How to Play Co Op Mode in Genshin Impact With Your Friends

Do you want to play Co Op Mode in the game of Genshin Impact with your friends? If so, you are able to follow this way to understand how to play Co Op mode in Genshin Impact and then reach Adventure Rank 16. Apparently, Genshin Impact is able to be confusing for the new players, especially when it comes to initiating multiplayer. In this page, we will go through six of the best ways in which you are able to get XP fast in Genshin Impact, that can lead you to Adventure Rank 16, unlocking the co-op mode.

How To Play Co-Op With Friends

Genshin Impact starts off as a heavily single player experience. For many players, they may have heard rumblings of multiplayer, however it is not at all clear if that is possible by looking at the game along. Fortunately, there is a method to play with friends, it just occurs that co-op with friends is locked behind Adventure Rank 16. For this reason, you need level up your Adventure Rank fast.

How To Play Co-Op With Friends

When you get your Adventure Rank to 16, Genshin Impact’s Co Op mode is going to unlock. There are some things that you have to know about this mode. Firstly, let us cover the activities in the game that you are able to do with your friends. Apparently, there are some features available in the Genshin Impact’s Co Op mode:

  • Abyssal Domains and Ley Line Outcrops
  • Commissions
  • Bosses
  • Explore

You have to note that the more players in a squad, the fewer characters players have to swap to. For example, with two players playing co-op mode, each player is able to have two characters functioning at once. With four players (you and three your friends) in a team, each player only have a single character. You are able to change who you are playing as from the character menu.

Although many game’s activities can be played with up to four Travelers (you and three friends), there are several things that are unavailable:

  • Story quests
  • The Spiral Abyss
  • Shops
  • Opening chests, or making offerings to Statue of seven

As for character limitations, you have not an ability to play as the same character once in a dungeon. Therefore, if you are both exploring as Lisa, you’ll need to be different characters before starting an Abyssal Domain.

Best Ways To Get XP Fast In Genshin Impact That Can Lead You To Adventure Rank 16

Now, we will go through six of the best ways in which you are able to get XP fast in Genshin Impact, that can lead you to Adventure Rank 16, unlocking the co-op mode.

Grind Story Missions And Side Quests

This may be clear to some, but completing the main story and getting through the side quests quickly as possible is going to boost your rank massively. Although several missions can be boring, getting through the missions is one of the best ways of leveling your Adventure Rank. You are able to skip dialogue if you are less focused on the story and get through the main story missions efficiently.

Redeem Achievements And Mail

You need to know that Genshin Impact has a mail and achievement system in the menu, that offers you to redeem gifts and rewards. Once you first start, you are going to get some welcome mail containing the items and gifts that can help you on your journey’s beginning. If you are able to complete the quests and do certain tasks, then Genshin Impact will give you reward with achievement rewards, letting you to claim early XP for something you want.

Ley Line Outcrops

Ley line outcrops are good for leveling up your Adventure Rank, also for leveling up your characters, letting you to progress through missions more efficiently. The Ley line outcrops are discovered throughout the map, manifesting as blue or yellow mist, that you have to interact with. Defeat the opponents that pop up and then claim your reward from the plant which grows with your resin. Usually, those can give you around 100 Adventure Rank XP, which is great for such a small task. We suggest you to do around 3 to 6 of those a day. You are able to do more, though it takes valuable resources to refill your resin, so we will not recommend doing so.

Explore The Map

Once again, this may seem clear to some players, but Genshin Impact’s map is one of the congested and populated we have ever played in. Everywhere you look, there are many things to be done. Of course, those can grant you Adventure Rank. Therefore, next time you are on your way to a mission, or anything of interest, create your way there on foot and complete anything you see, whether it be defeating opponents for a chest or collecting Geoculus and Anemoculus.

Make Offerings To The Statues Of Seven

Throughout the game of Genshin Impact, you are going to find lots of floating blue collectibles known as Anemoculus. Later, you are going to find orange collectibles known as Geoculus. Those collectibles are really important for leveling up, as you are able to offer them to the Statues of Seven dotted around the map, then get Adventure Rank XP and also a stamina bar increase. For beginners, we suggest you to use the interactive map online and collect as many as Anemoculus you can.

Daily Commissions And The Adventurers’ Handbook

Upon achieving Adventure Rank 10, you are going to get the Adventurers’ Handbook. This item is important for leveling up because you get Adventure Rank XP for completing lots of the tasks inside. On the experience tab, there are lots of easy tasks to earn you fast XP in the early game, for instance, cooking 5 dishes will be able to give you 100 XP. Besides, when you reach Adventure Rank 12, the Adventure Guild is able to start giving you 4 daily commissions within the Handbook. Those are really great for leveling up and must be the first missions you complete once you log in.