How to Report a Problem to Apple for Any Issues

Reporting a problem to Apple means informing them about any issues that you are facing with Apple Store (or iTunes purchase) made in the last 90 days. There are three methods that you can use if you want to report a problem to Apple. Each of them will be explained below, starting from the invoice.

  1. Report a problem from the emailed invoice

You will get an invoice sent to your Apple ID email address once you have purchased iTunes or App Store purchase. This kind of invoice usually arrives several days later and includes details about the purchase. Please find the email that has the subject line of your receipt from Apple. Apart from that, there is also a link to Write a Review or to Report a Problem with your purchase. This link is the best link that you can use to report a problem, unless you never got or cannot find the invoice. Apparently, the Report a Problem link will direct you to the official website of Apple. When you are there, you are able to choose a category and describe the issue to Apple before pressing the Submit button.

  1. Report a problem from the website

You can visit if you want to report a problem on any of your recent purchases. Once you have signed in to the relevant Apple ID, it will list each iTunes or App Store purchase made on that one in the last 90 days. You will have to click a Report a Problem button located next to each item to describe that issue to Apple. Besides, you will also need to select a relevant category before submitting the problem.

  1. Report a problem from iTunes

The iTunes on a Mac or PC can be used to view all your purchases and report a problem to Apple. When you are there, click Account on the menu bar, and then View My Account. Please input the Apple ID password. By doing so, you will be able to see a range of information about your account. Under the Purchase History heading, do not forget to click See All in order to view purchases made from your Apple ID. For your information, iTunes only displays purchases made from the last 90 days by default. Right beside each of them, there is the option for More. Clicking it will show up the purchase date, device, seller, and displays a link to Report a Problem. Just like the invoice that has been explained above, clicking Report a Problem will load the relevant page on the official website of Apple, making it possible for you to choose a category and describe a problem there.

Aside from the three methods explained before, here are quick tips that you can follow if you want to report any unauthorized purchased to Apple:

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is to open the email purchase confirmation, which you can find a receipt from Apple, and select the link to reportaproblem that is located beside the purchase name.
  2. Then, use a browser and visit the reportaproblem website of Apple directly. Please tap on the category such as apps, music, books, TV, and so on, and find the item in question and select the report a problem button beside the purchase as well as the reason or the dispute.
  3. Next, open the App store, iTunes, or the Music app and view the purchase history located under your account settings to find the dispute item. Once you have found it, you should tap report a problem and select refund and the reason for the refund.
  4. Lastly, review the subscriptions in the Apple ID settings or on the App Store account page and make any changes or cancellations as needed.

There are some problem topics to choose from offered by Apple, those include:

  • Missing purchases: You can choose this topic if the products that you have purchased cannot be downloaded or found in your library.
  • Misrepresented purchases: You can choose this topic if the products do not live up to their descriptions.
  • Unauthorized purchases: You can choose this topic if the products that you were billed for did not but yourself.
  • Unusable purchases: You can choose this topic if the products fail to download, install, open, or work.

Once a problem has been reported, Apple will get back to you with the support that you need. It could mean technical and troubleshooting assistance to smooth out the software errors. Or in the other cases, it is possible that iTunes and App Store refund for the unauthorized or accidental purchases.

What should be done if your purchase is older than 90 days? Apparently, the support of Apple lasts about 90d days, but a lot of people have Apple Store and iTunes purchases more than that. The sad news is that there is no guarantee of support with all the older purchases. However, there are still several things that you can try.

  • Contact the developer of the app directly

A great developer of the app will want to know about everything related to the apps, including the problems facing the users. Some developers may no longer be active, but they might still be able to be reached out for help. They could offer a quick solution or may promise you a bug fix in the future update.

  • Manage automatic subscription and billing issues for apps

A recent study reported that the average Apple user spends about $79 in subscriptions and apps. In some cases, some users are getting charged for subscriptions that they do not use. The simplest method to find these subscriptions and charges is to start through the Apple ID setting or the Apple App store app. Firstly, go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions via Apple ID. Then, tap each subscription to get its details and change or cancel. Next, open the App Store app, select Today tab, tap profile picture or icon, and select Subscriptions or Manage Subscriptions. Finally, tap each subscription to get the details and change or cancel.

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