Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? You Should Know It First..

Unfortunately, Walmart does not take Apple Pay. Walmart Pay is the only mobile payment system that is able to be only used in Walmart. This one links with any major credit, debit, pre-paid, or Walmart Gift Card. So, if you want to make payments from your iPhone in Walmart, the only option that you have is to download and use the app called Walmart Pay.

Do you know what Walmart Pay is?

Rather than accepting Apple Pay, Walmart suggests people to use Walmart Pay to make in store mobile payments. There is a unique QR code created by Walmart that can be used to scan while checking out. It takes payment from your card.

Walmart Pay

Feel free to link any major credit, debit, pre-paid, or Walmart Gift Card with the Walmart Pay account. There is nothing to worry as your payment information is protected behind a passcode or by using Touch ID or Face ID. Without your password, you cannot make payments using Walmart Pay. It works similarly to Apple Pay. The difference between these two is you will have to open an app to use Walmart Pay.

In order to set up Walmart Pay on your iPhone, the first thing that you will need to do is to download and install the app called Walmart from the iOS App Store. Then, open the Walmart app and tap Account. In the next step, sign in or create a new account. Once you have signed in or made an account, tap Payment Methods. Please add payment information to your account in the Walmart app. After that, set up a 4-digit passcode and select to use Face ID or Touch ID.

If you want to use Walmart Pay from your iPhone in store, first of all, you should force Press or use Haptic Touch on the Walmart app icon. Then, choose Walmart Pay from the pop up menu. When it opens, input the passcode or use the Touch ID or Face ID to authenticate the payment.. Do not forget to scan the generated QR code to complete the transaction. Aside from that, you can also activate the Walmart Pay in the app by going to Services > Walmart Pay.

What is the reason Walmart does not take Apple Pay?

Walmart has not officially stated the reason why it does not accept Apple Pay, but it is likely due to the Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay is known as its own system of Walmart. For marketing purposes, this marketplace can track more data and build customer purchase profiles. If you use Walmart, using Walmart Pay is best as it is likely to be more effective when it comes to the cost.

Which stores do take Apple Pay?  

Apple offers a lot of advantages, such as the daily 2% cashback when you use Apple Card with Apple Pay. On the other hand, Walmart only offers a 5% rate of earning your spendings back for the first year you use the Walmart Pay.

Apple Pay also offers better privacy. Apparently, the transactions using Apple Pay require you to enter your PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID before being permitted to use the digital wallet. Aside from that, the NFC technology also requires both the payment device and the reader to be in the same or near place for the payment to transfer. It should be done to avoid something bad happening and you will never accidently pay for the expenses of the customer in front of you. Instead of carrying multiple debit and credit cards, NFC payment methods make it possible for you to link your Apple Pay to the credit or debit cards.

The world of digital wallets is promising and rewarding in the business sector in the future. In this case, it seems like Walmart is monopolizing its stores with its own technology so they are able to establish the presence in the digital wallet industry.

There is currently no official statement regarding the decision about paying with Apple Pay released by Walmart, so it is better for you to not expect them to include the Apple Pay as a viable payment method in the near future.

If you really want to use Apple Pay, that offers better privacy and convenience compared to Walmart Pay, there are still some other stores that you can use it in. The biggest retailers that accept Apple Pay include Ace, Best Buy, Albertsons, Apple, Baskin Robbins, Chick Fil A, Costco, Crate & Barrel, Disney Store, Duane Reade, Dunkin, Foot Locker, GAP, J. Crew, Jersey Mike’s, jetBlue. KFC, McDonalds, Jimmy John’s, Kohl’s, Lego, Levi’s, Macys, Nike, Office Depot OfficeMax, Panera, PetSmart, Pizza Hut, Safeway, Sephora, 7 Eleven, Staples, Starbucks, Subway, Target, Trader Joe’s, Walgreens, Walt Disney World, White Castle, Whole Foods, and so on. In addition, you can also look at the information for stores in Apple Maps. Under the store information, you should usually see something that says Accepts Apple Pay if you can use the Apple Pay there.

Use the Apple Pay using the 3rd party apps

Both Walmart and Apple are not the only big companies in the digital wallet bandwagons. Besides them, there are a ton of companies out there that have the same function as a middle man between Walmart and Apple Pay.

Using the third party as the alternative is using Apple Pay might sound more complicated than it’s worth. Even though some people have this feel, it is still important to know that you are able to do it if you want to.

Walmart accepts third party apps such as Ibotta and Square Point of Sale. On the other words, you can wire your Apple Pay account to any third-party digital wallet, and then you can use that to pay for your expenses. It is a little bit complicated and takes more time. Actually, everything depends on the third-party app that you are using. You will need to do a little bit of research by yourself to find out the steps required by the third party that you are using.