All Genshin Impact Anemoculus Locations

The locations of the Genshin Impact Anemoculus are mostly hidden, island, and high point places. In the world, there are 66 of Anemoculus. However, you only have to collect 65 if you want to fully upgrade the Monstadt Statue of The Seven.

In order to help you in your research, you go to this to find the map showing the different places where you are able to find an Anemoculus.

Steps to get the Anemoculus in Eastern:

  • Use Cryo to create a path (Starfell Valley): You can use Cryo characters to freeze the water in case you cannot swim that far. If you want to do it faster, you will need to choose two Cryo and add Anemo to extend the path.

Use Cryo to create a path (Starfell Valley)

  • Follow seelies (Galesong Hill): Please follow the seelies in the Edge of the continent to make the wind unlocked.

Follow seelies (Galesong Hill)

  • Enter The Wrap Hole: After unlocking the wind, you can use your wing to glide into The Wrap Hole. This one will lead you to the last Anemoculus.

Enter The Wrap Hole

Steps to get the Anemoculus in Southern:

  • Use an Anemo character: the Anemosculus in Southern mostly need to solve the puzzle to open the pathway. If you are looking for an unactivated wind shrine and selecting an Anemo character can solve the puzzle. After that, you will need to gather wind particles and use your skill to make wind flow into the air vent.
  • Reach AR 18 to unlock part 3 map: There are a lot of Anemoculus that you will be able to find in the Stomterror area. To get them, please reach AR 18 or higher to unlock part 3 map.

Steps to get Anemoculus in North East:

  • Climb to higher point or mountain: Anemoculus of the East North are mostly located in high places, so you will need to climb to a higher point of mountain if you want to reach that and you can use your wing to glide to Anemoculus.

Climb to higher point or mountain

If you want to get all the locations without forgetting some, here are some useful tips for you. Most of them will ask you to look up. For that, you will need to find a point in height to glide over it but in some cases, the thing might be different.

  1. Some of them will ask you to break rocks like the one at the Brightcrown Mountains, for the one that is placed above the teleporter, or at the Starsnatch Cliff.
  2. Some other ones will ask you to fix a quest like the one in the Graveyard of Swords.
  3. In case you cannot find the anemoculus and there is a tree near you, please check the tree as some of these objects are placed in the trunks.
  4. There is a possibility that some of them need the use of wind fields.
  5. For the one that is located on the island at the bottom right, you will need to unlock it first to access the area by taking the fairies to the altars to have a field of wind allowing you to reach the portal that leads to the island. Once you are on the dry land, you will be able to see the anemoculus above the portal of the spiraling depths.
  6. The most difficult way to get will be the one in the water at the top right. If you want to arrive on the island where it is placed, you will need some prerequisites:
  • Getting Amber on her team
  • Get two Anemo attribute characters
  • Use a dish to reduce the endurance consumption OR
  • Get the character that is able to freeze water to make a passage but it really takes a lot of time.

Genshin Impact is such a fun game full of things to discover and among them, there are the things called Anemoculus. They are the ones that you will be able to use if you want to improve the statues of the seven. Whether you are on PC, PS4, Android, or iOS, you will need to rack your brains to get all of them.

During the adventure in Teyvat, you will find a lot of items, chests, or the other collectables without having to know what they are used for. You will definitely find the item of the day quite early on during the journey. It is possible that you have seen a few kinds of green shape floating in the air before and picked it up. If it is the case, then you have unknowingly taken the first steps in gathering the popular thing called Anemoculus.

Collecting Anemoculus in Genshin Impact is considered as important for each player of this game. Finding and offering them to the Statues of the Seven will give you higher stamina, Primogems, adventure experience, and Anemo Sigils. However, fulfilling the task is not easy and can be tiring. You will meet many of them accidentally, but since there are 65 of them in total it is hard to find them all without any help.

Feel free to start hunting for the Anemoculus almost as soon as you start the game. However, you will only be allowed to access each location where the Anemoculus is able to be found after reaching the third part of the prologue. In the end, please keep in mind that the four pointed white star will show up on the map every time you are near an Anemoculus. Along with the numbers of the maps, it should help you in finding the right search area. Some of the so-called Anemoculus are able to be discovered easily while some are very well hidden.

In conclusion, you can look at the map of Anemoculus at to find Anemoculus. If you want to find Gooculus, the locations of them are able to be found on the map provided by Mapgenie. If you need the guide to find all Geoculus locations, you might want to watch a video by KyoStinV on Youtube.