How to Split Screen on Mac Keyboard Shortcut with Monitor

There are several features provided by macOS that are not available in the other operating systems. One of the most interesting Mac features is called split view command, which makes it possible for you to split the screen in two.

Split view or split screen is really useful, for example, if you want to chat with someone on Zoom while you are entering the information discussed in a document at the same time. To do it, this page has the information about how to split your screen on Mac and which shortcuts are available.

After you have turned your Mac on and logged in, the background of the desktop will be visible. If the Mac is on after the sleep mode, any apps that you used before will still be active unless you closed them down before making it sleep. Keep in mind that the split screen function is available on OS X El Capitan. In order to start it, you can just confirm that Display have separate Spaces is chosen in System Preferences > Mission control.

Now, it is time for you to activate the app that you want for work or rearrange apps on the display. However, if you want to split the screen on a Mac, you will need to activate at least two applications. When the app is able to be seen in a full screen mode, the second program is able to be added by following these steps:

The first thing that you will have to do is to end the full screen mode of the program, which can be done by clicking on the green menu point located on the top left or below the menu bar with the computer mouse. Apart from that, you can also do it by pressing the Control + Command + F key combination. Another option is to launch the Mission Control. Depending on the Mac model that you have, it can be done by touching gestures (stroking three fingers upwards on the trackpad) or by using the key combination Control + Upward Arrow. Please take a note that the (cmd) key is known as command key or Apple key. If your Mac is using a Windows operating system keyboard, the corresponding key will be the Windows key.

Once the full screen mode is deactivated, the menu options Tile window to left of screen and Tile window to right of screen will be activated, that is no longer grayed out. In this step, you are able to choose where to place the active window such as an open web browser. The app that is currently opened will be minimized to the left side of the display and the right side of the desktop will become available to launch another app. It will switch into full view on the right side of the desktop with just a click on the second program on the desktop. In case the other apps are open, they are also able to be viewed this way.

Now, the screen is split into two sections with equal size. Both of them are active and you are free to choose which one that you want to work in. The menu bars of two apps are able to be found in the upper edge of the screen as normal. As for the Dock, it is located in the same place where it was initially placed, which is usually at the bottom of the screen. A black border that has a gray line signifying that the border is able to be adjusted visualizes the split screen.

In case the split screen function does not work, you are recommended to select Apple menu > System Preferences, click Mission Control, and make sure that you have selected the Display have separate Spaces.

If you are done with everything and want to exit the split screen, please follow these following steps:

  • First of all, move the pointer to the top of the screen in order to reveal the window button.
  • Then, click the full screen button in the window that you want. That window will exit the split screen.
  • The other window will switch to full screen view. Feel free to switch to the full screen window with Mission Control or use a Multi-Touch gesture such as swiping left or right with the four fingers on the trackpad.

Mission Control

When you are working with Excel or the other Office applications, performing actions between them is usually needed. It can include copy/paste, trying out numbers between reports and data, writing formulas, and so on.

The split screen view in both Windows and Mac can make it possible for you to view and interact with some windows at the same time. It is true that you can resize the windows manually to get the effect, but both operating systems have features that make the split screen easy to enable.

For every Window user who wants to split screen, please follow these instructions:

  • At first, left click and hold on the title bar of the window and drag it to the right or left edge of the screen in the middle.
  • A faint outline out of a box taking up half the screen will be able to be seen.
  • Next, release the left mouse button.
  • All the open windows will be displayed in tiles located on the opposite side of the screen.
  • Please click any to maximize that window into the other side.
  • It will create a vertical split of both windows.

If you are on Windows and want enable the split screen with keyboard shortcuts, here is everything that you will need to follow:

  • Firstly, press Win + Left/Right Arrow in order to move the active window to the left or right.
  • To see the tiles on the opposite side, please release the Windows button.
  • There is the tab or arrow keys that can be used to highlight a tile.
  • Lastly, press Enter to choose it. Another way to select it is by using the mouse.