How to Make Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft PE and Bedrock Edition

Terracotta has a number of variants that allows people to have many choices. One of them is Glazed Terracotta. This is a vibrant solid block which has 16 regular dye colors. The Glazed Terracotta can be obtained by smelting colored Terracotta.

To create Glazed Terracotta, you should decide which color glaze Terracotta that you want to create either white, light blue, orange or more. However, creating a certain color of Glazed Terracotta is pretty easy, as long as you know the materials and the steps to do it. So, let’s see how to create Glazed Terracotta in our post below!

Creating Glazed Terracotta, Here’s How!

When you come to this page, you may look for a way to create glazed Terracotta in Minecraft PE and Bedrock Edition. When you craft any item in Minecraft, you may find a different way in each Minecraft version. However, the way to create Glazed Terracotta will be the same both on Minecraft PE and Bedrock Edition.

To create a glazed Terracotta, you should decide which colored Terracotta that you can create. It means that if  you want to create White Glazed Terracotta, you must choose white Terracotta, and you should choose Orange Terracotta to create Orange Glazed Terracotta. So, make sure to choose one colored Terracotta.

In this post, we’ll take an example of creating White Glazed Terracotta. Here’s how!

Step 1: Create White Terracotta

If you want to create White Glazed Terracotta, you should create white Terracotta first. To make it, make sure that you already have a plain/ uncolored terracotta in your inventory. At least, you need 8 terracotta and 1 dye white to create white terracotta.

To create white terracotta, you need to open a 3×3 crafting table in the Crafting Menu. You will see that craftingare is made of a 3×3 crafting grid. To create white terracotta, you need to place all materials in correct patterns, as follows:

    • In the first row, you need to place three terracota, one in each box.
    • In the second row, you need to place 1 terracotta in the first box, 1 white dye in the second box and 1 terracotta in the third box.
    • In the third row, you need to place three terracotta, one in each box.

 create white terracotta

If you place all materials in the correct pattern, you will see a white terracotta available in the box to right. After you’ve created terracotta, you can move it into inventory.

created terracotta, you can move it into inventory.

Step 2: Create White Glazed Terracotta

Once you already have a white Terracotta in your inventory, you can start making White Glazed Terracotta. To create it, you can open your furnace. Then, you have to add fuel to the bottom fuel box in the furnace. You can use coal as your fuel.

You can then put the white Terracotta in the top box of the furnace. After that, you must see the flames cooking the white terracotta. After the white terracotta is cooked in the furnace, the white glazed terracotta will be available in the box to the right.

Create White Glazed Terracotta

Now, you can move the White Glazed Terracotta to your inventory. That’s it! You successfully create White Glazed Terracotta and use it to decorate your building in your Minecraft world.

How to Make Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft PE and Bedrock Edition

How to Create Glazed Terracotta with Command?

Apart from creating Glazed Terracotta with crafting, you can also create it with command. Certainly, the command that you can input will be different, depending on the color of Terracotta that you choose. Here, we take an example of creating the White Glazed Terracotta with Command.

Well, the command that you can use are:

    • Java Edition (PC/ Mac): minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta and minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • PE: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • Xbox One: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • PS: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • Nintendo: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • Windows 10: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta
    • Education Edition: minecraft:white_glazed_terracotta

How to Get Glazed Terracotta Without Crafting?

If you get hard to create Glazed Terracotta with crafting, alternatively you can get the Glazed Terracotta by discovering the Minecraft world. You can explore some specific areas in your world. Need to know, Glazed Terracotta may be available in certain places.

According to some sources, Glazed Terracotta can be found in Desert villages where it will give you a certain variant color of lime, white and light blue Glazed Terracotta. So, if you want to get Glazed Terracotta, make sure to explore the Dessert village until you get Glazed Terracotta.

Another alternative, you can attempt to do trading with a Mansion villager that can level up through trading. If the villagers have reached Expert Level, they may give you a Glazed Terracotta, because they offer you the better deals.

How to get more Terracotta without crafting? Certainly, there are a number of areas where you can find other Terracotta, here are they:

    • You can find uncolored and green Terracotta as well as the glazed versions of white, lime and light blue in Desert villages.
    • In the Desert pyramids, you may find blue and orange Terracotta.
    • If you want to obtain white Terracotta, you can try to explore Plains Village and uncolored variants inside a Mason’s house.
    • In Savanna Village, you can try to get red, yellow, orange and uncolored Terracotta as well as glazed Terracotta of orange and yellow color.
    • Underwater ruins may give you light blue Terracotta and also purple glazed Terracotta which is commonly found in cold water biomes.

How to Use Glazed Terracotta?

We think that Glazed Terracotta delivers more sparkling color on your build. As we know, the Glazed Terracotta has a vibrant color that makes it more gorgeous to look at when it is applied on your building. The main purpose of Glazed Terracotta is to be used for decoration, as its striking appearance.

However, it’s a great choice for you if you use the Glazed Terracotta for your decorative building. But, if you use Glazed Terracotta for protection, it may not be a bit suitable, as its hardness and blast resistance are lower than regular Terracotta.

For more information, Glazed Terracotta will not stick to slime blocks and also honey blocks. However, it is unlike immovable blocks, as it can be pushed by piston and sticky pistons.