How to Get Rotom Pokemon BDSP

In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you will find Rotom, a reclusive Pokemon that has hidden itself away. Sure, the players will have to get Rotom and unlock its forms. It is said that Rotom is an electric and ghost type Pokemon that also has its own weakness and resistance.

Unfortunately, you do not know how to find Rotom and unlock its form. However, you should notice that you may have to complete any specific requirements to find Rotom. There are a bunch of stages for completing the requirements until you will be able to catch it in the game.

How to Get Rotom Pokemon BDSP

Finding Rotom in Pokemon BDSP, Here’s How!

To find and unlock the forms of Rotom, you may need to follow some steps below!

Step 1: Complete the Sinnoh Dex

All you have to do is to complete the Sinnoh Pokedex. Fortunately, it can be performed with one copy of the game in one playthrough. To see one of every Pokemon and not catch them, it can be achieved during the course of the normal game.

However, if you find it hard to see the legendary box of the other copy, either Palkia or Dialga, you may need to speak with Cynthia’s grandmother. Then, she will show it to you. Afterwards, you can go back to Professor Rowan. He will then upgrade your Pokedex for you that allows you to catch almost 500 Pokemon in total including plenty of new legendaries.

Step 2: Go to Old Chateau

Once you complete the Sinnoh Pokedex, you can go to Eterna Forest. Then, head toward the Old Chateau that can be found near the top of the zone. To get into the area, you can use Ciut and then walk up to the building.

Go to Old Chateau go to Eterna Forest

On the second floor of the Old Chateau, you will find a room with a TV. Make sure to interact with it and you will battle Rotom. Since Rotom is only level 15, one ultra ball can do it well.

find a room with a TV. Make sure to interact battle Rotom

Okay, that’s how to find Rotom. Afterwards, you can change the form of Rotom.

How to Change the Form of Rotom?

If you successfully capture Rotom, a secret key will be available in the same Room. However, this key is very vital to the next step. After you find a secret key, you can take Rotom and the key to the Galactic HQ in Eterna City. On the bottom floor, you will find an area that you can interact with that will suddenly open to reveal a new room.

Afterwards, you need to go inside and will find a room that is full of appliances. However, those appliances will be able to change Rotom’s forms. You can then interact with all of them to add to your Rotom Catalogue item, making Rotom can change between those forms without having to come back to this building.

Well, it is a shame that you cannot do this earlier in the game. However, it is still a unique Pokemon that you can pick up towards the end of your journey. Here’s a list of different appliances that will allow you to change the Rotom’s forms:

    • When Rotom does not possess an appliance, it will be Electric/ Ghost-type Pokemon.
    • When Rotom possesses a Microwave oven, it will be Heat Rotom with an Electric/ Fire-type Pokemon.
    • When Rotom possesses a Washing Machine, it will be Wash Rotom with an Electric/ Water -type Pokemon.
    • When Rotom possesses a Refrigerator, it will be Frost Rotom with an Electric/ Ice-type Pokemon.
    • When Rotom possesses an Electric Fan, it will be Fan Rotom with an Electric/ Flying-type Pokemon.
    • When Rotom possesses a Lawn Mower, it will be Mow Rotom with an Electric/ Grass-type Pokemon.

Those appliances will easily make up for the fact that Rotom has no evolutionary form. So, it can only be changed by revisiting the room full of appliances at any time.

For more information, Rotom has the ability to possess a special Pokedex and become the Rotom Pokedex in Generation VII. It also has the ability to possess a smartphone which doubles up as a Pokedex and becomes the Rottom Phone.

In the same generation, Rotom can also be used in Rotimi terminals and Drone Rotoms. The Rotom’s form can be changed at will depending on the game:

    • In Rotom’s Room in the Team Galactic Eterna Building,
    • The storeroom in Shopping Mall Nine
    • Rotom’s Room in Silph Co.
    • On the second floor of Professor Sycamore’s Lab in Lumiose City
    • In Professor Birch’s Lab in Littleroot Town
    • In the basement of the Pokémon Research Lab on Alola’s Route 1
    • With a Rotom Catalog in Galar.

Moreover, Rotom will change back to its normal form in Generation IV when it is taken into the Union Room or Wi-Fi Club, or when deposited in the Day Care. Well, in Generation IV, Rotom is an Electric/ Ghost-type Pokemon regardless of its form.

Moves Learned by Rotom

We also show you a list of moves learned by Rotom; by level and by TM. Here you go!

Moves Learnt by Level

Level Move Type Power Acc.
1 Astonish GHOST 30 100
1 Double Team NORMAL
5 Thunder Shock ELECTRIC 40 100
10 Confuse Ray GHOST 100
15 Charge ELECTRIC
20 Electro Ball ELECTRIC 100
25 Thunder Wave ELECTRIC 90
30 Shock Wave ELECTRIC 60
35 Hex GHOST 65 100
40 Substitute NORMAL
45 Trick PSYCHIC 100
50 Discharge ELECTRIC 80 100
55 Uproar NORMAL 90 100

Moves Learnt by TM

TM Move Type Power Acc.
11 Sunny Day FIRE
16 Light Screen PSYCHIC
17 Protect NORMAL
18 Rain Dance WATER
24 Thunderbol ELECTRIC 90 100
25 Thunder ELECTRIC 110 70
30 Shadow Ball GHOST 80 100
32 Double Team NORMAL
33 Reflect PSYCHIC
34 Shock Wave ELECTRIC 60
42 Facade NORMAL 70 100
43 Volt Switch ELECTRIC 70 100
46 Thief DARK 60 100
57 Charge Beam ELECTRIC 50 90
58 Endure NORMAL
61 Will-O-Wisp FIRE 85
63 Nasty Plot DARK
70 Flash NORMAL 100
73 Thunder Wave ELECTRIC 90
77 Psych Up NORMAL
79 Dark Pulse DARK 80 100
82 Sleep Talk NORMAL
85 Dream Eater PSYCHIC 100 100
87 Swagger NORMAL 85
90 Substitute NORMAL

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