Ace Frehley Net Worth

Ace Frehley is a musician and songwriter from America. He is popular as the original lead guitarist and also co-founding member of Kiss band which is a rock band. What is Ace Frehley net worth? You may be one of those who wonder about it. Now, let’s find out about Ace Frehley net worth here together with the other information about Ace Frehley.

Ace Frehley Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ace Frehley net worth is $1 million.

Ace Frehley Net Worth

Ace Frehley Early Life

Paul Daniel Frehley is the complete name of Ace Frehley. He was born on April 27th, 1951 in The Bronx, New York City. He was also raised there. Frehley is the youngest child of three children in his family. His mother’s name is Esther Anna and his father’s name is Carl Daniel  Frehley. His father comes from Pennsylvania and he is the son of Dutch immigrants. Meanwhile, his mother comes from North Carolina.

Frehley has a sister named Nancy and he also has a brother named Charles. Charles is a classical guitarist. No wonder why Frehley is interested in music because his family was a musical family. In 1964, he got a Christmas present in the form of an electric guitar. Then, he learned the instrument.

He said that he never went to music school. He also never took a guitar lesson. However, everybody in his family played an instrument. His mother and his father played piano and his father even was the church organist. His brother and sister played piano and acoustic guitar. So, it means that he was always surrounded by music. When Frehley was 13 years old, he began to play guitar. His main influences are Albert Lee, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and The Who.

He was a student of Grace Lutheran School. When he was 13 years old, he graduated from that school. Then, he became a student of DeWitt Clinton High School on Mosholu Parkway and Theodore Roosevelt High School on Fordham Road.

You may be curious where the nickname ‘Ace’ comes from. It came from friends who said he was a real ace for his ability to get dates when he was in high school.

Ace Frehley Music Career

King Kong, The Outrage, The Four Roses, Honey and The Magic People were his earliest bands. Then, he decided to drop out of high school when his band named Cathedral started getting paying gigs. Then, his family and girlfriend pushed him to continue his school so that he went back and earned a diploma. After he graduated from school, then he held a string of short-term jobs including furniture deliverer, mail carrier, messenger, liquor store delivery person and taxi driver.

Ace Frehley Music Career

How is his story in Kiss band? Let’s find out here according to Wikipedia.

In late 1972, his friend found an advertisement for a lead guitarist in The Village Voice and he revealed the ad to Frehley. Then, he visited 10 East 23rd Street above the Live Bait Bar and he auditioned for Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Peter Criss. The band liked his playing. Then, around three weeks later, Frehley was chosen by the band as their lead guitarist.

In January 1973, the band came up with the name Kiss and the double lightning bolt logo of the band was designed by Frehley. Then, it was polished up by Stanley. After that, their faces are painted everytime they do live performances and Frehley started painting silver stars on his eyes. Frehley became Space Ace and then his stage persona was also known as The Spaceman.

In September 1973, the members of Kiss started to get a weekly salary for $50 from a new manager named BIll Aucoin. In February 1974, this band released their debut album entitled Kiss. In this album, Frehley was credited for writing two songs namely Love Theme from Kiss and Cold Gin. Frehley was not confident over his singing voice so Simmons did the vocals. Over the next few years, Frehley wrote or co-wrote some of the songs of the band. However, they did not record vocals on a song  until Shock Me where it appeared on the Love Gun in 1977.

Frehley was a lead guitarist and he was known for his frenetic, atmospheric playing. With this ability, he became one of the most popular guitarists in the 1970s.

In 1978, together with the three other Kiss members, he released an eponymous solo album. His was the best selling of the four and the single entitled New York Groove which was originally recorded by Hello placed the Top 20 in the United States.

In 1979, his songwriting presence in the group increased. Three songs were contributed by him for the Dynasty album and three for the Unmasked album.

On the cover of Killers album and Creatures of the Night album, Frehley appeared. However, he was not involved with Killers and he did minimal input on Creatures of the Night. In the video for I Love It Loud and a band interview with MTV promoting their world tour were the last appearances of Frehley with the band.

In December 1982, Kiss started the Creatures of the Night tour and they did it without Frehley. His position was replaced by Vinnie Vincent.

In 1984, Frehley began his post-Kiss solo career. Frehley’s Comet is a mixture of hard rock and pop metal. This album was a successful return to the music for Frehley and the album placed at no. 43 on the Billboard 200 where it was sold almost 500,000 copies. The single entitled Into the Night placed No. 27 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Here is the list of Frehley’s solo albums.

    • In 1978, he released Ace Frehley.
    • In 1987, he released Frehley’s Comet.
    • In 1988, he released Second Sighting.
    • In 1989, he released Trouble Walkin’.
    • In 2009, he released Anomaly.
    • In 2014, he released Space Invader.
    • In 2016, he released Origins Vol. 1.
    • In 2018, he released Spaceman.
    • In 2020, he released Origins Vol. 2.