How to Get Rich Ribbon in BitLife

When you fully complete your life in BitLife, you will be awarded with a ribbon that will be visible over your gravestone. The ribbon that you receive at the end of your life actually tells the stats of your life. The ribbon will be awarded based on your character’s lifetime.

In BitLife, there are at least 40 kinds of ribbons that you may gain. You definitely will get a ribbon that actually describes your life. One of the ribbons with Medium-Difficulty to get in BitLife is Rich Ribbon. To get the Rich Ribbon, you may need to do some extra ways ahead. Let’s see our post to find out the guide to get the Rich Ribbon!

Getting the Rich Ribbon in BitLife, Here’s How!

How to Get Rich Ribbon in BitLife

Rich Ribbon will be awarded for those who died with a high net worth of at least 2.5 million, but less than 2 million. The Rich Ribbon was made of a purple ribbon represented with a dollar with wings emoji.

According to some sources, getting the Rich Ribbon can be performed by doing some activities. Having a good job is the primary activity you need to do. However, stealing money or gambling could also be an alternative, as long as you do not do it too much.

As long as you really know how to earn money in BitLife, getting the Rich Ribbon will be straightforward. We will show you three ways that you can do to earn more money in BitLife. Here they are:

Way 1: Going to University

The first way you can get the Rich Ribbon is by going to University. Even though it may be possible for you to earn money without going to University, graduating from university will make your life easier.

After graduating from Business or Graduate school, you will have a bigger chance to get a job with a good salary. Moreover, if you go to Medical School, you may get a job that often pays too well. Then, you might end up with a Loaded Ribbon.

Additionally, you will have to take the proper college path to do it. If you work until you die in one of those high-paying professions, you will likely get the goal.

Way 2: Earn Millions

In BitLife, the ideal amount of money to get the Rich Ribbon is roughly 3 millions. However, you will be classified as a Rich Bitizen when your net worth is between 1 – 9 millions. Well, After you go above ten million, you may get other ribbons.

Way 3: Your family relationship

In BitLife, ribbons generally involve nurturing your relationship with your family or rejecting them. However, the Rich Ribbon is not related to your family relationship, meaning you can still get the Rich Ribbon no matter what you choose. The Rich Ribbon only refers to a couple of million, that’s it!

Okay, those are all the ways that you can take to get the Rich Ribbon. As you can see, the Rich Ribbon is a pretty easy ribbon to get, since it only requires you to net $1 million dollars (make sure to not exceed $10 million, as it will earn you the Loaded Ribbon, not the Rich Ribbon).

How Many Ribbons Will You Get in BitLife?

As we’ve mentioned, there are currently 40 different ribbons that you may get in BitLife. Sure, each ribbon will represent a certain thing of your life, and each ribbon will also allow you to do certain things. If you really want to get all the ribbons in BitLife, make sure to learn how many ribbons are available in BitLife and what you should do to get each ribbon.

Here’s a list of ribbons available in BitLife:

Ribbon Name Difficulty Ribbon’s Appearance Way to Get
1 Academic Easy Yellow with a brain emoji Complete a postgraduate education
2 Addict Medium Light pink with a pill emoji Die with addictions
3 Barbie Girl Easy Pink with a doll emoji Going under a lot of knives.
4 Cat Lady Varies Creme with a kitty emoji Become a spinster, surrounded by felines.
5 Cunning Medium Blue and pink striped with theater masks emoji Practice extreme Machiavellianism
6 Deadly Hard Purple and black striped with a knife emoji. Must be responsible for the deaths of others.
7 Family Guy Varies Bright orange with an emoji of a father with kids. Must be an honest, loving father.
8 Famous Hard Gold Starry with a camera emoji. Reach fame in life.
9 Fertile Medium Green with a baby bottle emoji. Spawn a lot of off-spring.
10 Generous Medium Yellow hearts ribbon with a wrapped gift emoji. Gifting well and often
11 Geriatric Medium Silver with an infinity emoji. Live for a very long time.
12 Globetrotter Hard White wordly ribbon with an Earth emoji. Travel or migrate a lot of countries.
13 Gold Digger Hard Dark green striped with a pickaxe emoji. Get rich by marrying rich people.
14 Hero Easy White with a superhero emoji. Save a life of dying nobility.
15 Houdini Extreme Purple  and navy with an unlocked lock emoji. Escape from prison many times.
16 Highroller Luck-Based Dark green with a dice emoji. Earn a lot of money gambling.
17 Influencer Hard Sky blue with verified check emoji. Enjoy the life of a social media star.
18 Jailbird Easy Black and white striped with a police car emoji. Experienced several stints in prison.
19 Lazy Extremely Easy Blue with a sleeping face emoji. Live an idle life.
20 Loaded Very Hard Gold with a money face emoji. Die insanely wealthy.
21 Lustful Easy Hot pink with a face with hearts emoji. Be extremely promiscuous.
22 Mediocre Extremely Easy Golden-orange with a poker face emoji. Be completely ordinary.
23 Monopoly Medium Teal game board ribbon with a red house emoji. Purchase houses and sell houses.
24 Mooch Very Easy Light brown with a cuped hands emoji. Ask of others and never give back
25 Movie Buff Easy Black film frame with a clapper board emoji. Dedicate yourself to theater.
26 Rich Medium Purple with a dollar with wings emoji. Die with a high net worth.
27 Rowdy Medium Yellow striped with a red monster emoji. Live a life of debauchery.
28 Scandalous Easy Charcoal with a smiling demon emoji. Spend a lot of time in Prison.
29 Stupid Medium Brown with a goofy face emoji. Live a dumb, idle life.
30 Successful Easy Mint Green with a thumbs-up emoji. Live a balanced, honest life.
31 Tarzan Varies Orange-yellow tiger skin with tiger emoji. Bond with exotic animals.
32 Thief Varies Neon blue with a racoon emoji. Steal from others, more often.
33 Unlucky Luck-Based Red with a thunder cloud emoji. Die young and unfortunately.
34 Veteran Very Hard Blue, White and Red with a medal emoji. Serving an honorable career in the military.
35 Wasteful Extremely Easy. Brown with an emoji of throwing away trash. Fall short of your potential.
36 Wicked Medium Red striped with a frowning demon emoji. Be very cruel to others.

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