How to Unlock the Wellspring Destiny 2

With the Witch Queen expansion in the game of Destiny 2, came a new six-player activity for the Guardians called The Wellspring. This new activity is launched from the Director by navigating to Savathun’s Throne World. But it is not unlocked when you first dive into The Witch Queen. Well, in this page, we are going to tell you how you can unlock the Wellspring to start participating and obtaining rewards.

How to Unlock The Wellspring in Destiny 2?

To unlock the Wellspring, you must first complete The Witch Queen campaign. Then, you have to talk to Fynch in Savathun’s Throne World. After that, Fynch will give you a quest named The Spring of Power which has only one step: Complete a Wellspring activity. To do that, you have to open the Director and navigate to Savathun’s Throne World. You are going to see the Wellspring activity on the right side of the map at the Court of Thorns. You are able to launch directly into the activity from there, assuming you have finished the campaign and received the quest from Fynch.

How to Unlock the Wellspring Destiny 2

The Guardians who want to make the jump from 1500 Power to 1550 will be wise to run Wellspring activities, because it offers rewards that scale based on completions. You are going to start a Powerful Gear (Tier 1) for three completions. Then, you need to work your way up from there every time you complete three more clears. This must cap at Powerful Gear (Tier 3) for nine completions, however that is not bad when you need to get stronger faster. Every point of Power will help in the early days of The Witch Queen, because max Power in Destiny 2 is always the aim.

After you have unlocked the Wellspring for the first time, you are able to return to it and launch it from the Director any time you feel like a chill time with a group of six. Also, you are able to move onto other tasks with The Witch Queen.

Completing The Wellspring: Attack

The Wellspring is a new activity as part of The Witch Queen which rotates between two modes each day. You are able to hover over The Wellspring icon on the Throne World map to view which activity is happening on any given day, and also the potential reward dropping.

Completing The Wellspring Attack

In the attack variant of The Wellspring, you are going to be attempting to retake control of the Wellspring. You are going to begin at the base of the bridge where you have to fight your way through opponents’ forces. This part is very easy. Please work together with your Fireteam to eliminate the opponents and reach the other side of the bridge. After completion, you are able to jump onto one of the two big circular discs to be launched up to the next area of the tower. During this phase, you are going to be guiding the Resonant Splinter to the end of the hallway. This pyramid-shaped vehicle needs someone to stand near it in order for it to drive, like pushing the payload in Overwatch.

While someone is keeping the Resonant Splinter moving, the rest of the Fireteam must work to hold off the opponent forces. Sometimes, the crystals are going to spawn in the air and stop the progress of the Resonant Splinter. Please shoot these to break them. Allow it to continue moving forward. After the Resonant Splinter reaches the doorway, you are able to proceed into the final chamber where you have to retake the Wellspring. There will be a boss opponent guarded by a number of Hive runes. Please shoot the crystals over the Wellspring to begin this encounter.

Initially, the boss will be immune due to its shield. Therefore, you need to drop it to begin the damage phase. To do that, you are able to look at the glowing Hive runes around the Wellspring. Please take note of the topmost rune and discover the matching doorway around the edge of the arena. Then, you are able to enter the correct room and stand on the plate in the middle. Defeat the opponents that swarm in, followed by the shielded opponent in the same room. The opponent will drop a Void Charge on the ground. You have to bring this back to the Wellspring and deposit it in the correct node.

For the final two runes, repeat the same process. After the three Void Charges have been inserted, you have to destroy the crystals around the boss to begin the damage phase. When the boss becomes immune again, you need to defeat three miniboss opponents that spawn around the edges of the arena on top of platforms. Each one will drop a Void Charge when defeated. Just deposit the Void Charges into the Wellspring to drop the boss shield again. Next, rinse and repeat this process two more times to complete The Wellspring: Attack.

Completing The Wellspring: Defend

How to Complete The Wellspring Defend

As we know that the Wellspring is a new activity as part of The Witch Queen which rotates between two modes each day. During The Wellspring: Defend, you will defend the Wellspring from enemy forces. You are going to begin the mission at the Wellspring, with opponents coming in from the three doorways in the room. Please hold off the opponents while the Wellspring is charging. You have five minutes to complete this objective. Next, you are going to proceed into the middle room where you will need to clear a number of Cruxes before the timer runs out. This will be done by shooting the Splinters which appear around them. Please clear them all out and also hold off the opponents in the room for completing this step of the encounter.

Eventually, you will need to hop down onto the bridge area below and then defeat a boss enemy. Keep in mind that more Cruxes will appear. And you will need to destroy them in order to drop the boss enemy’s shield in between phases. Please defeat the boss for completing The Wellspring: Defend.

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