What Does Highlighted Comment Mean on Youtube Comments?

In 2016, the highlighted tag began showing up. When it appears on the comment section in Youtube, you may be curious about the meaning of it. Well, it can have some meanings and you are able to see the explanation below. We also give you some explanations about other things related to the comments section on Youtube. 

The Meaning of Highlighted Comment on Youtube Comments

When you access a Youtube video, and then you scroll down to the comments section, you may see that there is a highlighted comment. What does it mean? If you ask the meaning of it, the answer can be many. Let’s say that there is someone who replies to your comment on a video and then you get a notification. When you click on it, you will see that the comment is highlighted and it makes it easier for you to find the comment towards yours.

Highlighted Comment on Youtube Comments

If you have uploaded a video on Youtube and then there is someone who gives a comment on your video, you will get a notification. Then, you will see that the comment is a highlighted comment at the top of the section so that you are able to easily reply to that comment.

So, we can say that highlighted comments are an automated feature that is offered by Youtube and it aims to make your experience on Youtube easier especially in terms of navigation. To know more about the benefits of highlighted comments on Youtube, you are able to read the list below.

  • A comment in Youtube will be highlighted if you open the comment from a notification link from email or Youtube Studio.
  • The aim of this feature is to make it easy for you to find the comment that you open through the link that you clicked.
  • Highlighted comments that you open through a link is helpful to differentiate the comment from other comments.
  • You may wonder whether “Highlighted Comment” which is displayed on top of the comment can be seen by others or not. The answer is no. It can only be seen by you and others cannot see it, except if they also opened the comment through a notification link.
  • In addition, Youtube also has Highlighted Reply (HR) which is the same as Highlighted Comment (HC). However, the difference between HC and HR is that HC is an original comment while HR is a reply to a comment.

Can I Remove Or Disable Highlighted Comments?

If you want to remove or disable highlighted comments and you wonder whether you are able to do it or not, the answer is it is impossible. It is because the one which does it is Youtube. Youtube does it automatically and it depends on how you have opened a certain video. But, you are able to edit the URL of the video to remove the parameter which is added to the normal Youtube link and then you are able to reload the video.

Let’s take an example. If the video URL of the highlighted tag is like this:


The parameter is that part in bold starting with the ampersand symbol (&). You are able to remove that part so that you will have the normal Youtube video link and then you have to reload  the video.

Another alternative that you are able to do is to log out from your Google account and then you are able to browse Youtube ‘anonymously’. If you do this, you will not be able to leave comments or interact with the video in any way. However, if you do this, you should be guaranteed that you will not see any highlighted comments.

Is The Highlighted Comments Public?

When you see a highlight comment, you may wonder whether it can be seen by others or not. As we explained above that the only one who can see the highlighted comment is you. This feature will not affect how others perceive the comment section. If you highlight a comment, it will now show on the machines of others.

Youtube applies it locally by making a special URL. So, once again that you are the one who can see it and others cannot see the highlighted comment. But, if they have access to the URL, they are able to see your highlighted comment.

The Meaning of Top Comment on Youtube

Now, how about the top comments on Youtube? When you are in the comment section, sometimes you may see that there is a top comment. You see that it has a lot of likes. Well, as you see that the meaning of a top comment on Youtube means that it has a lot of likes. So, if you want your comment to become a top comment make sure that you make a good comment that can be paid attention to by others so that they will give you likes. And then, you will be a top comment on that video.

What do we have to do if we want to see the latest comments? If you want to see the latest comments, the thing that you have to do is to hit the Sort By button and then you need to select Newest First.

The Meaning of Pinned Comment on Youtube?

If you find that there is a pinned comment or maybe your comment is pinned, it means that the video creator likes your comment or they think that your comment is interesting so that they want others to see it as well.

Actually, this feature has some benefits that you are able to enjoy as a content creator. For example, if you want to promote another video on your channel, you are able to put the link in the comment and then you are able to pin it so that others can click on it. Or, if you have some questions for your audience, such as asking about the opinion about the video or asking about the request of the video that your audience wants you to make, you can do it by using pinned comments.

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