How to Get Friends in Bitlife

While some people prefer to live alone in the popular game known as BitLife, there are also some others who try to make as many friends as possible. Just like in real life, having friends in this game is actually such a good thing. For instance, you will be tasked with showing extra appreciation to your best friend by buying them Bitizenship during the BitLife Birthday Challenge. From this alone, having friends in this game is clearly useful.

If you also agree that having friends in BitLife is important but you have no idea how to do that, the good news is that you are here where you will be guided how to get friends in this game. Please read everything well and then follow every instruction well.


Just like any other players of BitLife, you are allowed to start making friends from the age of 5. It is when you start school. It means there is no way for you to make friends before then. When you are under 5, you will only have your parents, any siblings, and any pets in your life.

However, some sources also state that one can get a friend even before entering the school. It means, it can happen during childhood. During this period of time, you may be offered by a child to befriend you. It is stated that it can also happen even if you are in the infant stage. After befriending, it is possible to be unfriended, become best friends, or become enemies if the relationship is suddenly emptied such as hooking up with the fling of the friend or reporting them. At the time, only one can be a best friend.

As stated before, you are able to start making friends of your own at the beginning of school life. Usually, the other kids that share the same class as you will ask you to be their friends. Upon getting the requests, you have a right to either accept or reject them. If you decide to accept the request sent by the other kids, you will have to work on the friendship to keep it.

If you feel tired waiting for someone to ask you to be their friend, you might want to look for them for yourself. In order to find a friend, the first thing that you have to do is to tap on School. This one is available to be found on your main screen. Then, choose your school. After that, tap Class. By doing so, you will be able to find a list of your classmates.

How to Get Friends in Bitlife

While getting shown with a list of your classmates, you are encouraged to find the one with a good or green relationship bar. However, you are also able to give encouragement to the other classmates to befriend you, which can be done by treating them nicely using positive interactions and increasing the relationship bar. If you are interested in a classmate and want to befriend them, all that you have to do is to tap on their name and then find “Befriend”.

ap on their name and then find Befriend

After getting one or more friends, it will be necessary for you to maintain the friendship. As mentioned earlier, it can be done by using positive interactions with them and spending time with them. It is really easy to do that via the Relationship tab. In this tab, there are a number of activities to choose from, as follows:

    • Gift
    • Party: The character that you play in the game will have a party with their friend. Upon getting the invitation to go to the party, that friend has the right to refuse the offer if the relationship is low.
    • Spend time
    • Watch Youtube: One of the things that your character will do with their friend is to watch Youtube. They are free to choose the channel. There will be the “Oh yeah” sound effect that plays when making love with someone after watching Youtube. If your friend does not want to watch Youtube with you, you cannot expect the sound to be played. There are a number of Youtubers that have made BitLife videos, including Annika Osterlund, AyChristeneGames, Aphmau, AzzyLand, Bijuu Mike, Call Me Kevin, CaptainSauce, Drae, Gloom, Jelly, Jr e Mi, Kubz Scouts, Lavender Towne, Kelsey Impicciche, Drew Durnil, Dois Marmotas, Dariya Rain, and so on.
    • Conversation
    • Compliment
    • Concert: Concert is the kind of thing that will be done by your character with their friend. If the relationship level is low, that friend can refuse to go to the concert of a random, real musician that may not be currently alive. To be able to go to a concert, non-Bitizens may need to watch an ad.

Each activity mentioned above is effective to increase the total relationship with a friend. Besides, they also work to make new friends. When doing these activities, please do it until the relationship meter of a person increases enough. When you think it is enough, an action known as befriend is able to be used. This one is located under their relationship tab. It is able to be used to befriend them.

Not only at school, getting friends in BitLife can also be done in a workplace. Feel free to make friends with colleagues and maintain those friendships. The most important thing is to be nice and to not be inappropriate unless you want to lose your job or be sent to juvi.

As mentioned above, it is really important to maintain the friendship by using positive interactions with them and spending time with them. Make sure to avoid insulting them or ignoring them as they will not be your friends anymore.

In the game called BitLife, relationships are named as an important mechanic. This one includes friends. Friends is considered as a new feature in this game. As mentioned above, friends can be befriended from classmates, faculty, co-workers, or supervisors. Every character that has a relationship with the main character will have their name displayed in the list, with their role shown next to parentheses.