How to Go AWOL in BitLife

You may want to get the BitLife achievement absent without leave. You will be able to reach this by going AWOL. So, how to go AWOL in BitLife? It will take a little practice. If you go in carelessly, you may not be successful. Well, let us look at how to go AWOL in Bitlife.

Go AWOL in BitLife – Here’s Way

If you want to go AWOL in Bitlife, first you have to serve in the military. After that, you have to develop any addiction. Then, complete recovery from rehab. Thus, the first step is making sure that your character pursues a military career. Afterwards, you have to establish an addiction. You are able to reach this by gambling, using drugs, or drinking alcohol. The most basic way is to use alcohol since your character has a possibility of becoming hooked every time they drink.

In Bitlife, when you reach the age of 18, you are going to have to drop out of school and then join the military. It should not matter if you select the army, navy, or air force, just go with your instincts. You have to start going clubbing after you have enrolled. Please go to the Nightlife activity and then visit each of the clubs which are accessible. You are able to take whatever others offer to you, whether it is a drink or a drug. You need to become addicted to one of these. Also, you may try your luck at the casino or attend a horse race.

After you have developed an addiction, then you will need to go to rehab. To go to the Rehab Center, first you have to go to the Rehab Activity. You have to select any therapy you are able to afford; the decision does not matter. Nonetheless, you need to return to treatment on a regular basis. You are going to get the “Absent Without Leave” accomplishment if you are cured of your addiction in Rehab while you are still serving in the military. You are able to advance a year and try again if you do not get healed the first time. That is everything about how to go AWOL in BitLife.

How to Go AWOL in BitLife

Become a Doctor in BitLife – Here’s Way

To become a Doctor in BitLife, after you graduate High School, you need to go to university and major in Biology or Chemistry. If you kept your smarts up as high as possible, you are going to qualify for a scholarship. If not, you are able to take out a loan or ask your parents to help. Now that you are at university, you need to continue to maintain your smarts and also keep studying hard and heading to the library.

After you graduate from university, it is time to invest further in your education by heading to several higher education. Please scroll on down to Medical School and apply for that. If you have done all the steps above and have a high percentage of smarts, it should not be an issue. Again, you have to apply for a scholarship. If you do not get it, you are able to ask your parents to pay or take out a loan. Do not worry, you are going to make all that money back quickly. Just keep studying hard and heading to the library for another seven years. Also, the choice to watch a Documentary at the movies should open up at this time. You will be able to watch one of those if you are struggling to keep your smarts up.

After you have completed the grueling seven years of high education, eventually you will be able to look for a job. If you have kept your studies and smarts up, you are able to apply for the Family Physician position. If you are given the job, then you have become a doctor. If you want to get raises and further your career, ensure to go into the Occupation tab and work harder each year. Just make friends with your coworkers and attempt to maintain good relationships with them.

Here is quick rundown on the Doctor Career:

    • Have high Smarts, at least 80%
    • University: Biology or Chemistry
    • Higher Education: Medical School

Become a Brain Surgeon in BitLife – Here’s Way

If you want to go further in this career, then you will need to ensure that you are on top of your game. Please ensure to keep maintaining your smarts, and also work hard at your position. You are able to hit the Job menu, and hit the hard work option. While you are here, you are able to check out the job listings and look for the Brain Surgeon choice. If you are smart enough, you have to be given the position if you apply for it.

Setting Up Your Doctor Character in BitLife

Right out of the gate, you will make sure your Bitizen is smart. To influence this, you have to go to the school area and hit “Study Harder” to up your smarts. After you turn 12, you are going to start going to the library, so ensure to do that every year. Also, you might Meditate, go to the movies, and do stuff with your beloved parents to maintain your relationship with them. If you are smart enough, you are going to end up getting a scholarship. However, you also have to ask your parents for money for college.

During this process, it is very crucial to keep yourself healthy and disease-free. So, when the gym is available, ensure to go there and get your workout on. If it is not free, you are able to ask your parents for money. This is why it is crucial to improve your relationship with them. When you are 12 or 13 years old, you are able to get a Freelance Gig or a Part-Time Job to make some money on the side. Due to you being smart, you may unlock the “Tutor Freelance Gig” that pays quite well.

Also, you may want to join up one of the stereotypical “smart person” extracurricular activities. Those will be the Student Council, Chess Club, or Yearbook Club. It is not obvious that these make a difference, however there is no real harm to add them as long as you keep your stress down. This will help get you a scholarship to college.

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