How to Track People’s Locations Through Facebook

Facebook is a social media which was founded in 2004. Until now, this platform has been used by a lot of people and even now it has more features. This platform is not only for communicating with other people, but also it can be used for selling things, digital customer service, and even in the past you were able to track people.

Yes, in the past, there was a Nearby Friends feature on Facebook. According to the Telset site, by being able to track people’s location from Facebook, you would be able to know the current locations of your friends, family members, and even your loved one through Facebook. You would know whether the person was working, travelling or in other places.

How to Track People’s Locations Through Facebook

According to the Telset site, here was the tutorial to track people through Facebook.

    • The first thing that you had to do to track people’s location through Facebook without being known was to open your Facebook app and then press a three lines icon that you could find at the top right side of the screen.
    • And then, you had to scroll down until you found the Nearby Friends option.
      track people’s location through Facebook
    • Tap the Nearby Friends option and then you would be required to give access to know your current location. If you allowed it and you wanted to activate the feature, you had to press the Turn On Location Services button and press Allow button on the popup menu.
      tutorial to track people through Facebook
    • Then, automatically you would be able to see the list of your Facebook friends who were near you, on the way, or in certain locations.
    • If you wanted, you were also able to greet them through Facebook Messenger.

Well, even though you just knew the tutorial, but now you cannot use the tutorial above anymore because Facebook has got rid of this feature from Facebook. In the past, this Nearby Friends feature was available on Facebook, but now it has been removed.

Cited from the 9 to 5 Mac site, according to the Facebook company, Nearby Friends and other location-based features are no longer available to users after May 31, 2022. Here is the notification about the deletion of this feature on Facebook.

Nearby Friends and weather alerts will no longer be available after 31 May 2022. Information you’ve shared that was used for these experiences, including Location history and Background location, will stop being collected after 31 May 2022, even if you have previously enabled them.

You can access and download your Location history until 1 August 2022 in Access your information. After 1 August 2022, any Location history or Background location information that you’ve previously shared will be deleted.

Facebook will otherwise continue collecting location information for other experiences as described in our Data Policy.

So, now you cannot use the Nearby Friends feature anymore to know the locations of people through Facebook and the tutorial above cannot be used anymore as well. So, because the Nearby Friends feature has been deleted, can we track people’s location through Facebook now? I do not know, but you are able to find out on Facebook by exploring the platform or accessing or contacting the Facebook Help Center.

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