Illusion Connect Best Hero Characters

Gacha games are always packed with different characters that you have to select from to fill out your roster. Illusion Connect game does just that, with over 50 characters to select from that you will socialize together to take on your Nightmares. With so many characters to select from, of course you want to know the best characters. Here we will share the best characters in the game.

The best Characters in Illusion Connect


Illusion Connect yuffie

  • Class:   Sorcerer
  • Faction: Liberos
  • Energy Cost: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 170cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Cup: Giant
  • Identity: Witch
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: June 27
  • Personality: Dark humored, obsessive
  • Dislike: Plato’s Notes
  • Like: Black Cat
  • CV: Saori Hayami

Yuffie is one of the best sorcerers in Illusion Connect. Her attack powers will deal out some massive AoE damage and also boost the damage of other AoE-using allies. Her passive ability Reincarnation will boost the AoE of all her allies by 16.5 percent which is a good solid boost. In terms of her own damage, she can utilize Abyss to deal 210 percent of attack as damage to all opponent units while also dealing an extra 15 percent to opponents with 14 or more energy.


Illusion Connect miyuki-

  • Class: Spell
  • Faction: Phoenix
  • Energy Cost: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 163cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • Cup: C
  • Identity: Chariman
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: February 03
  • Personality: Logical, calm
  • Dislike: Nouveau riche
  • Like: Kitty
  • CV: Maaya Uchida

Lots of players see Miyuki as the absolute best character in the game. Miyuki is capable of dishing out some insane AoE damage and also wiping out the Rage of opponents units in the process. With her basic attack, you are able to do 105 percent damage to a single opponent while her special attack will do 120 percent damage to a column of opponents. This is all added to her passive, that will cause any of her attacks to reduce opponent Rage by 330.



  • Class: Attacker
  • Faction: Tobunkai
  • Energy Cost: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Cup: C
  • Identity: Bodyguard
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: September 03
  • Personality: Tough, lonesome
  • Dislike: Blood
  • Like: Muramasa
  • CV: Chika Okubo

Kasumi is a monster once it comes to dealing out damage to opponents, especially with single-target attacks who can take out tanks easily and leaders on the opposing squad. Her basic attack, Clash, does 105 percent of damage. Also, it comes with a 15 percent opportunity to use Omen and deal 162 percent of attack as damage. Her unique skill of Deadly Curse can cause her to lose 40 percent of her health, however it will deal damage worth 256 percent of attack damage and up her critical chance by 60 percent.



  • Class: Healer
  • Faction: Muscipula
  • Energy Cost: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Cup: Giant
  • Identity: Everybody’s Idol
  • Age: 21
  • Birthday: March 17
  • Personality: Energetic, gentle
  • Dislike: Partner injured
  • Like: Singing aloud
  • CV: Ai Kayano

Anna is one of the best characters in Illusion Connect due to her healing abilities, which are among the best in the game. Her healing can be a very powerful AoE ability. Also, she can focus on a single-target to heal. You are able to sdd in her full roster of other abilities that can dish out several good damage while still keeping her allies alive. Anna is one of the best choices for you.


Illusion Connect Phoebe

  • Class: Light
  • Faction: Phoenix
  • Energy Cost: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 156cm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Cup: A
  • Identity: Houou Family Heir
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: May 19
  • Personality: Cynical, rebellious
  • Dislike: Miyuki
  • Like: Reading
  • CV: Ai Kayano

Phoebe is a light class that is really difficult to kill thanks to her Rebirth ability. Also, she comes with her own decent attacks to dish out damage when she needs to. Rebirth is an ability that, once she is killed, allows her to be revived with 110 percent attack, 100 percent defense, 50 percent health, and 500 Rage. That ability can only be used once per battle. However, that one time is enough of a benefit to make Phoebe an absolute must if you have her.



  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Faction: Uroboros
  • Energy Cost: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 167cm
  • Weight: 53kg
  • Cup: D
  • Identity: Killer
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: January 19
  • Personality: Cruel, Capricious
  • Dislike: Male
  • Like: Blood
  • CV: Nanako Mamiya

Another best character in the game of Illusion Connect is Nicola. She is a vampire. Nicola hates rules and anything which is not fun. She loves to crush things and is very peculiar about blood and killing as it is her only solace. Nicola is used to being alone. Probably she talks and laughs like everyone else, but she has no feelings like an ordinary human does. Nicola is unusually obsessed with blood and murder, and becomes extremely violent if seeing blood or switching over to mission mode.



  • Class: Guardian
  • Faction: Phoenix
  • Energy Cost: 15
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 169cm
  • Weight: 56kg
  • Cup: C
  • Identity: Princess
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: September 29
  • Personality: Gentle, determined
  • Dislike: Laziness
  • Like: Penny’s Special Black Tea
  • CV: Hitomi Nabatame

Selena has the ability to hold her own in terms of damage that she can deal to opponents. However, her ability to support the leader of your team given her limited immunity to fatal damage makes her viable. She comes with the Divine Judgment ability that allows her to do 400% damage to opponents. Its real benefit comes from using 35% of that damage to heal your leader. Aside from that, if your line-up energy is 14 or less, then each ally you deploy can grant the leader a shield equal to Selena’s HP.

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