How to Get the Edge of Intent Exotic Warlock Glaive in Destiny 2

In the popular game with a decent following known as Destiny 2, there are a lot of weapons that can be obtained by Warlocks. One of these weapons is called the new Edge of Intent Exotic Glaive. For those who are just into the game and have no idea about the Glaives, they are the kinds of weapons that have been introduced in The Witch Queen expansion. There are two Legendary and three Exotic Glaives.

Edge of Intent stats:

    • Impact: 95
    • Range: 73
    • Shield Duration: 64
    • Handling: 3w7
    • Reload Speed: 60
    • Rounds per Minute: 45
    • Magazine: 4

How to Get the Edge of Intent Exotic Warlock Glaive in Destiny 2

Apparently, every of the Exotic Glaives is specifically made for one of the three classes, with the Edge of Concurrence and Edge of Action belonging to Hunters and Titans, respectively. When the players keep continuing their Witch Queen campaign playthrough, they will unlock a few new steps to earn their Edge of Intent Glaive along the way.

The sad news is that for those who play the game called Destiny 2 freely, the Edge of Intent is not available for you as it is only available for those who have purchased the Witch Queen expansion and its weapon crafting. If you are not familiar with weapon crafting, it refers to a new mechanic that is introduced in the game. With it, the players of the game are able to have relative control over the performance of their weapon, including perks and the other traits. If you are one of the players of the game, you will have the ability to craft the Enigma Legendary Glaive early on in The Witch Queen. However, if you want to craft the Edge of Intent, you will need to do some additional steps.

Before the new Warlock exotic Glaive is able to be crafted, it will be needed for you to unlock its weapon pattern. If you have no idea where to unlock it, you can do it at the Evidence Board on Mars. To be able to unlock the Edge of Intent blueprint, you will have to complete a total of seven short quests. It is said that they are progressively unlocked as you complete the campaign of The Witch Queen in the game. Apart from that, you will also have to defeat the campaign before you are able to unlock the last step. Please do it even if you keep up with the quest progression as new Evidence Board objectives are revealed.

Once you have successfully unlocked the blueprint for the Edge of Intent, it is time for you to craft the weapon. It can be done inside the Enclave on Mars. There are a few crafting materials needed to craft the new Glaive. These required crafting materials include the Exotic rarity material known as Ascendant Allow. Apparently, while the Edge of Intent does not have too many perks that are able to be used to craft it, there are still a few options that can make the performance better. For the best Warlock Exotic Glaive, it is a must for you to craft one as it has some perks in Destiny 2, The Witch Queen, such as:

    • Ballistic Tuning: This one is able to raise the range. The second thing that it can do is to decrease the charge time. In addition, it is also able to decrease shield duration.
    • Alloy magazine: This one is good at faster reloading when the magazine is empty.
    • Short Action Stock: This one is second to no one in increasing the handling speed.

Apparently, this exotic Glaive has the trait of Restorative Turret, the one that allows you or any other one of the Warlocks on your team to make a healing turret after hitting an opponent, making it possible for you to keep the healing power up and to keep you and your team alive for much longer. Unfortunately, it is only able to be done if the weapon energy is full. Nevertheless, this one compliments the ability of the warlock class to heal teammates nice with rifts or the Well of Radiance ability in this game.

It should be noted that the new Solar Exotic Glaive called the Edge of intent is only able to be crafted and be used by Warlocks, exclusively, in The Witch Queen expansion. If you want to get the Edge of Intent, once again, it will be needed for you to unlock the pattern on the Mars map. Not only that, you will also have to complete a total of seven short quests to be able to unlock its blueprint. Fortunately, you will be able to do that as you go through The Witch Queen. In addition, you should also complete the campaign before having the option to fully craft this weapon. Even though it might seem complicated and take quite a long time, it is guaranteed to be worth the time and effort.

After unlocking the blueprint, you will be allowed to craft the Edge of Intent within the Enclave on Mars. To be able to craft it, please get a few items such as the exotic Ascendant Alloy. Once you have successfully created the weapon, you have one of the best Glaives that the game has to offer in your hand. With it, you will be able to add perks to make it exactly the weapon that can be used to survive in the game.

Talking about the perks of the Edge of Intent, do you know what are those? If you know nothing about them, the list includes Lightweight Emitter (Haft), Alloy Magazine (Magazine), Restorative Turret (Trait), and Fitted Stock (Stock). The Lightweight Emitter (Haft) is the one that is able to increase the reload speed, slightly increase handling speed, and decrease shield duration. Alloy Magazine (Magazine) is the one that can make the weapon reloads faster when it is empty. Fitted Stock (Stock) is the one with the ability to increase stability, control recoil, and decrease handling speed.

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