How to Know Which Geoculus is Missing in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a RPG game which has become quite famous right now. This is an amalgamation of famous RPG mechanics from modern games set in its own continent of Teyvat. You are going to get access to a huge roster of characters and also the ability to obtain new ones through in-game challenges.

Then, you are able to use your roster to switch between the characters mid-battle to combine their attacks and give more damage. Aside from its combat, Genshin Impact also focuses on exploration by giving you lots of challenges, quests, and collectibles.

Completing those objectives will assist you obtain in-game currency and that can assist you on your journey to complete the game. One of those items is Geoculus. Well, let us find out information to find missing Geoculus in Genshin Impact.

How to Know Which Geoculus is Missing in Genshin Impact

What is Geoculus?

What is Geoculus

Geoculus is an in-game item which can be offered to the Statues of Seven in Liyue. If you offer Geoculus to the statues of Seven in Liyue, then it will give you rare items which are specific to certain Geoculus challenges. Of course, there are lots of Geoculuses around the map of Teyvat which have been hidden in its geography.

Discovering them may be a bit challenging, however it is well worth the reward. Need to know that Geoculus in Genshin Impact has no other function other than being offered to the Statues of Seven in Liyue. If you already have several Geoculuses, then now can be a good time to redeem them for some rewards.

How to find Geoculus in Genshin Impact?

Keep in mind that Geoculuses are able to be found all around the map of Teyvat. A little exploration can be very helpful as it does not show up on your mini-map natively. But, if you have gone by or missed several Geoculuses while you are exploring areas around Teyvat earlier, then you are going to see their location on the map. Navigating and exploring those locations will assist you discover some Geoculuses easily.

Missing Geoculus in Genshin Impact: How to find them?

If you have been searching to complete your collection of Geoculuses in the game of Genshin Impact, then here are several tips for you to know and find the missing Geoculuses.

Method 1: Use the online map. It is not cheating.

Use the online map search geoculus

Unlike other RPG games where using an item map from the internet, the developers of Genshin Impact give you the map on their own. You will be able to access the map by using this link that should show you the location of all the Geoculuses currently available on the map. You are able to use the map side by side while you are in the game to discover all the Geoculuses.

Method 2: Height matters

You are able to swim, fly, and explore the underground in Teyvat. Usually, the map is a 2D representation of the continent. Therefore, you will be able to miss Geoculus in the game of Genshin Impact depending on your altitude. Keep in mind that Several Geoculuses are located high up in the air while others Geoculuses are hidden underground.

If you get trouble collecting all Geoculuses in the game of Genshin Impact, then you have to change your altitude. This will be able to reveal the location of several hidden Geoculuses on the map.

Method 3: Use a walkthrough

Occasionally, discovering collectibles are able to be tough in RPGs. It is able to make you frustrated that takes away the whole point of playing a game in the first place. If you are in this case, then there is no shame in going through a walkthrough online.

After you have already collected the Geoculus which you have been unable to find, simply you are able to get back to your game and close the walkthrough to maintain the entire experience of your gameplay.

We highly suggest you avoid via the entire walkthroughs and following them for the entire game. They not only can reduce the gameplay experience, but also will reveal spoilers for crucial moments which you are yet to encounter in your game.

Method 4: Keep an eye on your Minimap

This is not like Geoculus is not shown on the map. After you are close enough to a unit, a disappearing icon for Geoculus will appear on your mini-map that will assist you find the item easily. This disappearing icon is going to vanish from your mini-map if you stray too far away from the location of that particular Geoculus.

Well, the text above are some methods that you can do to know and find missing Geoculus in Genshin Impact. Keep reading the text below to know how many total Geoculuses in Genshin Impact.

How many total Geoculuses in Genshin Impact?  

According to research, in Genshin Impact, there are 131 Geoculuses hidden around the map of Teyvat. You will be able to discover those Geoculuses in Genshin Impact, and then offer them to the Statues of Seven in the Liyue region to accept exclusive items.

There are some people who said that they have all 131 Geoculuses, but the Statue of Seven in the Liyue region says that it needs one more. How about this case? For this case, we think that it seems to be a bug in the game which seems to be disturbing some users looking to complete their Geoculuses collection in the game of Genshin Impact. For right now, there is no method to solve this bug. And the only thing that you are able to do now is wait for a patch which will solve this bug.

This problem seems to be prevalent enough to be acknowledged by the developers. A fix is able to be expected in the coming update. Once again, for right now, there is no official confirmation on the matter because the bug does not seem to disturb all users. We get information lots of Genshin Impact users who have managed to finish their Geoculuses collection.

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