Destiny 2 How to Get Ascendant Alloy

Do you want to obtain Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2? Before you get it, it is important for you to note that Ascendant Alloy is relatively rare. As explained on the Polygon site, you will only get a handful in your first 10 to 20 hours of the game.

The Reason Why You Need Ascendant Alloy

Why do we have to find Ascendant Alloy? This question may come to your mind when you are looking for Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2. As explained on Polygon, Ascendant Alloy can be used to craft Exotic weapons such as the Osteo Striga Catalyst, Osteo Striga, or Enhanced Traits (perks) for your Shaped weapons.

It is also explained on the Polygon that Enhanced perks are the real draw because you will be able to noodle around with your favorite guns and make them more powerful than normal versions of the similar weapon. If you want to unlock or swap to a new Enhanced perk, a single Ascendant Alloy will be needed by you.

There is also a possibility that other Exotic weapons or raid weapons could need Ascendant Alloy in the future. So, it is worth stockpiling them.

Destiny 2 How to Get Ascendant Alloy

The Ways to Obtain Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2

According to the ShackNews site, here are the methods for getting Ascendant Alloy in Destiny 2.

    • You can get Ascendant Alloy by weapon crafting quest where it has you customizing the Enigma Glaive.
    • Ascendant Alloy can be obtained by buying one from Rahool for 400 Legendary Shard. Note that you can buy it one per account per week.
    • You can get Ascendant Alloy by reaching Reputation Rank 16 with Banshee-44. On the GinX EsportsTV, there are two methods to get Ascendant Alloy at the Tower and the first method is to grind Banshee-44’s ranks where it can be done by completing daily bounties which generally revolve around getting kills with a certain type of weapons, subclass or ability and by dismantling gear.
    • You are able to get Ascendant Alloy by reaching Reputation Rank 13 with Fynch to unlock campaign missions on higher difficulties.
    • You are able to reach Reputation Rank 18 with Fynch to unlock Wellspring on higher difficulties.

Weapon Crafting Resources

As explained on Forbes, weapon crafting has been introduced for the first time in its history with The Witch Queen, and with it comes a new slate of materials.

According to the Forbes site, here are weapon crafting resources in Destiny 2.

    • Resonant Alloy
      You are able to use Resonant Alloy to shape a weapon for the first time or to upgrade its frame. You can get it from dismantling legendary weapons or sometimes blues. It is described that you will have a lot and it caps at 80.
    • Neutral Element
      Neutral Element is the base material that you need to craft a weapon or reshape its perks. Per extracted Deepsight Resonance, you get 200 from a completed red border weapon. However, there is no information about the cap for this yet.
    • Energetic/ Adorit Element
      You need Energetic/ Adorit Element for column 1 enhanced perks with different perks using one or the other. It is explained that it stacks to a 250 cap and it is extracted from resonant weapons alongside Neutral Element.
    • Mutable/ Ruinous Element
      You need this material for column 2 enhanced perks, also a 250 cap. Usually, you are able to get one column or the other when extracting Deepsight Resonance.
    • Ascendant Alloy
      On the Forbes, it is explained that Ascendant Alloy is the new “golfball” where it is used to upgrade enhanced perks. This material is more rare than the materials mentioned above.

About Destiny 2

About Destiny 2

According to Wikipedia, here is the information about the Destiny 2 game. Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer FPS game and it is free to play. The developer of this game is Bungie. Originally, this game was released as a pay to play game in 2017 for some platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. But then, this game became free to play, using the games as a service mode under the New Light title on October 1st, 2019. In the following month, the game was released on Stadia. In December 2020, this game was also released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The setting of the game is in a mythic science fiction world. It has a multiplayer “shared-world” environment with elements of role-playing games. In this game, activities are divided among player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP) game types.

Besides normal story missions, in the PvE, there are also three-player “strikes” and dungeons and six-player raids. There is also a free roam patrol mode for each destination where it features public events and also activities which are not available in the original.

In the game, players have the role of a Guardian who are protectors of Earth’s last safe city when they use a power named Light to protect humanity from different alien races and wipe out the looming threat of the Darkness. Same as in the original Destiny, in this game, there are also expansion packs which continue the story and there is also new content across the game.

Destiny 2 was nominated for a lot of awards and this game also has won a number of awards as you are able to see below.

    • It won Game Critics Awards 2017 for Best PC Game in 2017.
    • It won Gamescom 2017 for Best Social/ Online Game and Best Multiplayer Game in 2017.
    • It won Gamescom 2018 for Best Add-on/ DLC (Forsaken) in 2018.
    • It won Game Critics Awards 2019 for Best Ongoing Game in 2019.
    • It won The Game Awards 2019 for Best Community Support in 2019.

And here are some nominations of this game.

    • It was nominated for Best Action Game in Game Critics Awards 2017.
    • It was nominated for Best Console Game (PlayStation 4) in Gamescom 2017.
    • It was nominated for Best International Game in the Ping Awards.
    • It was nominated for Ultimate Game of the Year in Golden Joystick Awards 2017.
    • and many more.