.
  5. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w41a
    This snapshot changed the prioritization order of the chunk rendering pipeline. Now, the server classes are also signed. Besides, there is a new random number generator for Overworld generation.
  6. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w42a
    There are a few new things in this snapshot. The first one is the new music that has been added to the game. Not only that, world autosave indicator has also been added for single player worlds.
  7. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w43a
    With this snapshot, the edge between the old and the new world generation is now adjusted when you upgrade a world. What about the changes? The Priority Updates video setting has been changed to Chunk Builder. The amount of flooded caves close to the river and ocean coastline have also been reduced. In this snapshot, lava aquifers are a bit less common.
  8. Minecraft: Java Edition – Snapshot 21w44a
    One of the new features in this snapshot include an Allow Server Listings option that can be used to opt out of having your name shown in the server listings. The second thing that has been added is an Online options screen where you will be able to find the Realms Notifications option and Difficulty when you are on a server.