How to Pair a New Firestick Remote without the Old One

If your Fire Stick remote is lost and you are wondering if you have to get a new one, you will be informed what to do by reading the post until the end. Get a piece of paper and a pen first in case there is something that you need to write down.

In order to pair a new Fire Stick remote without the old one, it will be needed for you to pair the new remote and then remove the older remote from the device listing. There are two ways to do this. The first one is to use the paired TV remote and the second one is to use the Fire stick app.

How to Pair a New Firestick Remote without the Old One

For those who want to use the Fire Stick remote with the new one but there is no way for you to access the settings that help you to add a controller, you are able to use the Amazon Fire TV Remote app to be able to pair the new one. Below is every step to follow to do that:

    1. The first thing that you have to do to add the new Fire Stick remote using the app is to open the app.
    2. Then, choose the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices option.
    3. Please choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes in the menu that follows.
    4. After that, keep going by choosing the Add New Remote option.
    5. When it is done, choose the remote that you want to pair
    6. Just like that you should be ready to watch everything included in the watch list.

In the case when you lose your Fire Stick remote and need a quick replacement, there are remotes to purchase on Amazon that come with the Fire Stick. Aside from that, there are also third party remotes that can be used by everyone. Feel free to add more than one third party device to be able to use with the Fire Stick. These can be used for not only the control purposes but also for games and some other applications. There is the Inteset IReTV Remote that allows the Fire Stick to get IR signals for control. To make it possible, it gets help from a few accessories.

Take note that this setup includes the remote and turns controlling the Fire Stick into just as you control your TV. In fact, the Fire Stick supports most game controllers, including the Xbox Series X/S one, and any controller with Bluetooth to connect.

In order to pair them, you can follow these following instructions:

    1. First of all, choose Settings from the Fire TV menu.
    2. Afterward, choose Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
    3. The third thing to be chosen is Game Controllers.
    4. Then, choose Add a new game controller.
    5. The fifth step that you have to do is to put the controller into pairing mode.
    6. Once the Fire TV Stick has successfully found the controller, its name will be displayed on the screen.
    7. Upon seeing the name, your job is to confirm the pairing by using your remote.

Talking about the third party remotes, the procedure to pair them is actually intuitive. It is possible for you to use any of the remotes that have been already paired to navigate the Settings menu in order to add more remotes. If you are curious about the limit, the maximum number is seven to one Fire Stick. What makes it more interesting is that it does not matter if the remotes are the third party.

How do you use your TV remote to be able to control the Fire Stick and pair the new one? For anyone who is willing to use your TV remote to pair with the new one, it can be done easily. The method is the same as you do with your Fire Stick remote. By following these following steps, you will be able to do that:

    1. The thing can be started by restarting the Fire Stick and holding down the Home button while it boots up.
    2. Next, use the TV remote paired with the Fire Stick in order to navigate through Settings to Controllers and Bluetooth Devices to remove the old one from the device listing.
    3. Feel free to also unpair the remote with the Fire Stick app if you want.

Some people might find setting up the Fire Stick app taking too much time. If you agree with this statement, you might be interested in a third party app known as CetusPlay. This one is able to be used on your smartphone so that you will be able to control a Fire Stick.

To set the CetusPlay up, firstly, you need to install the app. Installing it can be done by going to the Play Store for the Android users and the App Store for those with iOS. Please follow the instructions that are given to you well to be able to install one.

With the help of CetusPlay, avoiding all the pairing procedures and getting right to control your TV can be done with ease. Losing a Fire Stick remote does not matter anymore thanks to the existence of this app. If you know where to look, you can even find the alternatives easily.

By reading the information and by following the guide included in this post, it should be easy for you to pair a new Fire Stick remote even without the old one. In case you find it hard, you are encouraged to reach out to the representative of Amazon. The contact can be found on its official website at In addition to that, it might also be a good idea to visit the communities or forums related to Fire Stick or to Amazon in general. In these communities or forums, you will be able to meet people with the same interests or concerns as you. Since most of them can be easily found only, it should not be a problem to find one.

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