Destiny 2 Stat Tracker Guide

The game by Bungie Inc. known as Destiny 2 is such a big game that is not easy to master. Sometimes, the game will get in its own way and make everything even more difficult. There is no doubt that everyone will be able play the game simply, follow the in game directions, and have fun. However, their time to play the game can be better with the right tools.

There are a number of tools that can make your experience as a player of Destiny 2 even better. One of such tools is called Destiny Tracker. What is the Destiny 2 Tracker? If it is your first time hearing this tool and you have zero idea about it, here is the guide for you.

Destiny 2 Stat Tracker Guide-

Destiny Tracker is the kind of tracker that has a massive database with every single thing that exists in this game. Not only that, it is also known as the best VPV stat tracker that is available for you. For anyone who is serious about PVP, it is a must for you to check this tool out.

If you want to check the lifetime stats of Destiny 2, it will be needed for you to use an online tool such as Destiny 2 Tracker. By using this tool, you will be able to view everything there is to know about your character. For instance, it will show the seasons you played and KD. Not only that, it will also display the recent matches. The complete list of the things that are shown include KD, seasons played, matches played, gamemodes played, PVE stats, PVP stats, playlists, guardian loadout, guardian stats, powerlevel, skill levels, maps played on, game performance, and weapon stats.

In Destiny 2 Tracker, you are also able to find the rank of the players. Everything is found in the Leaderboard section. If you are curious about the current site score leaderboard from all platform, here is the top 10 for you

    1. Rank: 1
      Player: vKillzone
      Site Score: 342,565
      Rounds Played: 24,546
    2. Rank: 2
      Player: Biohxzrd
      Site Score: 331,031
      Rounds Played: 24,483
    3. Rank: 3
      Player: Fragtale EU
      Site Score: 307,946
      Rounds Played: 15,034
    4. Rank: 4
      Player: Murardor
      Site Score: 286,517
      Rounds Played: 16,794
    5. Rank: 5
      Player: Noxide The God
      Site Score: 289,720
      Rounds Played: 23,493
    6. Rank: 6
      Player: wTaco_
      Site Score: 273,519
      Rounds Played: 19,670
    7. Rank: 7
      Player: Merczs
      Site Score: 264,802
      Rounds Played: 20,840
    8. Rank: 8
      Player: Rappo000
      Site Score: 263,799
      Rounds Played: 19,041
    9. Rank: 9
      Player: Honored
      Site Score: 252,984
      Rounds Played: 32,712
    10. Rank: 10
      Player: ReconCharles
      Site Score: 248,070
      Rounds Played: 19,937

Before you are able to view everything mentioned before, it will be needed for you to enter your username in the profile search box at the site. Talking about the usernames, it should be noted that they can also vary between platforms. However, it is basically the name of the account that you play on. For instance, if your username is Long Life King and Steam is the platform that you play on, then you will have to copy and paste that username. After pasting the account name into the search box, it is time for you to click the icon to the left of the box and choose your platform. Once you are done pasting the username, please click Enter. By doing so, you will be able to view all of your lifetime stats in Destiny 2.

Once again, Destiny 2 Tracker is the type of tracker site for Destiny 2 provided by The Tracker Network. For those who love playing games, you must at least have heard about this website as it is the one that also provides the tracker for the other games on the market. Destiny 2 Tracker is the best website to visit by every Guardian who wants to get quick information on their service record. Make sure to log into the site by using the details from your preferred platform of play in order to have access to statistics for everything offered by Destiny 2, including graphs on your recent Crucible performance, lifetime kills with specific tools of destruction, and more within its array of available menus and filters. Besides, it is also able for you to check up on your hours in each playlist in case you need to be horrified at just how much the game has consumed your free time.

Apart from Destiny 2 Tracker, there are some other popular platforms that you can check out if you want to look at your lifetime stats for this game. Some of these other platforms include Charlemagne, in-game stat trackers, and Destiny 2’s Year in Review.

There is a chance for you to have seen the Charlemagne bot in action before if you have spent any time in the Discord server of Destiny 2. Charlemagne is known as a Discord bot. This one has its own server and is able to be easily purchased into your own. When it is added to your service, you will be able to access a few universal infographics. However, it will be needed for you to register your Bungie account with the bot through the Iregister command. Registering is a must for stats on your personal journey.

While a few of the more specific statistics through the previous website are more difficult to get via official tools, the in game section for the stat trackers is still able to give the information for those who are seeking the lifetime statistics. By using this tool, you will get the benefit of being able to equip the specific statistics that you want to highlight on your in game emblem.

Everyone who has opted in to get emails from Bungie Inc will get a Year in Review email. With it, you will be able to find your top three most used Exotic weapons. Besides, you can also see how many Deep Stone Crypt runs that you knocked out since the end of last year.

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